CeraVe Eye Repair Cream Review

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream Review

Hello my beautiful friends,

How have you been! I was busy with my toddler’s new session classes and meanwhile we are planning a short trip in our mind. Hopefully, I would get to see my sister and New York soon! Fingers crossed! Anyway, finally, I have jumped into the anti-ageing bandwagon completely! I am approaching 30s in a couple of years and hence I need to target the first signs of ageing.  Thankfully, I do not see crow’s feet yet, credit goes to my previous skin care regimen which has helped up to a good extent.  This time, I was looking for an efficient eye cream which treats puffiness around my eyes and also delay the onset of crow’s feet and fine lines while taking care of my oily skin.  I am so happy to declare that Cerave eye repair cream helped me in getting youthful skin. Needless to say, Cerave is an exception among drugstore market products and way better than many high-end brands that I have tried till date! Please read on further to know more about Cerave Eye Repair Cream.

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream Review


$13.49 for 0.5 Oz (14.2 gm), price may vary from store to store.


This thick white yet lightweight eye cream comes in a sturdy, white, opaque hygienic tube packaging. It is fragrance free.  With its hygienic and travel-friendly packaging, it is already a winner for me!

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

My Experience with CeraVe Eye Repair Cream:

I have been using this eye cream since 3-4 weeks and I am so happy to say that this eye cream proved its worth in all aspects except for fading away the fine line patch under my right eye. Though I believe it smoothed that rough patch up to a great extent in these 3-4 weeks as it only appears while laughing.

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

It has a thick consistency, almost creamy texture which easily melts on my skin upon tapping gently.  I usually rub it on hand and then dab it gently around my brow bone and under the eyes and I can see that it absorbs quickly, leaving behind glowing and soft skin instantly. Not to forget, it is infused with the goodness of multiple skin repairing ingredients like HA, ceramides, niacinamide etc and marine botanic complex which actually works around the sensitive skin of my eyes making it smoother and youthful day by day!

I use this eye cream twice a day and still the teeny tube is good enough to last for a few more weeks! A teeny, pea-size drop goes a long way for both eyes. It does not leave any oily, shiny cast post usage. I can feel well moisturized skin for 6-8 hours which in turn smoothes my skin and I feel relatively less fine lines as compared to previous day! It’s impressive to note that it does not travel much on lower eye lids and hence I always get soft and bright eyelids, no oilier eyelids any more! I can use it during day time for soft and youthful eyes.

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

I also have a weird habit of checking into the mirror every hour while smiling and laughing to see if my eye cream is working 😛 I was really happy to notice that every time I smiled or laughed, the fine lines around my eyes were barely visible and I never noticed any sign of crow’s feet around the corner of my eyes, how cool is that! It can be really horrifying to see prominent lines while smiling and I am so relieved to notice that apart from that stubborn patch under my right eye, I could not see any prominent fine lines around my eyes. It smoothed all rough lines effectively without irritating my oily skin! Moreover, I did not notice puffy eyes since the day I used this cream.  I always wake up with fresh skin which assures me that all good ingredients have completely absorbed into my skin leaving behind youthful, bright and visibly soft skin.

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

I would get it again and again.  This can become my HG cream for it effectively protects and heals my even in frequent fluctuating weather conditions.  I believe it will work wonders on oily, combination, dry, sensitive skin types including acne prone skin. You need to get it for its powerhouse ingredients and super fast results.  Thankfully, I do not have dark under eye circles hence I cannot claim how it works on under eye circles. It definitely does what it claims, word by word! I have already picked up a backup for future.

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of CeraVe Eye Repair Cream:

  • A lightweight eye cream infused with multiple skin repairing ingredients like marine botanic complex, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide etc., apart from aloe leaf juice and almond oil.
  • I can see visible improvement, within 3-4 weeks, which is highly impressive.  I can say that this cream completely does what it claims to do so.
  • A teeny drop goes a long way to provide intense hydration and soft glow that lasts for 6-8 hours.
  • Does not leave any oily/shiny cast around the eyes, hence we can use it during day time as well as during bedtime.
  • It travels less around the eyes, hence I can use it under make up without any fear of getting oily eyelids.
  • Fades away existing fine lines around the eyes, I barely see any lines nowadays.
  • It also helped in fading away a stubborn fine patch under my right eye to a great extent though it’s still visible, but I am relieved that it is less prominent than before.
  • It helps in delaying the onset of new lines as I do not see a single line while smiling or laughing which is really impressive as I used to notice multiple soft lines before.
  • Helps me in waking up with sharp, chiseled features.
  • I use it religiously twice a day, still this teeny tube is going to last for a few more weeks.
  • It costs a fraction when compared to some high-end eye creams that I have used previously.  None of those eye creams ever worked like this Cerave eye cream.
  • It is very beneficial for ageing, oily, combination, dry and sensitive skin types including those with acne-prone skin.
  • The packaging is BPA and phthalate free.
  • Hygienic tube packaging without any fragrance, which makes it a winner already.

