Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick Review

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Today’s review is about Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in the shade 020 Maroon. This shade is one of their initial shades; it’s a very basic one. Read on to find out more about it.

Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick Review7

Product Description:
Highly-pigmented, rich shades with perfect coverage and shine, plus a smooth, creamy and long-lasting texture: color at its most beautiful – that lasts for hours.

€ 3.95 for 4gms or approximately INR 280

Not available

Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick Review3

My Experience with Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick:

The packaging is something to fall for. It comes in a glossy black packaging. It hasn’t got a plastic-like feel on the outside. It looks like a high-end lipstick when you hold it in your hand. It also clicks while closing the lid. The lipstick is secure and there is no chance of it getting opened by mistake. The creamy textured lipstick glides smoothly on the lips and is easy to apply. The sharp corner of the lipstick can be used to reach the border and tips of the lips in case one doesn’t use a lipstick brush. I normally use lipstick brush to reach the edges and define the lip lines.

Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick Review

The color says ‘Maroon’ the packaging, but believe me you will be surprised to see a nude color instead. The color looks very much nude. It’s a perfect nude for dusky skin tones. It would suit any skin tone, of course. It has a light brown undertone to it. I don’t see any hint of red. I would have preferred if it had a slight tone of maroon, as the name suggests so.

Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick Review1

Here is how I prefer to use this lipstick – I apply the product, blot it with a tissue, and then using a lipstick brush I take a red lipstick (very little) and then blend the red over this nude. By doing this, I gain some color on my lips and not look washed out. Lining the lips with a lip liner when using nude gives a well-defined look. I always line my lips especially when wearing nudes. Smokey eyes go well with this shade of lipstick. This shade is great for everyday office wear too.

Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick Review2

The only problem with the product is that it bleeds a little. The lipstick bleeds out of the lips, and hence a lip liner is a must. I normally blot the lips with a tissue to increase the staying power and also to achieve a matte look; it looks great when done so. The product stays put for 5 to 6 hours. It doesn’t transfer to my beverage glasses nor budges during meals; which is great, of course! It’s easy to build up the color by reapplying the product. It’s important to moisturize the lips well before you applying this lipstick though; make sure you wipe out the lip balm before applying the product in order to get matte finish.

Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick Review4

Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick Review8

Pros of Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick:

• Perfect nude color (for dusky beauties)
• Sleek packaging
• Intensity of the color easily buildable
• Shelf life – 36 months
• Not expensive
• Cruelty free brand

Cons of Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick:

• Slightly bleeds out of lips
• Usage of lip liner to seal the product is a must
• Not very moisturizing
• Availability in India

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick?
I am not a nude lover, and I prefer vibrant colors instead, hence a no for me.

Would I Recommend Catrice 020 Maroon Ultimate Colour Lipstick?
If you are a nude lover, go for it.

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  1. I love nude shades Deepashree, but then I love vibrant ones more. 😛 I like these Catrice products (after reading your reviews), but why are they not available here! 🙁

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