Causes of Acne in Different Ages and Cover-Up Tips

By Neha Ramchandani

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Hope all of you are doing great. This article is going to be a bit long as acne issue too stays for long with us. Acne problems and acne talks are always so disappointing for all the girls. But if you are the one who is suffering from acne, you need to know the exact causes for your acne at your age. As we all know, these blemishes and acne totally ruin our look. It’s always best to try out some home tips and dermatologist treatments to cure these so that your skin looks good naturally. But for the time being, we need to know the reason for these blemishes and the ways these can be covered up. So let’s know about the causes of acne in your 20s and also in your 30s. Once you know the triggers, you can easily tackle your acne.

Causes of Acne in Different Ages and Cover-Up Tips2

Acne in 20s

Causes of Acne in Different Ages and Cover-Up Tips1

You would have extra oil secretion due to various hormonal changes that come your way. You are probably experimenting with new product which is the main cause for blemishes and acne, and also it means you are having clogged pores and persistent breakouts. Trying out new products is fine, but try using mild products and don’t keep experimenting all the time. In your 20s, you are still trying out new products to know what suits you better.

Cover-Up Tips:
The oil that comes up on your skin in your 20s is actually disgusting and feels like hell. Try to remove that shine by using a mattifying oil-free foundation and dab dots on your T-zone with a concealer containing salicylic acid. Then set with a loose mineral powder so that it stays in place. This method of covering up your face would hide blackheads and whiteheads and absorb grease without settling into pores. Do not ever skip your sunscreen , if your face and your pimples are exposed to sun for longer time, your problem would get worse.

If you have a serious acne problem or if you are planning to stay out for longer time, then mix a dab of concealer and spot treatment and roll on to a cotton ball. Toss this into a bag for your regular touch-ups. The only way to treat this problem permanently at home is to use products that slow down your oil production, and kill bacteria. So wash your face twice a day with an exfoliating cleanser and spot treat zits. Also keep your skin grease-free with a light moisturiser.

Acne in 30s

Causes of Acne in Different Ages and Cover-Up Tips

At this age, your oil production slows down and you are probably quite stress free at this time. Acne is not something related to complexion. This is not the case. Doesn’t matter what complexion you have, you are still vulnerable to acne in your 30s as the skin defence system weakens with growing age. Because of this reason, it becomes easier for bacteria to inflame your pores, leading to zits.

Cover-Up Tips:
Instead of opting for foundations and heavy creams,that clog your pores and irritate the skin, try using a tinted moisturiser. If you have serious skin issues that you need to cover up completely, then use a stick concealer on your U-zone. Avoid using makeup brushes on your skin because that would irritate your pimples and result in serious breakouts. Use your brush to dot on concealer and then blend with the help of your fingers. Then use a translucent powder instead of a compact. Try limiting your makeup use at this phase of your acne. This type of acne is treated by overcoming skin inflammation without letting your skin dry out.

Use a mild cleanser that exfoliates your skin mildly atleast twice a week and dab on a non-drying salicylic acid cream or an spot treatment cream.At this age, you need to go to a dermatologist once in a week to get a glycolic peel.

My Experience:

I would like to share my experience about this. I have had acne for quite a lot of time, though it’s not as bad now. I had gone for glycolic peels and I had 4 sittings as my dermatologist suggested. The first time when I had the peel, my face (specially the acne spots that were scratched by me) turned out black; like literally dark black and this stayed on for 4-5 days . I was so freaked out at that time and all the negative thoughts like what would happen if this doesn’t clear up surrounded me all the time. Thankfully my dermatologist told me that this is a very common reaction and would heal automatically within 4-5 days. And yes, it did. My next three sittings were quite good without any such issues and my complexion became 30% more clear than before.

You are just supposed to have a regular workout routine, lots of water, veggies and fruits for a clear, acne-free and glowing skin. Also, limit your makeup usage and stay happy and stress free.

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