6 Celebrity Makeup Tips You Need to Know Today

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We all are always intrigued by the flawless makeup of celebrities. And, to unveil the secrets behind that perfection, I am going to share some amazing makeup tips by celebrity makeup artists and beauty gurus so that you can also flaunt the same. Let’s begin!

Highlighter before your foundation

Kim Kardashian makeup look

Celebrity makeup artist, Troy Jensen, who does makeup on stars like Kim Kardashian, Rachel Bilson and Nicole Richie, suggests applying highlighter before your foundation. Who doesn’t want a natural, lit-from-within glowy skin! Yay, all of us. So, for that purpose, you need to dab your favourite highlighter down the bridge of the nose, along the high points of your cheeks and even a little on the forehead before applying your regular foundation. Jensen swears by this trick for a natural-looking skin.

aishwarya makeup

Shrink those pores

chilled rose water

Another celebrity makeup artist, Melanie Inglessis, believes that foundation is the complex of all makeup items. And  we all agree. Getting a perfect base is so difficult with those enlarged pores on our faces. What Melanie does to solve this problem is getting iced rosewater to blend foundation perfectly with the skin. How? Here is the trick – soak a Beauty Blender in iced rosewater. This technique refreshes the skin and shrinks down and tightens the large pores. You are going to damp your sponge anyway so why not use this iced rose water for that perfect foundation look.

Where to begin

6 Celebrity Makeup Tips You Need to Know Today

Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway and Rooney Mara’s MUA Kate Lee tells everyone that while applying foundation with your fingertips seems the most convenient way to do your base, the most flawless way to apply is different than that. You need to dab your foundation on the larger areas of the face. Start with your cheeks then forehead and chin, and then take a dampened makeup sponge, and gently blend till the product is invisible

Not many imperfections still wanna wear foundation

Lily Aldridge Makeup

Quinn Murphy’s top clients are Lily Aldridge, Kate Upton and Nicola Peltz. Now when you know his level of expertise, let’s know the tip he has for us. He loves the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation for both coverages – sheer and full. For ladies who only need a tiny bit of unification on the skin, he recommends adding a drop of a dry face oil to sheer the foundation out. For extra coverage, such foundations can be layered on without cakey or greasy look because of the master formula.

Get rid of redness with eye drops

eye drops for beauty

Some makeup gurus suggest using eye drops to get rid of redness from the face. Eye drops contain ingredients that constrict the blood vessels in your eyes which make the redness go away. This same thing happens on your skin if you apply a tiny amount on pimples or other redness on the face. Just saturate a cotton swab with some eye drops meant for soothing red eyes and dab it onto the area with redness. The redness will go away in a few minutes.

Powder in-between primer and foundation

illuminating transluscent powder

This may sound very against the usual makeup routine known to all of us, but it is one innovative way to make sure your makeup lasts all day long. Apply a very thin layer of powder to set your primer. Remember you need to dust a lightweight translucent powder and not create a coverage. It locks the primer and then it doesn’t slide around and disturb your foundation.

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