Chambor Kohl Eye Contour Pencil – Peacock 06

Chambor Kohl Eye Contour Pencil – Peacock 06

Today I will be reviewing Chambor Kohl Eye Contour Pencil in the shade “peacock 06”. I have tried Chambor lipsticks and loved them a lot so I thought of trying other products from this brand. I ordered this eye pencil online expecting it to be as good as the lipsticks. Read on to know more about it.


Price: Rs 250 for 1.15g


Chambor Kohl Eye Contour Pencil helps you to create various eye looks. Its water resistant formula and no sticky after feel is easy to blend into creating a fabulous Smoke Eyed Look. It is a water resistant formula with High Pigment content. It’s soft application and good color pay-off leaves a non oily/non dry after-feel. It can be used both as eyeliner and eyeshadow.

My Take on Chambor Kohl Eye Contour Pencil – Peacock 06:

Chambor Kohl Eye Contour Pencil comes in silver wooden pencil which needs to be sharpened. I like pencil packaging over twisty-up because pencil ones are more hygienic but for some it can be a con. The brand name, shade etc. are written on the pencil’s body. The packaging looks decent and is travel friendly too.

I will be reviewing the shade “peacock” which is a very intense dark green color. The shade looks black in the swatch, I tried hard to capture the exact dark green color but it is still looking black. It’s a beautiful dark green shade with very light shimmer particles which are not very visible. If you don’t like intense black shade you can get this opt for this shade. The shade can be used as eyeliner or you can also use it as eyeshadow to create intense Smokey eye look. The pigmentation is quite good and one-tow swipe gives you intense green shade. You don’t need to swipe it numerous time to get color pay off.
It has a weird fragrance but it’s not strong so I don’t have any issue with it. The texture of the pencil is creamy and very smooth. The tip breaks easily as its very creamy so be gently while using it and don’t apply extra pressure. It glides easily on waterline without tugging or pulling. It is a kohl but I have also tried using it on my lids as I loved the color. It glides effortlessly on my oily lids and gives intense pigmentation.
I applied it first time and waited for five minutes to let it settle. But it didn’t settle and kept smudging when touched, I was completely disappointed. Who would like to have kohl which is not smudge proof? I cannot keep my hands away from my eyes and whenever I touch my eyes I could see the green color on my fingers. It smudges quickly and gives you raccoon eyes in no time. I am very disappointed with this kohl and wanted to throw it right away. Moreover, it’s not even waterproof and it fades away easily. Smudge proof and waterproof eyeliner are easily available in the market at the same price so why would someone buy this? I am very disappointed and will not recommend it to anyone.
When left untouched, it stays for 2 hours max and then fades unevenly. On waterline it hardly stays for 1 hour. Overall, bad staying power even when left untouched.

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Pros of Chambor Kohl Eye Contour Pencil – Peacock 06

• Good pigmentation
• Smooth texture
• Glides easily
• Decently priced
• A very nice green shade which can be used to create smokey eyes
• Can be used on waterline
• Doesn’t irritate eyes
• Creamy but doesn’t break



Cons of Chambor Kohl Eye Contour Pencil – Peacock 06

• Not smudge proof
• Not waterproof
• Sharpening leads to product wastage
• The shade is somewhere between black and dark green

IMBB Rating: 2/5

Will I Recommend Chambor Kohl Eye Contour Pencil – Peacock 06?

Not at all. There are  many good options available at the same price so it’s better to invest in other brands instead of purchasing Chambor Kohl Eye Contour Pencil. It smudges like crazy and is not waterproof either which is the biggest con.

Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl Review


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