Cargo Eyeshadow Yukon Review, Swatch

Cargo Eyeshadow Yukon

By Umaimah Zaffar

After a lovely response for my last review, I’m ready with yet another one . It’s an eyeshadow from a Canadian brand called Cargo.I was never really an eyeshadow person. I always let my bare eyelids, with a hint of eyeliner do the talking. Although that was my way of going for the ‘Au Naturel’ look, the honest truth is that I absolutely hate taking off my eye makeup. All the hard work of ‘blending out to perfection’has a fate of being swiped off within a few seconds. That was how my brain functioned, until I started watching eye makeup tutorials on Youtube. What can I say; I’m now in a serious, unbreakable relationship with all (high quality, good color pay off, versatile etc. etc.) the eyeshadows in the world. Moving from that over exaggerated story, let’s find out my feelings for this eyeshadow, shall we? 😛


Claims :

Cargo Eye Shadow singles are packaged in our signature tin. This soft and velvety formula has a smooth feel and delivers a long-lasting, even application. Rich pigments adhere to skin to give long wearing, saturated color. Colors adhere to the skin and blend effortlessly and are buildable for added intensity. May also be used wet or dry as an eye liner.
Eyes are enhanced in a wide variety of colors that offer the ultimate in makeup expression. Paraben free.

Price and Quantity:

$ 16 for 3.5g

cargo eyeshadow ingredients

How to use:

For shadow, use a shadow brush and apply on top of Eye Shadow Primer. To use as liner, apply to the lash line using a damp liner brush.


My Experience with Cargo Eyeshadow – Yukon:

This is an absolutely beautiful taupe shade, with a hint of shimmer in it. Appropriately pigmented, I think this color would complement well for any occasion or attire. True to its claim, it is soft and velvety to touch.The color picks up well with a shader brush than one’s fingers. I have a love-hate relationship with the packaging though. It’s made out of tin, which may not survive if the owner is too clumsy (ahem ahem). That is, it can easily bend if it isn’t taken care of properly. Having said so, I really like Cargo’s different take on the monotonous form of packing (black, plastic etc.). I don’t think I have seen any other brand do packaging like so. It doesn’t have a mirror or an applicator, which doesn’t make it travel friendly at all. I tend to use this eyeshadow on its own. It’s a shade that can be used even if one is simply going out to run errands. On my bare eyelids, the color doesn’t show up too well unless I build it up really well. However, with a primer or when used with a wet brush, the true color is reflected beautifully. I think Cargo is one of those few brands that promotes the use of eyeshadow as an eyeliner. Personally, I like my eyeliners to be extremely dark and this doesn’t suit my taste. However, if you like experimenting with colored eyeliners, this is definitely worth a shot. I don’t think I have seen taupe colored eyeliners anywhere in the market. Overall, I love the fact that I could wear this shade on a daily basis without looking over the top.

Pros of Cargo Eyeshadow – Yukon:

 Unique beautiful color.
 High quality.
 Absolutely no fallout.
 Parabens free.
 Great shade for those just starting out with eye makeup (versatile, can be worn on its own).

Cons of Cargo Eyeshadow – Yukon:

 Color payoff is great only when used with a primer or a wet brush.
 Availability seems an issue.

IMBB Rating:

Would I repurchase or Recommend Cargo Eyeshadow – Yukon?

It’s a lovely versatile shade that can be worn by everyone .I’m definitely going to try out some more products from this brand. Get your hands on it as soon as you find it!

Thank you guys for leaving some wonderful comments in the last post! I shall be back with another one soon inshallah! Stay blessed beautiful peeps :*

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3 thoughts on “Cargo Eyeshadow Yukon Review, Swatch

  1. What a coincidence Neha! I was just swatching this eyeshadow yesterday for a similar blog post (upcoming). I also love it. It’s one of the few taupes that doesn’t make me look like I’ve been boxed in the eye 😉

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