Chambor Mono Blush Desert Rose Review

Chambor Mono Blush Desert Rose

Sheer, Sun-kissed color.
Ultra-fine, builds effortlessly and spreads evenly.
HOW TO USE: Glide the brush over the silky powder and blend easily from center of the cheekbone towards the temple to give your face a flawless, natural finish.

I bought this gorgeous pink blush as part of my haul for IMBB. What should I say, I love these India-available brands, or our Indian brands so much.They have so many color choices and Chambor personally is my most fav brand when it comes to lipsticks.There are so many finishes and shades they have and I own a lot of them needless to say.But I realized I do not have any Chambor blushes so I picked up the safest pink for me, a cool rose pink and this color is a classic blush and a very universal color.

The blush comes in a simple case , a tiny mirror and also a stupid brush.I am not too fond of the pack this time and somehow it screams cheap though I paid 595 for this blush.the pack some how is creaky, the brush is bad.The worst thing is that when you open the blush, you see only this tiny little square on the left, that is it,earlier they had bigger looking that was heartbreaking and the pack quality is not at all impressive to say the least.The rose imprint is cute enough.


The color is the best part of this blusher.It is a rosy pink and this could push you to the clown cheeks zone in no time but still is a classic pink.the color is pure matte and unfortunately it feels powdery and not much satiny.The color comes out very very powdery on the brush.On the swatch too you can see powder.The texture is very very soft not doubt about it but not very impressive, does not look like a good quality powder to me this time no idea why.the color gets damaged by a blusher brush easily and lot of product wastage happens.
The pigmentation is very nice so use a gentle brush and just tap once and done, do not dig your blush in the pan again and again, it will look too pink.the color is very matte hence I like it.It suits neutral to pink skin tones.the color lasts on me for more 3 hours and does not melt so easily, it works like a slight stain later on.
the blush color texture pigmentation is nice but the overall pack fails to impress me as a high quality blusher. Chambor also has been hiking the prices which is sad 🙁 Overall if you are a fan of this rose pink, try it or else find some other brand.

IMBB rating


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10 thoughts on “Chambor Mono Blush Desert Rose Review

  1. Oh Neha… This looks so pretty in the pan… But turned ot such a dud!!! The way these cosmetic companies are hiking the prices… Baap re!!!! *spank* *spank*

  2. Such a dud…i dont like pinks..a peach sheen gives a natural effect..this one is too stark *nababana* *nababana*

  3. *hunterwali* Price hike by chambor :(…. *thankyou* Neha for review… I was imagining that after the blush stains it must be looking like you have palyed holi and the color is still not completely gone from your cheeks rofl

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