Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks: 742, 750, 752

Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks: 742, 750, 752

Chambor presents Rouge Plump+, the secret to sensuously full lips. A lipstick isn’t just a lipstick anymore. With Chambor, it becomes your beauty secret that helps you get the desired result in plumpness, moisture, colour and a lot more. The new Rouge Plump+ amplifies lips by 25%* giving you sensuously full lips. This has been dermatologist tested and clinically proven.

Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks 742, 750, 752 (2)

Price: INR 745 each.

Like I said I am really loving the Chambor goodies Rati had sent me for review, and I must say the two most fav lippy range of mine are from Chambor, the powder mattes and the rouge plump, both unique in their own way,the powder mattes are creamy pigmented mattes these are saucy plumping lipsticks in awesome shades and pigmentation.

Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks 742, 750, 752 (1)

Today I am sharing a gorgeous pink, a wine red and a nude brown shade, all too good, i like how they glide like butter, one swipe and you are done,they might not last you very long or feel very sturdy but it is surely good stuff in there 🙂

Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks 742, 750, 752 (3)

These are so creamy, there are so soooo many shades to choose from, these are super pigmented, buttery and moisturizing, have a minty feel to them and make lips look fuller because of the texture more than any plumping effect claimed.Love the way they glide on and are so intense that one swipe is enough.

See how delicate these are, they will break and melt at the drop of a hat, the base and cap comes off so not really worth 745?

l-r 742,750,752

Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks 742, 750, 752 (4)

Shade 742:

This is a lovely cool pink and I think this would go well for all skin tones since it is not very blue pink, it really brightens the face up and again it has a super creamy and slick finish an keeps lips very hydrated, though it might transfer a lot and stays around two hours not more, I dont mind reapplying it which again is a negative due to the little tiny bullet yo get in these lippies.

pink lips (1)

Shade 750:

This is more like a deeper but MLBB color, it is mauvy base brown and very versatile and universal and decent color, this will be great for office and day wear too the finish and staying power is the same as above but I think this range might have many similar shades, though this is a good shade to have when you dont know what color lipstick to wear.

pink lips (2)

Shade 752:

This is perhaps the only shade in the entire range that has this glaze and shimmer to i, it is a mature shade and has these gold red shimmers in it, it is a wine kind of shade and looks a little dark for day wear,this could be good for weddings to be worn on saris but not a very young color, it is glossy and stays as little as the above ones.

wine red lipstick


l-r 752, 742, 750

Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks 742, 750, 752 swatches

If you have dry lips looking for some creamy supple lips, this is it, it does not really plump lips but gives a full lip look,I do think it is pricey but it is a good lipstick to have.They have this minty tingly feel to them that I love.

IMBB Rating

4.5/5 no doubt one of my fav range of lipsticks

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32 thoughts on “Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks: 742, 750, 752

  1. *woot* wow…
    loved 750 and 752 equally…
    awesome lip swatches as always… *puchhi* what’s the secret behind these *whistle* lips????
    I love reading ur reviews *haan ji*

  2. Loved 750 a lot *woot* *woot* it is such a good one *happy dance* great for day wear na *happy dance* *happy dance* i’ll gift it to my mom as she loved such shades and then i will also use it lol *hihi* *hihi* *hifive* bookmarked *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. 750…… *woot* *woot* *woot* looks super gorgeous on you didi all of them 🙂 just perfect

    serioulsy how do you do it *jalwa* *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho*

          1. You like sheer, I like pigmented! Vivids are pigmented and bright hues. See swatches online! Thats the only drugstore one Im lemming for.

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