Catrice 070 Dancing Green Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil Review

Skin: Wheatish complexion, combination skin prone to acne scars
I do not experiment with my makeup looks! I keep it plain with a black eyeliner almost all the time! It was recently when I was going through the old photos of Rati on Faux Pas for some fashion inspiration, I stumbled upon a picture taken on the occasion of Karwachauth in Koh Samui. I love blue and while I was going through and admiring her gorgeous lehenga, I came across her eye makeup! I fell in love instantly and wanted to buy a blue and a teal/green eyeliner. Even though I am still unable to recreate it, I am trying and in the mean time I thought I will write a review of one of the eye pencil which is my personal favorite: Catrice 070 Dancing Green Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil. So read on…
Catrice 070 Dancing Green Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil

What the Company Claims:
High class Brilliance. A soft, gel-like texture that lasts all day without smudging? That’s exactly what the Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil with a retractable mine offers, and it ensures spectacular metallic effects, too.
• Spectacular, metallic effects
• Soft, gel-like texture
• Great durability

Price: €3.39 for0.5g

Ingredients: Not mentioned

My Experience with Catrice 070 Dancing Green Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil:

Eye makeup to me is eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and kajal! I still do not know how to create those beautiful EOTDs made by you ladies! I always end up looking like a disaster! I bought the eye pencils instead of eyeshadows because with the liners, I have a possibility of drawing a simple line if the eye makeup does not work out otherwise!

The case is plastic and is retractable. The color of the body shows the color of the product inside. The cap is also of the same color. The information about the product is mentioned on the body. As the name suggests, the product is metallic which means that it is glittery. On the pencil you can see glittery particles to give bold effect to the eyes but when applied, it is more like a glossy green eye pencil. When applied on the eyes, the liner sparkles nicely; the glittery particles are not very coarse and thus give a smooth finish. The best thing I like about this product is the ease with which you can use it. The pencil is creamy but when you start drawing the line, it just flows like a liquid pencil/ liner and thus the name ‘Liquid Metal’. I was super impressed with the way it lines my eyes. The eye swatch below was in one go without stopping anywhere. So now you get to know how beautifully the pencil glides.
catrice dancing green gel pencil

The product is suitable as a liner on the lid and on the waterline. It doesn’t irritate the eyes but due to its tiny glittery particles, it can create a sparkly residue near the corners of the eyes and it might get inside the eye. So I prefer it only on my lids and on the lashline. The product doesn’t smudge for around 4-5 hours and stays for around 8 hours; after that it starts to fade/ rub away. This looks like a green eyeshadow on my eye so the fading also gives a new look. But after the product fades away the glittery particles stay on the eyes, so it has to be removed with a remover. The product can be easily removed with a makeup remover and the eye pencil is waterproof. I have just started using the product and colored eye liners new to me, so it takes time to master the colored look but I will surely try to recreate Rati’s look! Dream look!

rati beauty ad

So summing up,

Pros of Catrice 070 Dancing Green Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil:

• Glides smoothly.
• Affordable.
• Lasts long.
• Very good pigmentation.
• The product is creamy and soft.
• Easy to remove.
• The lines can be drawn in one go.
• Doesn’t smudge.
• Waterproof.
• Retractable, so no sharpening needed.
eye makeup

Cons of Catrice 070 Dancing Green Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil:

• Leaves residue.
• No seal.
• Pricey for the quantity.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I Repurchase Catrice 070 Dancing Green Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil?

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