Causes and Cures for Smelly Feet

Hi Beauties,

How are you guys today? Today, I am writing this post to build awareness about foot odor. This is a common problem but most of us shy away from discussing it.

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First, let us understand Causes of Smelly Feet.

1. Sweating: Believe it or not, our feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body. This is why they tend to sweat more; while wearing closed-ended shoes the bacteria is trapped and starts to cause the stink.

2. Temperature: We tend to sweat more when the climate is very humid regardless of any changes.
3. Bad hygiene: Not keeping your feet clean also contributes to high amount of germ buildup, which can in turn cause some foot allergies or infections.
4. Hormonal Changes: Body transformations are natural phenomenon and can be caused due to any factor. This can happen to anyone mainly teens and pregnant women.
5. Not giving rest to your feet: Many tasks require us women to stand on our feet all day and this can be challenging at times. Stress causes you to sweat more than usual.
6. Into your shoes all day: Not giving some air exposure to your feet and keeping them closed in the shoes is also reason for sweat glands to work more actively.
7. Infection/athlete’s foot: This is a huge cause for foot odor. Check the symptoms and get it cured as soon as you can.

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Don’t panic just yet, there is always some kind of a solution to problems these days. Now that we understand the reasons,let us proceed to the remedies:

1. Wash your feet with an antibacterial soap: This will help you kill the germs that have been resting on your feet.
2. Scrubbing: This helps in getting rid of the dead skin on your feet and cleans it well to avoid bacteria.
3. Soaking: Times when you don’t have time for scrubbing; throw in lemon juice and vinegar in a warm water tub. Sit back and relax, let this fix your feet for you.

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4. Dry thoroughly: Always dry your feet thoroughly and don’t forget those areas between the toes.
5. Antibacterial powder: If your feet stink real bad every time you take them out of your shoes, use an antibacterial powder before wearing your shoes.
6. Change your socks daily: This could be a huge source of stink and smelly feet, so change your socks daily.
7. Clean your shoes: Sometimes it is actually the shoes, and not the feet that cause the odor, clean your shoes and air-dry them often.
8. Change the insoles: If cleaning shoes does not help, replace the soles.
9. Sprinkle Baby powder/Baking soda: They are magic products and can be used in a number of ways. Dash them inside your shoes and some on your toes and you are good to go. They keep any perspiration under control for sometime.
10. Tea bag: Keep a Tea bag inside your shoes for a while and let it suck all the moisture inside it.
11. Use your deodorant: Yes, you can use your favorite deo to work on the the sweat glands for a while. Use the one that shouts anti-perspirant. On the plus side, it leaves your feet smelling nice all day. 😀
12. Hand sanitizer: In a hurry with nothing at hand, just dig into your bag and take out that sanitizer, dab on your toes and voila the stink is gone. It kills the odor-causing bacteria leaving you with clean feet.
13. Let your feet breathe a little: Whenever you get time, take out your feet to let them get some fresh air.
14. Professional help: A nice pedicure help you relax and release the stress from your feet. Give them a little pamperingm your feel help you work all day.

If any of the above remedies don’t help, you might be suffering from a medical condition. Bring it to the notice of your doctor asap.


Happy feet girls, hope this helps!

Till next time 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Causes and Cures for Smelly Feet

  1. brilliant article nikhita. came right in time. would be following some of these tips.. not that i have smelly feet. 😀 😀 thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Hey thank you for that tips. Unfortunately, I’m nearly a foot-expert. I suffered many years from smelly feet and athlete’s foot. THe most important tipp for all fellow sufferers: Keep your feet dry! This should be the main rule! So dry them thoroughly after every washing. In addition to this put insoles made from cedarwood (I can recommend Zederna insoles) in ALL your shoes. They absorb the moisture originating from your feet. With this two methods my problems are gone after years.

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