Celebrities Who Have Aged Gracefully

“Live and let live,” is what I always say; however, seeing celebrities turning themselves into non-biodegradable (figuratively) sacks of silicon and lead just saddens me. Where are the times when growing old was all about attaining short lived yet immense wisdom and having grace in whatever you did (Bye- Bye the youth of Clumsiness).


As Audrey Hepburn had rightly said, “The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.” Also, being a celebrity comes with responsibility; there is a reason why every successful person doesn’t want to be in the limelight. I have heard women talking about how Botox is this magical treatment that will make you look young and beautiful without knowing the complete truth.  These treatments only make you look superficial, and PLASTIC.  Make your expressions stiff and you loose that beautiful laugh of yours.

A little known fact: Men love it when ladies have a sense of humour and know how to laugh without worrying what it does to their face.  So stop worrying, smile and be unpredictable, which is what is going to keep you forever young!

Now to the list:

Those who have aged gracefully:

Hema Malini

1.)  Hema Malini:  She is proof that a good balanced diet, drinking loads of warm water goes a long way. She could easily pass off as one of the sisters of her kids. She never succumbed to any new fads, diets or even those “wondrous” surgical helps. She is a natural beauty and true example of the saying by Miss Hepburn, “Beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows.”

fonda, jane

2.)Jane Fonda: Can you believe this woman is in her seventies? Just look at her, amazing! She inspires me everyday to wake up early in the morning and run that extra mile. True believer of a good diet and exercise to keep oneself fit, energetic and feeling young; she has her own website dedicated to a fit and healthy living. Man, she has a fitness level of a 12-year-old having a sugar rush!


3.)  Salma Hayek: Though still very young (comparatively), I still think she deserves to be on the list.  She is the only who knows what a good diet truly means, not only do you need the proteins and vitamins, but the fats and carbohydrates (but in a limited quantity, too much of anything is bad. Excess of proteins isn’t going to do you any good either).

She had once said her secret to looking young were carbohydrates. That does make more sense than one of those crazy diets, don’t you agree? Think of how beneficial the butters and the oils you use on your skin are going to be on ingestion. Think of how cooking with Argan oil can give you the perfect glowing and supple skin. She is going to be the one to watch out for in the coming years and so are her kids!)


4.) Jennifer Lopez:  This woman doesn’t look her age, and has only gotten more beautiful and healthy with age. Dancing and exercise along with a good diet are the secrets behind this yummy mummy’s fitness.  Zoom in on her eyes and you will notice less wrinkles on her face than a girl in her late twenties. I can bet all of my money on the fact that she is going to be a stunner even in her 70s, giving some tough competition to Ms. Jane.


5.) Rekha: This list wouldn’t have been complete without her. She has still maintained her figure seems to not have aged even a single day since she turned thirty and carries herself with such grace. She doesn’t try too hard to look young and never looks tacky in whatever she does. She carries herself with such grace in those beautiful saris and even accessorizes age appropriately.

Dame Helen Mirren says Brits are an 'easy target'

6.) Helen Mirren: Did you look at how amazing she looked at the 83rd Academy Awards. This lady was voted as the body of the year in 2011 by fitness fanatics in the U.K., beating out actresses 20 and 30 years younger than her. Beat that, Pippa! The 66-year-old beauty attributes her slim and envious body to walking her dogs constantly and is also a fan of Wii Fit.


7.)Michelle Pfeiffer:  Keeps her 53-year-old body in shape with daily treadmill workouts (4-6 miles a day). Plus, she adheres to a low-fat diet that doesn’t include wheat, dairy, or sugar. The actress is often spotted in public without a stitch of makeup, saying she doesn’t like to wear a lot of color on her face. Pfeiffer’s natural radiance shines through, still can’t figure out how she manages to look this good at her age (Probably found the fountain of youth Ponce was looking for).

Cattrall Kim

8. Kim Cattrall:  She says she shies away from plastic surgery because she doesn’t feel the need to look 20 years younger. At 54, she admits it’s harder to stay fit than it used to be, but thanks to daily workouts and drinking eight cups of water, she still looks like Sex and the City’s favorite man-eater.  Confession, I think she is much sexier than SJP and rocked that dress better than Miley in Sex and the City two.


Sridevi: True example of the fact that, talent doesn’t have a shelf life. She looks much slimmer and fitter than she used to at the peek of her career. Her skin still has the same glow and she hasn’t taken any surgical help. Proof? Her ability to still pull – off those priceless she is known for. One of the finest actresses in our she looks the same she used to two decades ago, only better. If rumors are to be believed, she only has salads and doesn’t drink even when she goes to a party.

Special Mention:

1.) Julianne Moore.
2.) Sharmila Tagore.
3.) Catherine Keener.
4.) Zeenat Aman (Man, she is so elegant!).
5.) Cindy Crawford (People still want a figure like her’s).
6.) Maduri Dixit Nene.
7.) Waheda Rahman.
8.) Malaika Arora- Khan.

