Chambor Gentle Nail Colour Remover Review

I had got this nail polish remover bottle from Chambor quite some time ago. Here’s the review of this product after much procrastination.

Chambor Gentle Nail Colour Remover Review

INR 245
Product Description:
A gentle nail color remover that takes off the darkest of nail colours without the drying effect of harsh removers. Keeps cuticles soft, smooth and hydrated. Suitable for all nail types. This unique, easy to use packaging ensures the right amount of product is dispensed without wastage and spillage.

My Experience with Chambor Gentle Nail Colour Remover:

The packaging of this nail polish remover has been changed. It previously had a disc-like dispensing mechanism to wet the cotton. This one is a sturdy plastic bottle with a black cap and hole to dispense product, similar to other nail paint removers. I do not find it leak proof and would definitely not recommend traveling with it. Product details are written on bottle itself.

Chambor Gentle Nail Colour Remover packaging

Coming to the product, it is a liquid remover which has a pleasant but strong scent. The scent feels overpowering and fills up the surroundings and I can sniff it for quite some time; definitely not for sensitive noses.

Chambor Gentle Nail Colour Remover full

Chambor Gentle Nail Colour Remover open

The remover is gentle and does a good job of removing regular nail paints. With gentle swipes, it takes off matte, glossy nail paints, even those fortified with top coats and base coats. The formula is truly gentle, it takes considerable effort to remove glitter polishes or formulae that stain nails. It is enriched with vitamin E and feels quite nourishing on nails.

Chambor nail polish remover

My nails and cuticles feel quite clean and hydrated, unlike some removers that dry out my nails and hands. This also leaves a slight residue on nails, so washing or wiping off with something is recommended to avoid that sticky feeling (probably due to vitamin E). Overall, it’s a decent product that is good for pampering nails. I love my Colorbar Nail Polish Remover and have no plans of being loyal to anything else. 😛

Pros of Chambor Gentle Nail Colour Remover:

  • Easily available.
  • Pleasant scent.
  • Nourishing on nails.
  • Nails feel clean and hydrated.

Cons of Chambor Gentle Nail Colour Remover:

  • Not suited for gel/acrylic nail paints.
  • Wouldn’t remove glitter polishes easily.
  • Wiping/washing recommended after use (to remove residue).
  • Scent lingers around for quite long.
  • Not leak-proof.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Chambor Gentle Nail Colour Remover?
Not really, it’s good. But since it’s expensive, I expect better quality.
IMBB Rating:

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