Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil Review

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Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today’s review is on a skincare product from the French brand Caudalie. I have been enjoying the addition of oils in my skincare regime, namely the Clarins Lotus Oil and the Body Shop Vitamin E serum in oil. So, I thought of adding another one, the much-raved dry oil from Caudalie. I have been using this for more than a month and feel comfortable reviewing it now. Let us get started…


Product Description:
What it is: A 100 percent plant-based oil that helps renew and protect tired-looking skin while you sleep. This lightweight, dry oil is a 100 percent plant-based formula that helps support natural cell renewal and toxin elimination. Free-radicals and dead cells are eliminated during the nighttime when cells are most efficient at healing. Skin is left smooth, hydrated, and youthful-looking. It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates.


Grape-Seed Oil: Antioxidant. Essential Oils of Carrot, Lavender, and White Sandalwood: Detoxify. Vegetal Oils of Sweet Almond and Rose Musc plus Essential Oils of Neroli And Petitgrain: Pro-vide anti-fatigue properties.
USD 52 for 30 ml.


My Experience with Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil:

I have oily to combination skin which gets dull and dehydrated very easily – due to my lousy eating habits, my horrid sleeping patterns and (whether I admit it or not) my age!! I am constantly on the lookout for something to improve radiance and increase hydration. Now that I have the standard “my skin information” out of the way, let’s get on with the product.


Caudalie is a France-based skincare brand which promises 100% natural and organic ingredients list. The main ingredient in their products is generally grapes, and its various parts, the raw material for which comes from their vineyards and winery. Their estate consists of their vineyards and winery – Chateau Smith Haute Lafitte, a Michelin Star restaurant – La Grand’Vigne, a hotel – Les Sources de Caudalie and a Spa – Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa. It has been my dream to spend some time on their estate and their spa. Fortunately, my husband was able to do, so I live through him! Maybe he can take me there for our 25th Anniversary – well, a girl can hope! I wish I could have included some pics from the estate – but that’s way too much digging into the pics!

Okay, love story over. Back to the product at hand… The Caudalie – polyphenol Overnight Detox Oil is a dry oil which comprises a mix of antioxidants, plant treatment oils and essential oils.

Packaging: It comes packaged in a dark green glass bottle with a dropper dispenser. The dark tint of the glass is supposed to prevent harmful sun rays from penetrating the product and breaking it down. Constant opening and removing the dispenser will eventually have some impact on the contents of the oil and will break down the antioxidants. I do wish skincare brands would look at air-tight pump dispensers for skincare.


Colour and Fragrance: The product itself is colourless but has a distinct and fairly strong herbal fragrance which takes a while to dissipate. It can be off putting. As per the Company, there has been no fragrance added to it; however, the essential oils and plant oils probably contribute to it.


Texture: Being a dry oil, it absorbs very quickly and leaves no residue on the skin. It is extremely light in texture and is easy to spread. I sometimes use a couple of drops of this mixed with my night-time gel-based moisturiser. I feel that mixed with the moisturiser, it penetrates even better.

Efficacy: What is it supposed to do? The label says that it is a Overnight Detox oil! How does an oil applied to the skin help in detoxifying the skin? Beats me! I think the term “Detox” has been fairly loosely used here. What the product is meant to do is to provide antioxidants to the skin and help repair the skin’s barrier overnight while it is resting. Our skin goes through the vagaries of the day – sunlight, pollution, dust, etc. Just washing it at bedtime or applying your daily dose of moisturiser isn’t sufficient. While, these basics may work well when we are young and skin cell turnover is high. As we mature (do we ever!!) – so let’s say – as our skin matures and the cell turnover rate drops down, the skin needs a little more effort from us. Hence, kick in the acids, the antioxidants, and the retinols, etc. So, this product is an antioxidant, which will give that additional boost to the skin, help in the cell turnover and also help repair the skin barriers. So, when you wake up in the morning – your skin feels fresher, softer, more supple, more hydrated and more radiant…basically, younger-looking skin, but this won’t happen overnight with a single use! It isn’t an acid which will suddenly chemically exfoliate your skin to reveal its brilliance. This is more of “slow and steady wins the race” – something which used over time, will work on the cellular level and help improve your skin.


