Cetaphil OS Cleanser For Oily Skin Review

Cetaphil OS Cleanser For Oily Skin Review

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Today’s pick is Cetaphil Cleanser for oily skin, not all Cetaphil products are available in India, but I was happy to see a separate cleanser for oily skin in India from this brand.  I am sure you all must have tried their very popular gentle cleanser. I have tried it in the past, but never repurchased it mainly because it was a bit too gentle for my oily skin 😛 Here’s the detailed review of this cleanser for oily skin.


Product Description:

Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin is an effective cleanser for oily, combination, or acne prone skin. Removes surface oils, dirt and make-up without leaving your skin dry. Rinses clean and does not leave any irritating residue. Has a neutral pH and is non-drying. Recommended for teen and adult skin that is acne-prone. Non-comedogenic.


Rs. 170 for 60 ml.




My Experience with Cetaphil OS Cleanser For Oily Skin:

First of all, I have very oily and slightly sensitive skin to begin with.  The cleanser is available in two sizes, this is the smaller one. The bottle looks very simple and basic, it is opaque and white colored with a blue label and a flip cap with a small hole, it’s completely travel friendly. The cap is just so tight; it gets difficult to open it sometimes. The cleanser inside has a thin gel-like consistency and is completely clear. It has a light medicinal smell which some may not like, but honestly, it disappears once the cleanser is rinsed off, so I do not mind.


Unlike the gentle cleanser, this does foam, but not like your regular foaming cleanser. With just a little quantity, there is hardly any foam, and I personally like foaming cleansers, so I end up using more quantity to get that squeaky clean effect. It effectively cleanses skin and removes all the surface oil and dirt and also some last traces of makeup. Do not expect it to remove your makeup; you will have to use a separate makeup remover.

It is very gentle, did not irritate my sensitive skin at all and is best suited for normal to oily skin.  It does not leave behind any residue.  At the same time, does not dry out my skin at all. People with very oily skin like mine will not like it much especially during summers as it does not give that deep cleansing effect which I expect from my cleanser. I do not suffer from acne, so cannot say how effectively it will work on that, but one thing I really like is that it is pH balanced. Maintaining the pH level of skin is very important and not many cleansers in India have a correct pH level.


After washing my face with it, my skin stays pretty normal, it does not get oily or feel dry at all.  In the beginning, I was using it twice a day, but later on shifted to using it only once a day only during morning.  As I use two separate cleansers for day and night, this one perfectly fits the bill for the gentle morning one. I have been using it since the past two weeks, during the first week twice a day and then only once a day and it has already come to an end.  So, I guess the bigger bottle would last a month making it slightly on the pricey side, as there are better cleansers available for oily skin at the same price tag.

Pros of Cetaphil OS Cleanser For Oily Skin:

  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin as well.
  • Does not leave behind any residue.
  • Does not dry out skin.
  • Has a slight foaming texture.
  • Effectively cleanses dirt and oil.
  • pH balanced.
  • Easily available both online and offline.

Cons of Cetaphil OS Cleanser For Oily Skin:

  • Does not deep cleanse skin or remove any makeup.
  • Does not make adequate lather, leading to using more quantity.
  • Not suitable for very oily skin, during summers especially.
  • Extremely tight cap, making it difficult to open.

Do I Recommend Cetaphil OS Cleanser For Oily Skin?

I would say if you have normal to oily skin, then give it a try once to see how it works for you.  I do not think I will repurchase this as I have used better cleansers for my skin type.

IMBB Rating:


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17 thoughts on “Cetaphil OS Cleanser For Oily Skin Review

  1. I agree with you they have only a limited no of products here ..this one looks and sounds decent *haan ji* *clap* I’ve used the moisturizer that was very good *happydance*

    1. Yes, availability is a a major issue, this one is pretty decent 🙂 , have heard a lot about their moisturiser but always think it would be heavy for my oily skin so skip it *haan ji*

  2. Hi Dhara, try sebamed clear face foaming cleanser as your gentle morning facewash. Its ph balanced and prevents acne to a great extent. Its pricey, but it will easily last you 5-6 months with once a day usage which makes it economical.

    1. Thanks a lot Shikha for the suggestion 🙂 , I have gone through two bottles of the sebamed foaming cleanser and like it a lot in fact I was using that only before switching to this one, I agree it lasts for soo long and hence very affordable but I get bored of using the same products so thought of trying this one, but now I will have to go back to that one *haan ji*

  3. God tight cap means a threat to my nails *cry* *cry* skip skip *hihi* *hihi* however i love cetaphil stuff but i think it is too gentle fr my skin *headbang* *headbang*

    1. same here Saloni *hifive* , opening the tight cap especially with wet hands is a pain esp for long nails *hihi*

  4. I nvr found it arnd dhara.. *nababana* however, it is a skip for me too.. *hifive*
    I love cetaphil cleansers especially while doing facilas at home.. they r mild n harmless.. *haan ji*
    Great review dhara.. *clap* *clap*

    1. *thankyou* Neetu yes they are totally mild and harmless *hihi* *hihi* , but a bit too mild for our oily skin *haan ji*

  5. A year ago some pimples suddenly popped out on my skin *headbang* and my mom took me to a dermatologist. she prescribed me this cetaphil cleanser and when i asked her when or how to use it,she had told me to apply it on my face every night before going to bed direcly..like without making the skin wet and then to keep it like that for 15 mins. after that it should be wiped off with a wet cotton ball or washcloth and then washed with water. trust me,it gave me great results! *pompom* *pompom* all the traces of makeup goes away if it’s used like that! and all my pimples vanished after a week or so. But the cleanser is too boring so i went for other brands after finishing two bottes of it9the big ones). but whenever my skin breaks out i go for this! 🙂

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