Chambor White Brightening Cleansing Foam Review

Chambor White Brightening Cleansing Foam

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While checking out nail paints at a store, I came across the Chambor White Range. It intrigued me as I am really fond of good skin care products for my skin. Read on to find out how this product fared..

Product Description-

A gentle purifying foaming liquid, it lifts away skin impurities while protecting its vital moisture.

Key ingredients:

keratin clearing agents, active vitamin C derivative
Chambor White Brightening  Cleansing Foam

What Chambor says-

A face affected with dull skin, sunspots and an uneven skin tone is what we often see reflected in the mirror. A day outside and exposed to the elements clogs up your pores and does not let your skin breathe. Proper cleansing is required to allow your pores to breathe, but its imperative to not strip the skin of its vital moisture in this process. Use an exfoliating cleanser that gently dissolves dirt, grime and dead skin whilst preserving its existing oils.

Product Claims-

Enriched with exfoliating minerals and the goodness of Keratin Clearing Agents with Active Vitamin C Derivative, it rinses off easily, refining the skin’s texture to uncover radiant clarity

A plastic white sleek tube with a tiny nozzle to squeeze out the right amount of the product.

Price – Rs 650
Quantity– 100 ml

How to use?

Squeeze recommended amount (approximately 1 ml) on palm and work into a lather with cool or lukewarm water and apply on face using circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.

What does it look and feel like:

Its kind of baby pinkish in color and has the perfect consistency. Neither too runny nor too thick.
Chambor White Brightening Cleansing Foam (4)
My skin type:

I have a combination skin. It behaves itself pretty well most of the times. But it tends to get a bit oily around the T zone after a long day or after gym.

My experience with Chambor White Brightening Cleansing Foam:

The product being expensive, I tried to use very little product at first, But voila, even a miniscule amount turned into a good amount of lather on my face. I cleansed my face thoroughly massaging into circular motions. The result was – divine smelling smooth skin. It did not make my skin stretch a bit. I loved the mild fruity fragrance, I’m so in love with it <3

Yays of Chambor White Brightening Cleansing Foam

• Light weight texture
• Smells divine
• Extremely less quantity is required to clean the face.
• Does not rip the skin of it’s moisture
• Skin feels smooth and moisturised
• Leaves a mild fragrance on the face
• Suitable for all skin types
• Luring ingredients

Nays of Chambor White Brightening Cleansing Foam:

• Expensive

Cant really think of any other cons at the moment.

Chambor White Brightening Cleansing Foam (1)

Final Verdict:

Well, this facewash does offer what an ideal facewash should. It thoroughly cleanses the face gently dissolves dirt, grime and dead skin whilst preserving its existing oils. It even leaves behind a sweet subtle fragrance. What I am not so sure is, is that does it really result in brighter skin and radiant clarity? Maybe after continuous usage I’d be able to comment better. Irrespective of this aspect, I would say this is a lovely product and can be used for all skin types.

Do I recommend Chambor White Brightening Cleansing Foam?

YES!!! Well its kinda expensive as compared to other facewashes. But if u can afford it, then it’s a good buy. You wouldn’t be ddisappointed.

IMBB Rating

4.5/5 ( 0.5 deducted for non-affordabilty)

Have a beautiful day ahead ladies and keep shining


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10 thoughts on “Chambor White Brightening Cleansing Foam Review

  1. 🙂 last time I visited their counter.. that SA was insisting me to buy this .. However, I was not sure about the brightening it claims… do let me know if you get any such results over the time… *woot*

    nice review *hifive*

  2. I went to chambor and got a few things and the SA gave me the samples of this range *happy dance* *happy dance* i thin that was the cleansing lotion and moisturiser … and they were really good *happy dance* i will get them when i am finally done with all my creams *happydance* *happydance*

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