Casmara Gold Mask 2080 Review

I had previously reviewed Casmara’s Sensitive Mask on IMBB, which I had absolutely loved.  In this post, I would be reviewing Casmara Gold Mask 2080.  Read on further to find out whether I liked this mask or not 🙂

Casmara Gold Mask 2080 Review

INR 4900 for 10 packets.
Product Description:
Revitalise your skin with Casmara Gold Mask 2080. It is packed with the luxurious goodness of 24 karat gold dust that helps to rejuvenate the skin.

  • Along with 24-karat gold, it is also formulated with magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium.
  • Magnesium helps to lock the water in the skin and improve the skin texture.
  • Calcium promotes the production keratinocytes.
  • Sodium together with potassium regulates water balance in the tissues.

My Experience with Casmara Gold Mask 2080:

Casmara masks comes housed in a cardboard box with 10 packets of gel and 10 packets of powder. You get sachets of powder and gel which you have to mix together and then apply it on to the face.

Casmara Gold Mask packet

This gold mask is the least favourite mask of all the three that I have tried from this particular brand. It’s a peel-off mask and as I have mentioned earlier, you have to mix the gel and powder together to a paste consistency and then apply it on to the skin. The powder and the gel has gold shimmer particles in it. The scent of this mask is chemical and not very pleasant.

Casmara Gold Mask powder

Casmara Gold Mask gel

The mask is quite messy and not very easy to apply since it keeps on dripping till it sets. Once the mask sets, I leave it on for about 20 minutes. When I removed the mask, my skin was glowing from far away, but up close, it was shimmer particles that were reflecting light.

Casmara Gold Mask in tub

Casmara Gold Mask mixed

It didn’t make my skin smooth or soft or hydrated either. This mask is meant for more mature skin. I didn’t like this mask at all. It really didn’t do anything for my skin, even the shimmer particles were hard to remove though the mask is easy to remove since it’s a peel-off mask. This mask is also fit for sensitive skin because it doesn’t cause any irritation or redness or acne.

Casmara Gold Mask swatch

Pros of Casmara Gold Mask 2080:

  • Fit for sensitive skin.

Cons of Casmara Gold Mask 2080:

  • Didn’t do anything for my skin.
  • Shimmer particles are hard to remove.
  • Application is quite messy.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Casmara Gold Mask 2080?
IMBB Rating:

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