Does it work – yes, it does. How remarkable is the impact? This will depend on how well you stick to it and what else is in your skincare regime. Let me explain this better…you will come across a lot of posts online where people will share what they have used for skincare that day or that night. And you will see, the combination of products changing overnight or every second night. Seeing this, you may be tempted to do just that. Don’t! It may be okay to use a variety of acids or alternate between acids and retinols on different days of the week; however, a product like this – you need to stick to. You won’t see its efficacy if you use it for one and then don’t for the next 2 days and then again for a couple of days. No! It won’t show you results.

Also, if you already have strong acids or retinol in your skincare regime, you may not be moved by this. Acids show immediate effects, this does not. Do not judge it with the same barometer. When I initially started using this, I didn’t see much difference in my skin because I was already using acids which were giving me radiant skin and softness and suppleness. I consciously stopped using the acids to be able to test it better. So, while the acids work on exfoliating the skin and causing turnover of cells, the antioxidants in this work in protecting and strengthening the skin mantle.


Skin Type:  I do feel that it will work well for all skin types, but will be much more suited to oily/combination skin because you are getting the benefit of oil without the residue of it. Also, would work well for mature skin which is lacking in hydration over time.

The flipside:  Is everything on the up and up? Well, not quite. There are some points to consider which may not work for you:

1. Presence of Essential Oils – Essential oils are known irritants. They do have their benefits, but some may argue that their disadvantages far outweigh the benefits. So, a normal person may not be bothered with it, but for a person with sensitive skin, this is an absolute no go!
2. The whole “Detox claim” – an oil applied to the skin isn’t going to detox the skin and I do not refer to just the product name. The whole marketing gamut is around it including the search result claim that “86% saw detox-ified skin”! What is that? what does “detoxified” skin look like?? I’m really curious!

3. The all-natural ingredient thing: I know this is not particular to the product but more about the Company as a whole and it’s really not just the company, it’s a yarn spun around the whole beauty/skincare industry that natural is good and chemical or synthetic is not. I totally disagree to this claim. There is enough research on this on the net – supporting both claims – so you can go check it out.

4. The fragrance – It can be off putting if you are particularly sensitive to it. It is fairly distinct and takes time to dissipate.

Also, this won’t technically work on your wrinkles or targeted skin pigmentation, etc. However, the brand has not made any claims to that effect either. I am mentioning it just because we tend to expect one product to do it all. So, for your information!

Pros of Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil:

  • Lightweight texture.
  • Absorbs easily.
  • Helps repair skin’s barrier.
  • Extremely rich in antioxidants.
  • Provides effective hydration to dehydrated skin.
  • Suitable for oily-combination skin.
  • Has anti-inflammatory ingredients also.
  • Repairs skin overnight.
  • Results visible after continued use.
  • Strengthens the epidermal shield.
  • Skin feels soft, supple.
  • Did not break me out.
  • Helps improve texture and radiance of skin.

Cons of Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil:

  • With this rich mix of antioxidants – an air tight pump dispenser would have helped.
  • The detoxification claims – have discussed this earlier.
  • Fragrance and essential oils can be a source of irritation for sensitive skin.

IMBB Rating:

Bottom line – Cut through the Company’s jargon, it is a good product. Is it the best option out there? Maybe not. I am sure there would be other equally good products rich with antioxidants (natural or synthetic) which will not have potentially irritating essential oils in them. I will continue to use the product – no doubt on that, but has this product reached HG status for me? No, I am afraid not!

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  1. You know KK, this oil is on my list for atleast 3 years now. But every time I somehow end up buying something else. ?. Your review is ? As usual. I always look forward for your skincare recos

    1. Thanks Kusum! Really sweet of you to drop in a line and encourage. I hope the review helps you decide whether this will be your next purchase.

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