Chambor White Brightening Moisturizing Cream Review

Chambor White Brightening Moisturizing Cream Review

A dull winter season is the perfect time to try some brightening products for our skin and today, I shall review the Chambor White Brightening Moisturizing Cream. Chambor introduced a complete skin care regime with antioxidant Vitamin C; claiming to fight the darkening of skin, evening out the tone and leaving a radiant fresh looking skin. We all know how important it is to take care of our skin during winters, experts say SPF is a must in winter sun, as they can be really harmful. I had a good experience with Chambor UV protector and had gone back to pick my third tube but instead, I picked the Chambor White Brightening Moisturising Cream by mistake only to realise after I reached home. So, I did not go back to return it and thought of giving it a try.

Chambor Whitening Brightening

Chambor White range suggests a 6 step process for the whitening of skin:

  1. Brightening Cleansing Foam
  2. Brightening Clarifying Softener
  3. Brightening Moisturising Lotion and Cream
  4. Brightening Essence
  5. UV Protector (When stepping out)
  6. Brightening Gel Mask( Once in a week)

Product Claims:

It revitalizes skin after daily exposure to external stressors such as UV rays and dryness. Enriched with Lock-in Vitamin C Derivative, with the goodness of white lily and aloe vera, it locks in active whitening and moisturizing ingredients to optimize skin’s clarity and promote inner radiance.

Chambor Whitening Brightening

How to Use:

Take the recommended amount (approximately 0.5g) onto palm. Using the middle and ring fingers, lightly dab, on both cheeks and smooth over entire face from the center outwards.


A white sleek tube with a flat capped nozzle. Not a very attractive packaging as such, but goes well with the packaging of the entire Chambor White range.

Chambor Whitening Brightening


Rs 690 for 50 gms

My Experience with Chambor White Brightening Moisturizing Cream.

I had been very impressed with the Chambor UV Protector and was dying to try more products from the range. I still feel this cream is no match to the UV protector and I am generally a little apprehensive about moisturizing creams to be used on the face, but this product worked ok for me. I have a combination skin with an oily T zone, which did have a minimal shine after using this cream. I always use moisturiser as a base for light makeup for my everyday look. So the shine did not really affect my look. I have included this product in my daily regime of cleansing, toning and moisturzing.

Chambor Whitening Brightening

Chambor recommends a softener instead of toner before moisturising, in order to retain the moisture in your skin and make it receptive to additional products. I haven’t used it so far, but have read great reviews about it, so might just pick it on my next visit to the mall. I have got the Brightening Gel mask too and used it few times, so time to post a review soon. I wish they would give out samples of the rest of the products in the range, so that I could test it before I make the splurge. 😉

Chambor Whitening Brightening

Pros of Chambor White Brightening Moisturizing Cream:

  • It is light weight and hence, penetrates the skin pretty fast and easily.
  • Evens out skin tone to a certain extent.
  • Has a nice soft lily smell to it.
  • Ingredients are luring.
  • Skin feels smooth and soft after usage.
  • Locks the moisture well and revitalises the skin.
  • Product is dermatologically tested.
  • Does suit most skin types.

Cons of Chambor White Brightening Moisturizing Cream:

  • Quite expensive for the quantity. When one pays such a hefty amount for a moisturizer, the expectation shoots up automatically and hence, the disappointment.
  • I did not notice any enhancement of the complexion.
  • The consistency is a little runny and hence, the tube has to be handled very carefully.
  • Packaging could have been better.

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase Chambor White Brightening Moisturizing Cream?

I may not, since I have had better experiences with other brands.

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11 thoughts on “Chambor White Brightening Moisturizing Cream Review

  1. hey Arpita, that is a nice review. I wanted to ask you which brightening cream, you would recommend for the purpose of elimination dark spots and pigmentation?

    1. Hi Lisa, as a brightening cream I have had good experience with Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream but if you want to focus on dark spot elimination I think Clinique Even better dark spot corrector is worth trying. Else, try our ghar ke nuskhe like dabbing tender coconut water and tea tree oil on the spots 🙂

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