Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist Review

New launches are always a delight! Recently, when I was at a Lifestyle store, shopping for some pink lipsticks, the SA at the Chambor counter showed me this recently launched fragrance mist and I was intrigued! I immediately picked up this one and I love it. Read on to know more.

Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist Review2

Product Description:

Extracted from the fragrant gardens in spring time, this incredible mix of diverse notes will capture your imagination with every splash. With a burst of Green and Citrus notes, Mystique Magnolia easily becomes a journey through fragrances of Magnolia, Muguet and Aldehydic notes. All to leave you with the lingering allure of Musk and Woody notes.


INR 595 for 200 ml.

My Experience with Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist:

Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist Review3

The packaging is really cute and attractive. It is hot pink colored bottle with a flowers design in pinkish red all over and a spray top. It is also quite travel friendly. I prefer floral fragrances because they make you feel cute and feminine. And, also I feel more confident with such fragrances. This is perfect for the upcoming summer season as it will give you floral and fresh feeling throughout the day.

Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist Review1

The fragrance to me is more like a strong flowery scent with roses and a hint of musk. Somewhere, it does smell woody and has very slight citrus notes at the bottom. I strongly suggest you to smell it before purchasing as scents are always a matter of personal preference. It is quite a nice scent actually and people who like heavily fragranced body mists would love this. If you compare this scent to other mists’ scent, it will turn out to be a lot more strong. But, despite being strong, it is not at all overpowering and hence, does not cause headaches. And, believe me when I’m saying this because I’m very prone to headaches caused by strong perfumes or deodorants.

Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist Review

The lasting power is also impressive. I think it is also mainly because of its strong scent. It stays put for about 3 hours or so after which it leaves a soft scent. The reapplication is also not very troublesome as it comes in a sturdy and travel friendly packaging. The quantity also seems perfect for the money you put in. Also, more because one bottle lasts fairly long time. The price factor is also a plus point for this one as it is very affordable for college going girls. I used to feel that there is a lack of good quality, affordable fragrance mists in the market and Chambor has proved me wrong.

Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist Review4

Pros of Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist:

• Attractive packaging.
• Travel friendly.
• Floral, feminine and pleasant fragrance.
• Good staying power.
• Quantity is good for the price.

Cons of Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist:

• Lack of detailed ingredients list.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist?

This one is a sure shot winner and I am very impressed with Chambor. I really hope they launch more variants of such awesome fragrance mists, considering the popularity of body mists these days. I definitely recommend it to all of you. Get this one ASAP and I am sure you won’t regret it.

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