Chambor Eye Definer 01 Black Review

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A basic black liner is something I believe we all have in our kitty and when it comes to beginners liquid liners are considered easy to use; I have a different opinion though (more on that in some other post). Today I have one such basic black matte liquid liner from Chambor for the review. Rarely do I skip lining my eyes, so this was picked up without second thoughts. Read on to know more…

Price – Rs. 895/- for 3.5ml


My Experience with Chambor Eye Definer 01 Black:-

As always let us begin with the packaging first. The outer navy blue paper carton contains all the required information regarding the product. The liner being small in quantity comes in a cute plastic bottle which is again navy blue. The applicator is just right in length for smooth precise application. If you are like me who rests the pinky on the cheek for application, you would like it. The tip of the liner is stiff but not hard, which means you can play with the flicks and strokes. Overall a cute handy simple packaging.


The texture of the liner is liquid-y, and applied like watery pigment on the eyes. Nothing fancy, just the basic water based liner types. It sets to matte finish in about 20 seconds and thereafter it does not move or budge. The control with a liquid liner is something you can work on, so this gives you a bit of time for the precise flick. I would have loved if it was a little less watery, but nevertheless, it dries up quick so no complains.


The liner is very very black and superbly BLACK. Being matte the pigmentation comes off really well. One stroke deposits enough color, but just to show you how matte and pigmented it is I have drawn a bold line in the EOTD.


The staying power depends on how you treat this. Crying is absolutely not allowed. I ended up doing that after a fight with my friend and I looked like a mess. And then the topic changed that “you ruined my liner” hihi…I do not agree that it is water resistant, on the contrary it comes off in flakes while removing the same. Without any external hassles the liner would stay for more than 6 hours without moving or fading.


Pros of Chambor Eye Definer 01 Black –

• Packaging.
• Matte.
• Super black.
• One stroke application.
• Does not irritate eyes.
• Opthalmologically tested.


Cons of Chambor Eye Definer 01 Black –

• Pricey .
• Flakes when rubbed.
• Not water resistant/proof.


IMBB Rating – 3.5/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Chambor Eye Definer 01 Black?
I would say no both; not because as there are much flaws with the product as such, but there is nothing unique in this as well. You can get similar stuff at lesser price.

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  1. Love the way you have applied it! It’s so difficult for me to apply such liners such beautifully. You review not so good products too with so much love. 😀

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