Cerruti 1881 Pour Femme Review


Hi girls,

Today I am here to review something very close to my heart☺. Cerruti 1881 Pour Femme was gifted to me by my aunt and I completely adore the fragrance. Unfortunately I don’t have the outer pack ☹. Read on to find out my take on the perfume.

With the outer pack from the website


Product claims according to the website:

Created: 1995

Family: Woody Floral

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Olfactive pyramid: Among the top notes the delicate feminity of mimosa,freesia and violet. At the heart, orange blossom and jasmine bring to mind the feel of linen on bare skin. Woody base notes underline the sophistication of the fragnance.
For: A confident woman with free spirit, seductive with the promise of hidden sensuality.

My bottle


Price: It was a gift . 😀 ; Rs.2490 online at rediff .com.

My take on Cerruti 1881 Pour Femme

This is a classic scent from Cerruti 1881. It is a splendid fragrance. Exotic, classy and sophisticated, it is a perfect mixture of enchanting floral and woody fragrance. I can actually smell the rare flowers used in the making. There is a hint of sandal wood in it too. The best way of enjoying its fragrance is by closing one’s eyes and allowing it to transcend heart, mind and soul. A refreshing fragrance it is indeed.

We women simply adore perfumes (Am I right?).
The perfume comes in a cute round bottle (The Cadbury’s gems type…!!!) It fits easily into the palm. The packaging is very classy and chic but I feel the cap can come out a little easily so one has to be careful while travelling with it.
Just two sprays are more than sufficient. The entire room smells of fragrant flowers. The staying power is simply too good. I usually spray it on both the sides of my neck and believe me I’m all fragrant even at the end of the day even if the climate is hot and humid. I use it very rarely; I’m basically a very deodorant person. I wear deos to office. I have saved this one for special occasions.

Perfumes are a luxury I believe :P.

It is indeed very nice to smell good. It does leave a very good impact on the other person!! Perfumes define a person’s personality. I feel the fragrance builds confidence. There is a hint of enigma associated with this particular fragrance. I would call it a very matured fragrance. Well beauty and fragrance go hand in hand I guess!! This perfume is very feminine, very sober and at the same time attractive. It is apt for an evening outing or a wedding reception. It can also be worn during the day.

• Wonderful fragrance.
• Great staying power
• A very feminine scent
• Easily available online
• Classy packaging

• A bit too pricey

Well I can’t think of any other con, It is really a splendid perfume for women.

Do I recommend this to others?
Oh yes I would, I am sure perfume lovers will simply adore it. Go ahead!!

IMBB Rating
4.5/5 (just because of the price)

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  1. Oh I have used this one and totally loved it, you have accurately described it as exotic classy and sophisticated and stays on forever!

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