Catrice Cosmetics Smokey Matt Powder Liner – Smokey Black Review

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There are many products in the market to make our lives easier and yesterday, I came across one such product from Catrice Cosmetics. Today’s review is about Catrice Smokey Matt 010 Smokey Black Powder Eyeliner. So read on to know more.


Price: €3.99 for 1g (I bought it for a discounted price of €2)
Product Description:
The Kohl Kajal has been used as a beauty product for around 4,000 years. Now this classic is getting an innovative upgrade. The loose, black powder texture can be applied as an eyeliner easily and accurately thanks to the soft sponge applicator.
The Result: Gorgeous, Dramatic Smokey Eyes!
• Perfect for Smokey Eyes.
• With a sophisticated sponge applicator.
• Extremely Smokey results.


My Experience with Catrice Cosmetics Smokey Matt Powder Liner – Smokey Black:


There was a discount sale and I got super excited and bought a lot of stuff from Catrice. Even though I have a lot of black eye shadows, I liked the concept of Powder eyeliner. There are many such products available in the market and this was really cheap and I decided to buy it without giving it a thought!

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The powder eyeliner comes in a long slender bottle with a twist cap. The cap holds the sponge tip. Since it is a screw cap, you can tighten it and is travel-friendly. There is basic information on the bottle. The product doesn’t come in a sealed package, instead, it comes without a seal and this is something I do not like. There were only 2 pieces available and I think this could be swatched.


The sponge applicator provided helps in dispersing the product over the eyes and eases the application but, since the cap is small it offers very less flexibility than a liquid eyeliner brush. The eyeliner is black and has a powdery texture. The pigmentation is satisfactory and even though it isn’t a deep black, the shade is black. Since it is powdery in texture, there are fallouts.


The product cannot be used to define crisp fine lines, instead, it can be used for creating Smokey eye look and can be built, to create an intense look. The product longevity disappointed me; the product smudges and if only a line is drawn it disappears within an hour and it spreads while you rub your eyes or move your hands over your eyes. The powdery texture can cause irritation in your eyes; so it is a no-no in the water line area. The product also crumbles and thus, you need to be careful when applying it as it can create a messy look.


Since it’s a powder eyeliner, I feel it is just an eye shadow gimmicked in as powder eyeliner as it does the same as that of an eyeshadow except that there is an applicator. I am not happy with the product and it can be used only to create soft lines and Smokey look but, it can be achieved even with a black eye shadow.

Pros of Catrice Cosmetics Smokey Matt Powder Liner – Smokey Black:

  • Good packaging.
  • Sponge applicator helps in dispersing the product.
  • Can be used for creating soft lines.
  • Perfect for creating Smokey eyes.
  • Not expensive.

Cons of Catrice Cosmetics Smokey Matt Powder Liner – Smokey Black:

  • Doesn’t last long.
  • The powdery particles can irritate your eyes.
  • An eye shadow can serve the purpose.
  • Fallouts.
  • No sealed package.
  • Smudges and gets rubbed off easily.
  • Small applicator.

IMBB Rating: 2/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Catrice Cosmetics Smokey Matt Powder Liner – Smokey Black?

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