Chambor Silver Shadow Compact Review

Chambor Silver Shadow Compact Review

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I am going to share my experience with Chambor Silver Shadow Compact which has become the most important make up item in my handbag these days. I had tried it 2 years ago but discontinued it due to price considerations. I was hoping to get a cheaper compact with the same result; needless to say I was disappointed. Because if you use it once than you will love it forever!!! I LOVE it.

Chambor SIlver Compact

Product : Compact

Brand : Chambor

Variant : Silver Shadow Compact (Don’t confuse this with Chambor Luminous Compact that Rati had posted about , that one is of Rs.1175/-)

Price : Rs.725/-

Quantity : 16 Gms + (Refill pack of 16 Gms Free) 32 Gms Total Quantity.

Packaging : Beautiful dark blue case with silver finish, Chambor logo at the centre, making it ultra chic.

Shades Available : RR1 – IVOIRE, RR2- Rose Pale, RR3 – SABLE, RR5 – NOISETTE


chambor compact ingre

Use Before : 3 years from date of packaging

What the company claims

A compact is a must have for all women of today. Chambor brings to you Silver Shadow – a magical compact powder which will give you the flawless finish required in a jiffy.

Chambor Silver Shadow is made up of Translucent Loose Powder which has excellent blending ability, smooth application & a silky after feel. Also acts like a perfect base and gives you a healthy look. (Taken from their web-site)

My experience with Chambor SIlver Shadow

As I said I have used it earlier and already knew how it was. When I bought it for the first time the 32 gms quantity took quite a long duration for finishing up. I really liked it but was in search of a cheaper compact for which I tried Lakme Perfect Skin Lightening compact, Maybelline white stay UV compact but did not liked them. Maybe it is not fair to compare these with Chambor Silver Shadow Compact due the price difference. But Chambor is actually a magical compact powder -as the company claims that work’s wonder in just a minute.

Chambor SIlver shadow Compact review

It is an investment and I would rather say a long-term one because of its free refill pack. The compact comes in a cardboard case that has an additional 16 gms of product refill which the user can insert in the compact case when the original powder case is finished and believe me it will take you at least a year to finish it. Further, it is not a kind of product that you will want to finish in the excitement of buying other brands as you will love the feel of this compact on your skin.

First impression

• When I tried it for the first time in a mall on my face it felt nice but you can’t really make out as the lighting in malls is quite harsh.
• The case of the compact is beautiful.
• The SA at the first chance would not miss the opportunity to tell you that a refill pack of 16 gms is free!!! (Considering the price the quantity is very well included)
During Application
• When I earlier used it the case had a puff which was spongy (that is how I best describe it). I was shocked to see that the puff has been replaced by a cotton puff.  I was super excited to use the puff .

powder puff

• I am using sunscreen these days which makes my skin oily and shiny and I really don’t like my face after that. But when I apply this compact on my face, it transforms the way my skin looks.
• It’s super blendable and quick absorbing and disappears in skin like magic.
• No white patches and powdery feel.
• Leaves skin radiant & glowing.
• I am using RR5. However I wanted RR4 as I have used it earlier. But it was not available. I tried at different places but couldn’t get it. Even on the Chambor web site they have given just 4 shades and RR4 is not included. May be it has been discontinued, as the SA claimed.
• RR5 is suiting me perfectly and I wonder how??

After Application

• Complexion is enhanced; Skin feels smooth and gets a radiant glow. To really check it first apply it on half of your face.
• Stays there for long. Reapply once for a fresh look for the whole day.
• It even hides and lightens the dark spots on my face.

Pros of Chambor Silver Shadow Compact

• Super Light, Blend able.
• Gives a radiant look.
• Stays for long.
• Takes away the oiliness of moisturizer or sunscreen.
• Quantity is huge thus it will last really long.
• Non-Comodogenic.
• Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Tested.
• Chic stylish case gives the product classy feel.
• Hides way small dark spot and even out complexion.

Cons of Chambor Silver Shadow Compact

• Price is on the higher side.

• The puff- it’s been replaced and I HATE it. In fact I bought a Vega puff to use with it but the case just doesn’t accept it and throws it out. I mean the size is not matching and the case can’t be closed with the Vega puff inside.
• No SPF.

Rating : 4.5/5 (0.5 deducted due to the addition of cotton puff)

Will I buy it again : Yes

Recommendation : Recommended to all the lovely ladies at IMBB, you will not regret buying it.

Have you used Chambor Silver Shadow Compact? Please rate in the box below

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35 thoughts on “Chambor Silver Shadow Compact Review

  1. they give a refill free with the pack.. so awesome.. :thumbsup: I guess in that case it totally justifies the price. The puff does look nice from what i see in the pic.. it’s scratchy kya?

    1. ya Rati the puff on its own is o.k but in comparission with what i had use in the same compact earlier then its not…. 🙁

  2. m yet to try something from chambor..i guess i ll start wid dis..also because thy r giving refill free… 😀
    mamta, why dont u try a kabuki or flat top brush to apply ur compact.. 🙂

    1. bt you toh fair fair na,. guess you’d get your shade. I feel those with dusky complexion find it difficult to get their skin tone colours. :((

      1. ya..u r right.. :(( but even though i’m fair i couldn’t find a shade that has enough yellow in it..they seem too neutral and forms a whitish cast on my face..For ex: i bought MAC MSF in ‘light medium’ which should suit someone between nc 25-30 but it makes my face lifeless and dull 😥

        1. oh!! :(( guess you’d find your shade in mufe then. they have such amazing shade selection, it’s not even funny. my mufe foundation is like my skintone in bottle. :stars:

          awww!! your old avatar reminds me of days when you newly discovered imBB. :-*

          1. really!! then i have to and have to check them out!! :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

            :haanji: How awesome were those days when i discovered IMBB..Even i everyday think of how we all would keep on chatting whole day continously here..i wish time goes back and woh din wapas aajaye.. :party: :party: :party:

  3. wow.. Nice reveiw.. Tempted to buy.. But recently purchased mac studio fix powder foundation.. N quite happy wit it :preen:

  4. thanks for the review, mamta…i hv never tried anything from chambor before so this could be a good starting point! :thanks:

  5. rati… I told u na ki i got tbs Ka kabuki brush.. Used it yday.. N im so so so so glad i bought it.. :thanks: imbb

    1. oh glad pia. it is such an awesome brush. i bought it last year and i use it every single day. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  6. Good review Mamta! I have this and love it!!! Have been using it since 6 months and my first pan is still not over!! I use it every day but it doesn’t control oil for long for oily skin though the texture is does vanish into the skin! I have RR2 which has a pink undertone and slightly lighter than my skin tone but the undertone matches well. RR5 is the last shade they make so duskier beauties may not find a shade match.

    1. Ankita I have Combination skin and it works ok for me for oil control and yes shades are a problem.I have weatish complexion and RR5 is working fine but for duskier complexions there is a problem 🙁

  7. gr8 review mamta :thumbsup: :thumbsup: .. i’ll surly chk this out & these days as Sales have started, mayb it’ll be at a lesser price too 😉 😉 .. thanxx soo much for this revew coz i am searching for a nice compact these days as my revlon 1 is about to get over.. 😐 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  8. Wowww, nice pack, first I thought its costly but then as they are giving refill pack, then its more than worth it ! :thumbsup:

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