Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick Hottie Plus Review, Swatches

Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick Hottie Plus

An innovative “dual action” formula with a nourishing core to hydrate lips and prevent dryness; surrounded by a soft, ultra-moisture colour coating for a smooth, radiant finish.


INR 695



I picked two new shades of moisture plus, Ayushi has reviewed another new shade in Rose plus.The other one I got is a mauve pink in Rose plus which I will review soon.Though I love Chambor lipsticks I thought the pricing at 695 is a bit too much and can be deterrent for many. Plus the powder mattes are 595 but these have a moisture core which could be the USP as dry lips would love this lipstick.



I have used another moisture plus from the old collection but this one is more creamy, thicker and more opaque. The older one was a little sheer to my liking, this one looks more worth the money.


This color is a pink with peach undertones, it might look milky at one glance but when you wear it, it looks fine for neutral and pinker skin tones. I think this will suit me on good pinky skin days for me.Otherwise warm skin tones may find it too milky. Another thing is that the color might look more pink bright light and indoors it is more of a peachy pink.


The color is a creamy one, it is very thick and opaque and it coats the lips in one go, one swipe will cover your natural lip color.So pigmented lips will love this. Plus the shade has a balm core which makes the lipstick very creamy and nourishing, The pigmentation is amazing honestly, it is super creamy.With the price hike they have definitely made it better.


What you will dislike about this texture is that it will really settle in the lip lines, and if you have flaky lips, the lipstick surface will be literally rubbed off. so if you want a lighter finish then try application with the brush.

In the shade


The lipstick lasts quite long, it even survives a meal and I could see a very nice pink tint for a long time. But this does transfer if you layer it on. Try putting it lightly in one coat as it is very thick and pigmented.

Bright light:


IMBB rating:


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  1. I wud definitely love to try chambor lipsticks for ur drop dead gorgeous swatches neha.. *woot* *jai ho* I love such colors bt they r tricky on my skin.. *woot*

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