Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer Review, Swatch, Photos


Price : Rs. 650
Quantity : 3 ml.
Shade being reviewed : 01

Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer Review

For the Radiant Quick Fix

“Creamy concealer made using ingredients that have been selected to be kind to the skin and the environment. The product has a texture with a light, creamy feel to even out and correct minor discolouration of the skin. When applied, the texture feels pleasantly fresh on the skin and quickly turns into a fine film.

Radiant Touch Up Concealer is available in two shades for different skin tones like Naturel and Ginger.”
• Vegetable Oil and Mineral pigments – for performance and stay true colour.
• Light /creamy texture that turns powdery when blended.
• Fine protective film.
• Karite Butter, known for their emollient properties causes radiance.
• Hyaluronic acid, known for its moisturizing properties.
• Natural Fragrance.

Hello IMBB Cuties. In continuation of my search for a Holy Grail foundation, the search also continues (or should I say “continued”) for my HG concealer. I consider concealers an important part of my daily makeup routine, mainly for the under-eye area. Since one is obviously not supposed to apply foundation to this area to cover dark circles, etc., a concealer does the job perfectly. However, I noticed that while applying my concealer, I had been using my fingertips to blend the same, leading to tugging and stretching of the delicate skin in the under-eye area. (Yes, I have a concealer brush, but I had lately been using cream concealers; hence I felt the need to even out the same with my fingertips!). For this reason, I had been looking for a concealer with a built-in brush applicator and that’s when Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer caught my fancy.

This concealer under review and also the other shades are meant for women with warm undertones. I checked out all 2 or 3 shades available, and liked the lightest shade 01, though at first the SA told me that it would not suit me since I have cool undertones, and even I agreed with her at first, but after swatching and blending the same, decided that I would buy it all the same. Reason : I am of late trying to neutralize my cool undertones and go a bit warmer in order to lend a hint of warmth to my facial makeup, and I like what I am doing. Nowadays, when I see earlier photos of myself with ‘Ivory’ and ‘Rose’-toned shades, I cannot help but thank the MUA who advised me to go warmer. (Just for reference, I have gone from NC20 to NW25).

Anyway, coming to this concealer, it comes in an outer hard plastic packaging, and the product comes in a pen-type navy blue casing. It has a ‘click-it’ knob at the end which enables the concealer to appear on the brush. Quite a few clicks are required before the first use, after which one or two clicks enable enough concealer to come on to the brush to cover both the under-eyes area. If you have more areas to conceal, then obviously you will need more product.

chambor concealer

chambor concealer pen


Swatches – (Left: In daylight, Right: In artificial lighting)

Swatch 1

Blended close-up :

blended concealer swatch

Let’s come to the Pros and Cons and see what is likeable/dislikeable about this concealer :


• It has a smooth and creamy texture.
• Blends very well, with enough blending time to enable good coverage.
• No need for a separate brush to apply your concealer.
• Brush is very soft and smooth – doesn’t hurt the delicate skin around the eye area at all.
• Contains emollients, minerals and natural plant ingredients, such as vegetable oil and karite butter.
• Also contains hyaluronic acid (a key ingredient in most anti-wrinkle formulas).
• Pleasant, refreshing fragrance.
• Dries to a powder finish, yet doesn’t ever feel dry or stretchy on the skin.
• Doesn’t move on the skin or turn blotchy even after a few hours.


• Quantity is a bit on the lesser side for the price – only 3 ml. (1 teaspoon=5 ml.)
• Should have had a choice of few more shades, including 1 or 2 lighter shades.
Verdict : A very good-quality cream-to-powder finish concealer which gives good, even coverage and the main plus point is the attached brush.

Rating : 4.75
I am definitely re-purchasing this concealer again as I love it immensely.

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42 thoughts on “Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer Review, Swatch, Photos

  1. i have the chambor flowing lisptick, it has the exact same packaging…and i luv luv how it smells of shea butter :yahoo: will do a review perhaps….will definitely try this concealor now :woot:

    1. naty you know i think i am not a huge fan of shea butter that is why all chambor products dont smell too great to me. I mean had you not told this i would have died thinking that there is some peerobleeem with my nose. :idk: :dumb:

      1. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: waise i don’t know if this concealor also smells of shea butter…shayad koi achi smell ho iski ratidoo jo tumhe pasand aa jaaye? :toothygrin:

    2. I too don’t like the smell of shea butter in some of their products. I once asked the SA about this smell, and she said it was shea butter smell. :stars:

  2. i love it too..i bought it on the recommendation of a friend about 2 months ago and I must say I really really like it..I did buy the MAC also recently ‘cos i got tempted 🙂 so now I alternate between the 2..

  3. sabrina…im really liking this one…..n it will suit my warm skin tone as well…..i have tried the chambor kohl & lipstick…lipstick was gr8…but was not very happy with the kohl…. :))

  4. sabrina i adore these brush on concealers. I had one from estee lauder and i finished using it till the end. I will def keep this one in mind. 🙂

    1. Hi Rati…I too love this for the brush. I haven’t seen this type in any other drugstore brand…I know Oriflame had one like this but I don’t know if it’s still there. :)) :))

    1. Hi Monika, I think this you might like this one if you are using concealer for the first time, as it would be easier to use. I’m dying to check out the Colorbar concealers asap….we hardly get new stuff from Colorbar here, even a lipstick I bought recently was expired. :pan:

  5. Concealer with brush sounds great! no need to buy extra brush for application! I was eyeing colorbar concealer now got confused 🙁 I may try this one as colorbar comes in a pot and i definitely need a brush to apply it.. :thanks: for reveiwing it

  6. Thanks fr reviewing Sabrina! I love Chambor products! And I love the warm scent of their lip products too! This sounds great but I guess it doesn’t give full coverage. Nowadays I’m loving the Colorbar pencil form MAC Select moisture cover is lying forgotten 😛

    1. there u go and ravve abt colorbar pencil and i just dont seem to find it anywhere in blr :((…
      Sabrina…i love chambor products…so will def check this out…am not sure abt finding a right shade though….

      1. I wish they had more shade choices, Priya. I swatched on 2 or 3 different days before I bought the 01 shade. But do check these out. :))

  7. hey nice post.. this is one of the best ones i have ever used.. yup a little more quantity wud do wonders for this price…

  8. I’ve read excellent reviews about this at other blogs too..and I was already so tempted…and now you too giving it such an awesome rating!! 😀

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Me getting it!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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