Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick – Truly Terracotta

Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick – Truly Terracotta

Chambor Truly lasting Lipsticks have a long-wearing formula with shea butter sunscreen, vitamins A & E that pamper and comfort while creating maximum color impact. Truly Lasting help lips look smooth and even. It is delicately fragranced with a fresh scent and packaged in a striking & sophisticated case which is quite chic.

So steal the show with Chambor Truly Lasting Lipsticks…
For colour that’s ever lasting …!

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INR 625

I am really on an Inglot and Chambor, the lipsticks they have an absolute delight, and hence I picked up these delicate looking lipsticks. Today’s pick is a deep brown, a true brown with bronzey undertones, I think if you like browns you can read one otherwise no point 😛

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The lipsticks comes in a pretty slim pack and you get really little quantity though, but it is really worth every paise! I like the simple matte blue packaging and yes it may sound a little overpriced but you have to give it to the brand for being so consistently standard with quality , unlike Colorbar who has gone bad with the velvet matte lipsticks!

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This is a true brown, like a deeper brown and most of us have worn such a brown at some point in the past, it does not add any color or brightness to my face, hence I find the shade a little heavy and makes me look little mature :/ but having said that brown is not a bad color and this is a nicer version of brown for sure.

The texture is smooth and buttery, it might look very fragile but it is not, just roll up a little bit of the lipstick and not the whole thing:p or else it is so slim that it may break for sure. The feel is super moisturizing and soft, great for dry lips apparently!

The lipsticks says that there will be a cool tingling feel after application, I had that cool minty sensation for one and half minutes after which I thought my lips looked plumper and saucy, just how I like it It has minty smell too, I quite like it. It glides very soft and it is a delight to apply this lipstick.

brown lipstick

I like how this brown has some hint of bronze or gold its not a boring brown, this range has a nice glistening finish, glossy but it glistens under the light, very fresh.You might not like it if you like mattes.I love the minty caramel-y feel to it as well.It makes my lips look plumper.


Chambor Truly Lasting Truly Terracotta swatch

Coming to the staying power, it looks glossy for an hour, will not survive a meal and it looks colored for another hour or two like most lipsticks, so nothing significant there since the texture is so creamy, I don’t expect that either.But for the light and soft texture it has, it stays pretty well, I had thought it would not considering it is not thick.

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Over all these look a little overpriced, but the texture is to die for, a really nice and buttery feel to it and minty flavor or fragrance, try this range at the counter, Chambor’s quality will not disappoint you.

Under the light:

Chambor Truly Lasting Truly Terracotta swatch (10)

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IMBB Rating:

4/5 only for brown lovers!

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18 thoughts on “Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick – Truly Terracotta

  1. i totally liked the color neha. It’s the kind of shade that is always good to have in collection.. you knwo when you are in a mood for brows. Love your nail art. :))

  2. the shade is a necessity for me when i do green eye make up 🙂 great LOTD as always! btw, u can do such awesome nailart! 😮 spellbound <3

  3. wow i wud love to try this series for texture & buttery feel.. :)n am also loving this shade looks great on u!! N ur nail art wow..

  4. Brown is not my color… But ya this is a good shade to add on… Just Incase u feel like brown!
    As always n like all the colors this also looks super on u:)

  5. Nice color but I am a but doubtful whether I will be able to carry it off.. Love ur nail art sweets.. Plzz share some more pics of ur nail art

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