17 Chambor Eyeliner Photos, Swatches

17 Chambor Eyeliner Photos, Swatches

chambor eyeliner photos

So here are the photos and swatches of 17 Chambor Eyeliners. A lot of these are covered on IMBB already. I have linked the names of the liners to their respective reviews. You may check them out. 🙂 My personal favourite are the Dazzle eyeliners – smooth, pigmented and super long lasting.

Have a great week ahead everyone. 🙂


chambor eyeliner review

Chambor Eye Art Pencil : (Rs 460)

r-l soft smudge blue, soft smudge brown,soft smudge black

extreme left : Chambor Eye Contour Pencil kohl Noir (Rs 495) 

chambor art eyeliner photos

Swatches l-r soft smudge blue, soft smudge brown,soft smudge black, eye kohl in Noirchambor art eyeliner swatches

Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencil: ( Rs 445)

chambor dazzle eye pencil

top to bottom : black dazzle,teal dazzle,grey dazzle, jade dazzle, purple dazzle, brown dazzle, blue dazzlechambor dazzle eye pencil-photos

left to right : black dazzle,teal dazzle,grey dazzle, jade dazzle, purple dazzle, brown dazzle, blue dazzle

chambor dazzle eye pencil-swatches

chambor dazzle eyepencil

Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner (Waterproof) : Rs 325

right to left : ET02, ET04, ET01, ET03

Chambor Stay on Waterproof Eye Pencil : Rs 370

left to right : forever navy, forever blue

chambor eye tattoo eyeliner photos

chambor stay on waterproof eye pencil photos

Swatches : l-r Chambor tattoo Liner ET02, ET04, ET01, ET03 ; Chambor Stay On Waterproof Eye Pencil – forever navy, forever bluechambor stay on waterproof-eye pencil swatches

 Products sent by brand for swatching purposes. 



35 thoughts on “17 Chambor Eyeliner Photos, Swatches

  1. Awesome awesome pics….Great job Rati……we can distinctively see each and every shade here…..too great a job 🙂

  2. wowiiee… thank god for i found imbb… ab mujhe perfect eyeliners k liye bhatakna nahi padega… 😛 i will go for grey dazzle and teal dazzle… 🙂

  3. I like your articles when u put all links in one post… We all can check all chambor stuffs from this one post 😀

  4. You are back you are back you are back…happy dance happy dance 😀
    I am totally digging that jade one – will it come out nice on NC 40 skintone?

    1. hihihih!! without doubt. i mostly mix jades with my blacks than wearing then all alone. this i get the color and still not get too much color. 🙂

  5. Super Duper colors 😀
    Btw I have a question here, I mailed you with my forst review along with my id proof and other details, would like to know how long ti will take to appear in IMBB 🙂 I am so excited about it. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask such questions 😀 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

  6. me too like dazzles… I have black and blue.. superb when come to pigmentation and creamy, glides like a dream.. but 2 drawbacks they smudge and I find something weird about there twist-up mechanism.. Guys pls do something about their packaging.. these are worth investing

  7. Hola Rati… hope you feeling fine now 🙂 me all in for dazzle onezz tooo 🙂 .. i hav to hav to get dazzle brown .. sooo nice 🙂 .. well would love to have all hahha… very helpful post again .. amaazinng 🙂

  8. omg.. eye treat and pocket treat as well.. Am definitely getting 2-3 shades atleast..
    thank u so much for this eye treat and amazing pics!!

  9. Wow!Dazzle eyeliners are best and very long lasting.I own purple grey and brown dazzle.They come very handy when you are in hurry!

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