Chambor Extreme Wear 403 Transferproof Liquid Lipstick Review

Skin type: Combination and acne prone
Skin tone: Fair to medium

Hello, darlings!
The moment I heard about this new range from Chambor, I was tempted to pick up a few shades. Pinks have always been my weakness, so out of the 4 shades that I picked, one had to be pink. I have never really been into liquid lipsticks, so this is probably the first time I have tried them and I have to say, Chambor has totally nailed it! Read on to know more about this pretty pink shade.
Chambor Extreme Wear 403 Transferproof Liquid Lipstick Review

INR 845 for 6 ml

Product Description:
A long lasting transfer proof liquid lipstick with a smooth sensorial feel and a creamy matte finish. Its extreme matte coverage provides a deep intense colour in just one stroke. To remove use “Chambor Eye and Lip Makeup Remover”.


My Experience with Chambor Extreme Wear 403 Transferproof Liquid Lipstick:

I picked up 4 shades namely 406, 462, 403 and 431 and this one is the boldest pink out of them all. The range has pretty neutral shades, so I couldn’t find a lot of pinks in there. But this totally grabbed my attention, so got it!

Chambor Liquid Lipsticks

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Packaging: The liquid lipstick comes in their signature navy blue coloured box with the shade number written over it. I wish there were some names to it because the range has a lot of shades and the number series is quite confusing. The packaging is a see-through one hence I can see the shade and the shade number is also mentioned at the bottom of the plastic bottle. It is very compact thus easy to carry around. The wand is designed perfectly and ensures great and smooth application.


Shade: The shade “403” is a very beautiful hot pink shade which is super bright and bold at the same time. It is just a perfect pink that is brilliant for day-time and for evenings as well. This shade is very close to the shade called “Infinitely Fuchsia” from Maybelline’s Superstay range. In-fact this is a very common pink shade, so it will surely have a lot of dupes. The pink instantly perks up my face by brightening up my complexion.

It looks very feminine and trendy at the same time. It will look great on fair to medium skin-tones. However, dusky beauties can try it at the counter since it changes the colour a bit after drying and looks brighter. I totally love this pink for occasional use but it might just seem too bright for daily use. A very wearable pink, if you are hunting for one.


Consistency, pigmentation and finish: The consistency is very smooth and perfect to be called a liquid. It looks velvety matte initially when applied. It does dry up pretty quickly hence I need to be careful while applying it because the lip-colours that I picked are quite bold and hence form a lip shape. So a mistake during application might change the shape of my lips. The pigmentation is more than amazing.

The colour appears bold in the very first swipe which is indeed great to cover pigmentation. But I apply 2 coats to make it even and more intense. The finish is ultra matte which looks extremely gorgeous. This range is a must try for matte lovers. I am in love with the finish because it looks very elegant and classy.

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Staying power: The staying power of these liquid lipsticks is just incredible! This one stays on for 7-8 hours and even more, but I usually remove it by that time. It does not smudge at all no matter what I eat. It might just lose a little colour after a full meal but that won’t be noticeable until observed very closely. It does not settle into the fine lines. It just transfers a little, but that does not bother me.

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It doesn’t transfer like the creamy lipsticks or glosses but just transfers a little when I apply more than 2 coats. If I apply just 1 coat, then it stays transfer-proof too. It might be a little difficult to remove, so you need to use a very good make-up remover.

Overall: Totally worth the money and a must have if you love matte lip-colours!

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Pros of Chambor Extreme Wear 403 Transferproof Liquid Lipstick:

• Compact, travel-friendly packaging
• See-through bottle
• The wand glides on smoothly
A pretty hot pink shade which looks super fresh
• Instantly brightens up my skin tone
• The shade makes my skin glow
• Ultra matte finish
• Very light-weight and doesn’t settle into the fine lines
• Covers pigmented lips fully
• Great shade for both day and evening time
• Extremely pigmented
• Stays for 8+ hours without smudging

Cons of Chambor Extreme Wear 403 Transferproof Liquid Lipstick:

• Expensive
• Transfers a little if more than 2 coats are applied
• Need to be careful during application

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Chambor Extreme Wear 403 Transferproof Liquid Lipstick?
Yes, I will surely recommend this range to everyone. However, this is a very common pink shade so you can look into the range for more shades since this range has too many beautiful shades. Yes, I will surely pick up more.

IMBB Rating:

More stunning shades coming up from this range. Do try them at the counter as they are totally worth it!

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