Those who haven’t aged gracefully:

Bridget Bardot: She was known for her slim ballerina figure and beautiful skin and her shiny hair molded in the shape of a beehive. She allowed her health and fitness to take backseat with each passing year. The years of frail skin and hair came a little too soon, blame on the years of partying hard and drinking harder. Something her slim figure could not handle.

Heidi Montag: Anti-ageing in healthy ways like exercise, healthy food and sunscreen is what our bodies are wired to accept, but some people just go overboard. At 25, she got a record- breaking ten plastic surgeries done in one single day. She looks nothing like the fresh faced beautiful teenager from season one of hills. If reports are to be believed, she has already started regretting getting them done. Sigh, things fame makes you do.

Courtney Love , now 47, rocked the acting and music industry when she was in her 20s. Then, she took a hiatus from Hollywood and reportedly stripped to support herself, dealt with depression and anger, used marijuana, cocaine, and heroine, and had a rocky marriage to Kurt Cobain that ended with his suicide.  Stress, drugs all lead to her downfall.

Others include:

1.) Steven Tyler (Guess the cocktail of sex, alcohol and too muck rock didn’t work out for this American idol judge).
2.) Jack Nicholson (He should write a book on how to turn from Beauty into a beast. Ouch. Was that too harsh?)
3.) Marlon Brando ( This talented heart – breaking machine was known for his infamous antics and bad – boy image. He turned from a beauty to an old, frail, pot –bellied. Expected better from this talent – machine. Nonetheless he was talented and will be remembered always in our hearts).
4.) Lindsay Lohan (Stealing, addiction to drugs, alcohol, tumultuous relationships , and surgeries not meant for your age can really take a toll on your skin and health. Lesson learned. Miss the fresh- faced parent trap actress).
5.) Saira Banu: Married to Dilip kumar, this ex-beauty and film star lost her health and beauty, even while not having kids.

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14 thoughts on “Celebrities Who Have Aged Gracefully

  1. i thnk sridevi actually uses botox… and she had done nose job too… she don’t deserve to be in the list..
    Others i agree 🙂

  2. Sridevi and Hema Malini have both had multiple work done on their faces. Even my dermatologist confirmed this. The idea of ageing gracefully is often misconstrued. It’s not about looking great with minimal wrinkles and a thin body (Both depend on your genes/hormones more than anything else) but about accepting wrinkles, dark spots and a slower metabolism and loving yourself despite all of that. Not everyone can look like a hundred bucks despite a healthy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean that people who live a healthy and fit lifestyle but don’t look amazing externally are not ageing gracefully. What the heck!

    1. How true Manu!!! I had seen Hema Malini in an interview with Karan Johar… and her face was so stiff while talking or smiling… I was saddened to know even she had fallen prey to the bandwagon…

  3. I am not sure about the age gracefully part because these women have had a lot of work done but except for Sridevi I think the others look good after their surgeries. These women are in the glamour business so they have to do this stuff I guess. Sridevi i think kinda got messed up..the nose dosent look right at all. I do have some favourites though – Waheedha Rehman and Neetu Singh. The one person who i think should get something done is Jaya Bachchan. 🙂

    1. Completely agree Aru… Jaya Bachchan needs serious help with her fashion, however, I think at least she looks her age… does she not? 🙂

  4. Nice post Vivekina… I like all the celebrities mentioned in your post…
    Somehow ageing gracefully to an age of say 60 with a body and a face in your 30’s-40’s is too good to be true… I think most of the celebrities go under the knife and botox to maintain their looks…
    According to me, ladies who have aged gracefully would be Waheeda Rehman, Moushami Chatterjee, Helen, Saira Bano, Jaya Bachhan… Helen Mirren…Neetu Singh, Shabana Azmi
    Although one cant surely say if they hadn’t used botox at some point of time in their life…
    and in men, if you have seen Rajnikant pics off the screen in interviews, etc…
    who do not shy away from public with their wrinkles, grey hair and, in some cases, a body which has gained some weight in the ageing process….

  5. ohh ,cmmon,…for god’s sake…!!! hema malini is an addict to botox..!!!!! n yu cn clearly see how hard is it for her to smile wide..omg!!n yu call dat ageing naturally n gracefully….

  6. Hi there 🙂
    interesting post but like some people have mentioned above , many people in this list have got surgeries done on their face.
    Sri Devi’s pictures are a glaring example of how many surgeries she has done to correct her nose.Even Rekha has said to be done various botox surgeries to keep her wrinkles out of her face.

    loved the special mentions and the not so gracefuls 🙂

  7. Hey..hello
    I been reading for a long time..so finally my first comment..:D
    Meryl Streep and Demi Moore, my two personal fav. should be on that list..what do think:)

  8. Sridevi with her horrible nose job looks like the crypt keeper’s mom. 🙂 One celeb I adore and who I consider to have aged gracefully is Meryl Streep. Isn’t she amazing? Can’t blame these poor women for trying to stay youthful in whatever way possible. Especially in bollywood, actresses have such short shelf lives that if they get married, their blooming careers go out with a crash and boom but on the other hand, men twice their age are still playing college boys on screen. Seems legit.

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