Chambor Truly lasting Lipstick Truly Coral Review, Swatch

Chambor Truly lasting Lipstick Truly Coral Review, Swatch

Background: I love lipsticks. Given a choice between doing my eyes or lips, I typically choose lips. I go in for natural looking shades usually which brighten up my face. I feel a shade worth exploring is coral as it suits just about everybody. Unlike brown, it doesn’t drag the face down, and it is an easier shade to pull off than a lot of pinks out there. Chambor lipsticks are usually fantastic and this one is no different.

chambor truly lasting lipstick truly coral

What the website says about it: A Stylish Extra Long Lipstick which moisturizes, conditions & protects lips.

• Shea Butter (Nourishes the lips. Good for dehydrated and dry lips).
• Vitamin A (Hydration).
• Vitamin – E (Anti – Ageing).
• SPF – 15.

• It has a rich creamy shiny texture & gives a glossy finish.
• Water Resistant: Long Lasting Effect.
• Triple Action Formula.
• Regular use of Powder Matte Lipsticks makes the Lips Soft & Healthy.
• No Animal Ingredients.
• Non – Comedogenic.

chambor truly lasting lipstick

Price and Quantity: This cost me Rs 545 and quantity is that of a regular lipstick. It gets over a little more quickly than other lipsticks like lakme because this stuff is so buttery. Also the breadth is lesser and this is a lean, mean lipstick. Nice packaging…it is sleek and sober in a blue-black shade.

Chambor Lipstick truly Coral

My experience with the product: This is easily the favorite lipstick in my box. I reach for this most often when I want to wear lipstick. All its claims are true. My lips feel pampered when I wear this because it is moisturizing and hydrating. The color is beautiful. If you are into corals like me, you are going to love this one.

As you can see, it goes on creamy and semi-opaque. It doesn’t block your lips out completely, but does a reasonably good job of diminishing the pigmentation’s appearance. It enhances the lips in a way that the good things about your lips show and the bad don’t 😀

Chambor Lipstick truly Coral
About how long it lasts, it does last reasonably long. Around 2-3 hours. If you blot the first application on a tissue and reapply, I feel its true long-lasting nature will come forth. I typically don’t do that and I just swipe and go. So I don’t find it especially long lasting the way its name signifies. But no complaints because I prefer its buttery feel on my lips to it lasting for hours and hours ahead.

Pros of Chambor Truly lasting Lipstick Shade No. 917 Truly Coral

1. Beautiful colors! All of them. There are around 20 shades and are pretty delightful.
2. The texture is moisturizing and hydrating. No need to apply lip balm before or after this lipstick. In fact I feel that the lipstick slips a little if you wear it after lip balm. There is so much moisture in it already and the color pay off is not that intense on wearing it after lip balm.
3. It has spf 15
4. It brightens up the face
5. Chambor is the perfect medium between a high end brand and a low end one. I trust this brand a lot
6. Color fades evenly

Cons of Chambor Truly lasting Lipstick Shade No. 917 Truly Coral

1. It doesn’t long that long that it should be called ‘truly lasting.’
Would I recommend it? I would recommend it to all skin tones. It will especially bring out the warmth in a medium skin tone. Duskier beauties may want to mix this shade with a brown lipstick and that will give appropriate results. They can also try other shades!

Would I purchase it again? Yes, I am thinking of buying one extra and keeping it in stock….

Rating: 4 stars

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24 thoughts on “Chambor Truly lasting Lipstick Truly Coral Review, Swatch

  1. nice shade but maybelline has some shades like this, i will go 4 tht, its cheap na , otherwise this looks pretty ! :thumbsup:

  2. I am eying chambor stuff a lot these days-esp their powder matte range-nice review Shivani :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

  3. its a mix of brown n coral… more brownish its luking here shivani :woot: ..but a luvly shade :yahoo: … easy to carry around n wud suit a lot definitely.. :thumbsup:

  4. I love Chambor!! I have 3 lipsticks from this range and I love how buttery and moisturizing these are. My cousin sis bought this shade and I have to say its very pretty ! It much pinker and brighter than how it appears in the pic here though.

  5. guys its more coral than this. its looking brownish coral cuz i have pigmented lips 🙂 if you have like those light pink perfect lips, it will look reallyyyyy pretty. will try and send in more swatches. sorry bout that.

  6. I love love love this brand and the colours.. my skin tone is a little on the dusky side.. wheatish fav colours.. truly latte and rosewood.. I only reach for these two.. they are so natural looking n like the fact that they go matte but they dont dry out the lips and look all dry n wrinkly. Shall check this shade out. :love:

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