Catrice 170 Plumplona Olé Longlasting Lip Pencil Review

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Today’s review is about Catrice 170 Plumplona Olé Longlasting Lip Pencil. A lip liner makes the lips look fuller and more defined. It also prevents the lipstick from bleeding and feathering. It’s like sealing the lipstick to stay put within the lips. I cannot live without one.

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Product Description:
The ideal preparation for fashion lips: the Longlasting Lip Pencil sets colour limits and prevents lipstick as well as gloss from streaking. Its waterproof texture guarantees ultra longlasting contours. And the creamy tip softly glides over your lips to ensure an accurate application.

€ 1.95 for 0.78gm

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My Experience with Catrice 170 Plumplona Olé Longlasting Lip Pencil:

Now coming to 170 Plumplona Olé, it’s a bright plum coloured lip pencil which I can’t recommend enough. I am totally smitten by the shade. The color is little dark and suits most of the dark or autumn colored lipsticks. The color definitely doesn’t stand out when applied with the right shades; it gets blended easily with the lipstick.

Catrice 170 Plumplona Olé Longlasting Lip Pencil Review

The lip liner helps me prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Catrice lipsticks tend to bleed and I
always use their lipsticks and lip liners in combination. This lip pencil comes in a simple basic packaging. It’s a pencil with a cap. It’s not a self-sharpening kind of lip pencil. I would have preferred a self-sharpening one since the tip tends to break easily when I sharpen. This causes a lot of wastage of the product.


The color is so great that it complements all Indian skin tones. I can use it with most of my lipsticks, especially dark and plumy ones. The texture is creamy and glides smoothly on the lips. It’s not required to tug the pencil hard. I would describe the formula as a perfect balance between dry and moist. The product is waterproof and lasts quite long on lips without major fading or creating patches. It does last my eating and drinking sessions. I never require touch-ups.


The color is so attractive that I do use it to fill my complete lips. When I do so, my lips feel and look dry. So I normally apply a layer of lip balm and then top it up with a lip pencil. When you use it only to line the lips, it so happens that the lipstick gets little patchy but the liner stays intact. So it’s a good idea to blend in well so as to not leave a line on the outer edges of the lips.

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Great quality with low price. Catrice is always attracting customers with accessories like sharpener or brushes and so on. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have any. A self-sharpening packaging would have been perfect.

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Pros of Catrice 170 Plumplona Olé Longlasting Lip Pencil:

• Multitasks as a lipstick
• Complements Indian skin tones
• Complements a wide range of lipstick colors
• Prevents lipsticks and glosses from bleeding
• Perfect autumn color

Cons of Catrice 170 Plumplona Olé Longlasting Lip Pencil:

• Needs manual sharpening
• Breaks easily, leading to wastage
• Availability in India
• Feels and looks dry when applied alone

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Catrice 170 Plumplona Olé Longlasting Lip Pencil?
Sure. I really love the color a lot and like to use it as a long lasting lipstick.

Would I Recommend Catrice 170 Plumplona Olé Longlasting Lip Pencil?
It’s for people who love or prefer dark autumn colors. It suits most of the skin tones and even though there is wastage during sharpening, it’s balanced out with the cost of the product.

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