Chambor Matte Top Coat Review

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2017 seems to have whizzed past, and this year had many lessons, experiences and memories for me. How was your year? This is my last review for this year. I had purchased a top coat from Chambor, but it is not your conventional top coat. It is a mattifying coat, which can instantly transform a glossy finish nail enamel to a matte one. Read on for my take on this product.

Chambor Matte Top Coat Review

INR 325

Product Description:
Transform your nails from Shiny to Matte. Add an artistic appeal to any manicure with a velvety smooth finish of the Matte Top Coat. It helps the nail polish to last longer, reduce shine for a sophisticated matte look. Protect the nails from breakage or peeling. Quick drying.

Chambor Matte Top Coat Review Product Details

My Experience with Chambor Matte Top Coat:

Packaging: The packaging is extremely sassy. The top coat comes in a typical Chambor nail polish bottle, what differentiates is that classy matte black outer color. The black bottle with black cap is sturdy and shuts tight, preventing any leakage or spillage. It comes encased in a pretty cardboard box, which houses important product details.

Chambor Matte Top Coat Review Outer Cover

Chambor Matte Top Coat Review Unpacked

The brush is flat and dense, in fact much thicker than most nail polish brushes. It helps to coat the nail bed in single stroke. If you have thin and pointy nails, then you might be done in a single stroke too. But, I have slightly wider nails, and so I need two swipes to coat the nails. The brush picks up a lot of product in one go, and you need to remove the excess before applying it on nails.

Chambor Matte Top Coat Review Lid Open

The liquid is thick and whitish in color unlike other top coats. It goes on cloudy and semi-transparent on nails and visibly mattifies the nail color. So, you will find that the color and shine is dulled in a jiffy (not always in a bad way). Also, I feel that by mattifying the nail color, some colors appear very different. It gives a smooth matte finish, but takes 5-10 minutes to dry completely.

Chambor Matte Top Coat Review Applicator

It stays put for 6-7 days at a go, with no heavy chores like daily washing of clothes and utensils. The matte look looks very classy and sophisticated, and is a great way to get more use out of your nail polishes. The favorite polishes can be transformed with a top coat to get matte, sober nails which last longer. It extends the wear of my nail polishes by 4-5 days at least, with no chipping or breakage.

Chambor Matte Top Coat Review Nail Swatch

Chambor Matte Top Coat Review Matte Nails

Pros of Chambor Matte Top Coat:

  • Classy packaging.
  • Mattifies nail paints.
  • Thick, semi-transparent liquid.
  • Extends wear time of nail paints.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Good investment.
  • Reduces chipping or breakage.

Cons of Chambor Matte Top Coat:

  • Picks a lot of product, needs to be applied with care.
  • Colors might be altered slightly.
  • Takes time to dry.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend or Repurchase Chambor Matte Top Coat?
It’s going to last long. But, if you are a nail paint junkie, this would be a great way to get more use out of your nail enamels.

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