Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick-Peach Puff

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick-Peach Puff

Rs. 450

Remember how I made you lust after these beauties, especially Coral Reef and Brique Rose? Read more on them here. It was a while since I wanted to pick these up and now I think I have almost exhausted the collection. They did come up with 5 new shades in “Plum Delight”, “Dark orchid” ,this one, but the shades were mostly not to my liking. But I did pick up this one thinking this is somewhere close to Desert Rose shade, but it is peach Puff is half as light as that one.
chambor powder matte peach  puff

The lipstick is oour beloved thick, creamy, matte we all know from Chambor. I absolutely love how thick these lippies are and help you shape lips up.So I recommend this to thin lips.The shade is almsot like a nude/peach concealer,and will not do much for most complexions. But I love the name!

This shade in particular is very versaitle. I picked this one because-

  • It is a wearable nude.
  • It is a great base for sheer lippies.
  • It also works to lighten deeper lippies.


If you are looking for a lipstick that would wipe your lips off your face 😛 , not literally, but if you are fair and would like to underplay your lips, without any color and in fact hiding your own lip color, then this is for you.Remember, this is even lighter than your “desert rose”shade. A friend of mine called it almost “foundation/concealer” like, so be careful.


The lippy is thick, stays on and settles in fine lines if your layer it up. It shapes up the lips, covers pigmentation and it does not feel dry but it can feel cakey. If you dont like any thing close to matte, then stay away. If you dont like any thing cakey or non-sheer,stay away. The issue with this lippy is that it is cakey and heavy but i dont have a probelm with it, I like thick lippies, but just giving you a heads-up.


Also, not everyone will like this shade and it will suit only fair skin. Be careful you dont wear it to wash off your face/lips. 😛

Last word:

Like all other powder mattes,this one too is thick. If you like saucy/luscious lippies, this one is not for you! I think its a nude for fair skinned girls and also a versatile lipstick on a whole with the possible mix-match you can explore with this.All the credit goes to IMBB to make them popular, so much so that the Chambor website is updated now.:)



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21 thoughts on “Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick-Peach Puff

  1. LOL…blue box blue box yayayayaya! On a diff note, this shade is kinda similar to Faces Chestnut, thats slightly darker and peachier though.

  2. Dear Neha, thank you for your wonderful reviews. It is just 4 months back I started thinking of lippies. Was in search of reviews all the time and ended up getting Maybelline lippies as I find them cheaper. I have almost 10 -12 shades … Bronze orange, Coral pink, Crazy for coffee, dusty rose, Glamorous red, Berry brilliant, Burgundy, Buff and a lot more. But, after reading your posts, I switched to CHAMBOR powder mattes ……. starting with Coral reef. And is my first ever matte lippe.I felt so good about it. In fact, this is the first lippie that made me look & feel v v good. Have Coral reef, Rose fantasie, Rose fresque, Plum delight. Also managed to get 4 lip liners from Chambor. Now, getting Peach puff as It will work out as a base for my pigmented lips. Also please suggest me other shades in this range as I am in madly love with these beauties. I have a warm skin tone, medium color. I would also like to thank you all ladies for your revies. I now have started with foundation, compact, kajal, mascara & lip color. And and and I am 36.

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