Cons of CeraVe Eye Repair Cream:

  • None, honestly.

Gosh, I cannot stop going gaga over this eye cream.  I have never seen such visible effective results in such a short span of time from any of the high-end eye creams that I have tried.  I truly believe that good things always come as ordinary surprises and this Cerave eye repair cream is one good example.  I am definitely getting it again and again.  There is no way I can get the goodness of so many skin repairing ingredients in one product.  Moreover, I can see that chemicals like SLS and parabens are missing from the ingredients list as well! Are you still thinking about it? Go, just get it, it’s the best deal for our skin!

IMBB Rating:

I wish I could give it 10/5, but it’s 5/5 for sure!

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26 thoughts on “CeraVe Eye Repair Cream Review

  1. Aaahhh… Neetu.. What a coincidence… I have ordered this from an online website only a few days back… Yet to receive it….And was keeping my fingers crossed…u have really reassured me…. I am getting really excited now

    1. Hey Arpita, currently am in India and so want to try it, can u pls tell from which website did u order it, I don’t think there should be any problem by just typing the name of website like amazon ( ie comment wont go in moderation I guess) 😀

      1. oh really arpita.. u will love it like anything.. *hifive* I am so impressed wid this cream that I dont feel like trying other eye creams in market knw.. *woot*

  2. great product neetu…i am having horrible dark circles nowadays a total zombie. can you tell from where to buy this….

    1. sumera i hope its available in amazon or other sites shipping to other countries as well. or may be in ur local drugstore as it is medicated brand! I am sure it might treat dark circles as it really gave me glowy skin knw.. do try it out!! *happydance* *happydance*

      1. Sorry Sonia, I forgot to mention there is a site called myus.com. They create an us address for u, then the product u want goes to that address, and they forward it to u anywhere in the world. Mine usually comes that way

  3. wow 10/5 for this eye cream *woot* *woot* and price is less compared to many other eye creams *shock* *shock* currently i am using origins eye cream, after that i am going to buy this *jogging* is this available in cvs? neetu? even we are going to new york this weekend, we stay in washington DC suburb, where do u stay neetu? sorry for asking but i feel like i know u guys from so many days *scared* *scared* and now a days ur not keeping aadhya pic y?

    1. hi sravanthi.. *happydance* yeah this cream is really exception n way better than many eye creams I tried even.. *woot*
      oh my daughter is growing big n busy in her mischieves so now she hardly poses for us.. *hihi* I will try to share her mischieves soon in next post.. *puchhi*
      And we actually live in california dear, bt we are visiting philadelphia, PA during long weekend last week of may, my cousin lives thr so my hubby is working from philadelphia whole week.. *happydance* new york, washington r very near almost 3 hrs drive i guess so we hv plans to visit NY and washington. Wen will u visit NY and Dc? we wud love to meet u all.. *happydance*

      1. Please let me know when u visit Dc, i want to meet u, and lets have IMBB gals get together, what you say?

        1. oh great, we are staying in philadelphia wid my sis from 21st to 27th dear, meanwhile we hv plans to visit NY one day and DC another day, most probably by thursday or saturday we will start moving out, provided my nephew n daughter are co-operative.. *woot* wid kids u knw plans r dicey! i wud love to meet all imbbians really.. *happydance*

          1. U will get this creave in walmart, cvs or walgreens sravanthi… *happydance*
            sorry i ws too excited to read ur query.. *headbang*

  4. Happy journey neetu….i will buy this after i use up clinique even better eye cream…i am 24 yrs old..shall i use dis?

    1. Thanx dear.. still long way to go before we visit our sis.. *waiting*
      oh yes u can use it mini, its very mild and gentle, I think it wud be best if u use it nw as it will help in delaying onset of ageing signs better rather treating them knw.. *haan ji*

    1. ohh cerave nt in india.. *nababana* sorry kadambari.. may be soon u will get cerave in ur local shops.. *happydance* *happydance*

  5. Hi neetu… I received the cream today and started applying it… Will let u know my experience after some time

    1. oh great arpita.. *oye balle* m sure u will love it like anything… am declaring it to be my hg cream for summers.. *announce*

  6. Hi Neetu.. will this cream be good for dark circles? I don’t really have fine lines or oily eye lids.. Only the dark circles are bothering me 🙁 Please help!

    1. Hi ayushi.. Actually I dnt get dark circles so I really cant assure u hw it fairs on dark circles.. *nababana* but I read sumweher that it treated dark circles upto great extent though genetic inherited dark circles are not easily removed by topical treatment ayushi.. *scared*
      if ur dark circles occur due to sun damage, allergies than u might try it out
      for genetically inherited dark circles they wont respond to topical treatment i fear.. *scared*
      hope it helps!! 🙂

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