How to Become a Celebrity Stylist

Many people with a flair for fashion think they could make it as a stylist but often don’t realise what goes into creating a successful career. Becoming a high-powered celebrity fashion stylist is not as easy as it looks. There is more to this job than just selecting designer items and jet-setting around the globe.


Celebrity stylist are image makers who dress their clients for photo-ops and media appearances. The success of their client’s fashion at these events is what keeps them on the job. It’s not just about having a strong sense of style and a love of fashion.

Few tips to become a Celebrity Stylist

Mentioned below are few critical skills that are required for any aspiring celebrity stylist.

Find your niche, sit back and think, what is it that you’re gonna offer a client that makes you so desirable? Work on this line and master one area that makes you special. Don’t be a makeup artist, hairstylist and a stylist all at once.

Build your knowledge base by going through various magazines, tv shows etc. Look for trends that are hot. You should know how to put together a look, what are the recent makeup and hair trends, and what clothes flatter all body types to make your way into this industry.


Apply for internship with an agency or any celebrity stylist. Getting a reputable agency representation is the best way to score an awesome celebrity styling job. Many brands and media offer work experience or internships to aspiring stylists, so keep an eye on the press for opportunities and make it known you’re looking to gain experience.

• Whenever possible volunteer for unpaid positions to build your industry relationships and learn the fashion styling tricks of the trade.

Build your portfolio, which is what you will show potential clients. Keep the pictures of your work handy who knows when you might need them.


Build relationships. Introduce yourself to managers, publicists, agents, hairstylists and make-up artists. Making genuine connections with key members of a celebrity style posse can take you one step closer to styling the celebrity. You need to be a people person and adaptable with how you communicate and work with clients. The styling industry thrives on building the right contacts book. Network at any given opportunity and don’t be afraid to be the first to make the moves.

Do you dream about becoming a fashion stylist?

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