Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl in Guacamole Review

Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl in Guacamole Review

I am back with another review today and this time on an eye pencil that I picked up a year ago.  I had been using it since a year now, but had totally forgotten to give a quick review on it! It is the Chambor Contour Eye Pencil in the shade #09 “Guacamole” that I am talking about.

Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl in Guacamole Review

I have loved almost all the Chambor products that I have used, especially their lip colors, and I had the same level of expectation from this one as well. Anyway, the color you see is a kind of fusion between aqua marine and dark green, which by the way, I absolutely love and the pigmentation is really strong. This is one color, which goes with any type of outfit I wear and it also has a shimmery metallic finish, its a beauty!!  The pencil glides on like butter with smooth and extremely even texture.  Just one single swipe and you are all ready to go.  What I am not happy with this product is the longevity and its tendency to smudge. When I am wearing just a single swipe, it tends to fade away slowly within hours and if I am wearing it boldly outlined, then it just smudges.

Blue Kohl 1

Product Description:

It has intense kohl like eyeliner effect which gives the perfect shape or your eyes with total coverage.

  • In pencil form, easy to carry and apply.
  • Multi Purpose: Can be used both on Eyes and on Lips.
  • Vitamin Enriched Vitamin – E and A.
  • Water resistant – Long lasting and does not smudge.
  • No animal ingredients.
  • Non-comodogenic.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Ophthalmologist tested.


INR 220 for 1.15 gm.

Shelf Life:




My Experience with Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl in Guacamole:

I was quite optimistic about this product as the products I have used previously from Chambor have not let me down, but this one is simply not among those. The color pay-off, the smoothness is fabulous, but the staying power is too weak.  It does not remain at place at the end of the day. It either fades away or gets smudged. However, this disadvantage could be put to work, that is, I use this pencil as an eyeshadow quite often to get that black+ dark green effect which works wonder, but for an everyday use as a kohl or an eye pencil is not advised.

Blue Kohl 2

Pros of Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl in Guacamole:

  • Awesome pigmentation and color.
  • Very smooth.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Convenient to carry.

Blue Kohl 3

Cons of Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl in Guacamole:

  • Wears off too easily.
  • Smudges easily.
  • Not waterproof (as claimed).
  • Has a chemical smell.
  • Very fragile.

On my eyes:

Devleena 1

Devleena 2

IMBB Rating:


Will I Buy Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl in Guacamole Again?

I will definitely not buy this, as there are plenty of alternatives available in the market, and that too at cheaper prices. In addition, I would not recommend this as a product for daily usage.



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  1. i have the same color, and feel in same way too…it really doesnt stay too long…but yes texture is good and i generally make it base liner (little thick) and then apply black/blue/brown eyeliner over it (thinner then previous).

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