Chambor White Crystal Whitening Essence

Chambor White Crystal Whitening Essence

Before the summer actually started I was using this Chambor Whitening Essence expecting that this would turn me really fair 😉 I got this while I was shopping at Lifestyle. The SA girls were almost dragging [even irritating] me asking me to check out their products and as I was out of my Garnier cream I wanted to buy one face cream for myself. They showed me all these products from their ‘White’ range, which had the following

  • White Advertorial [ I have no idea what this means !!!]
  • White Clarifying Softener
  • White Cleansing Foam
  • White Crystal Essence
  • White Gel Mask
  • White Moisturizing Cream
  • White Moisturizing Lotion
  • White UV Protector

I was really confused between the Crystal Essence and Moisturizing Cream but later I decided to get the smaller one [Crystal Essence], try it and if at all the brand is satisfactory then I can try out more or get bigger tubes and bottles. The bottle read it suits all skin types so I didn’t think too much before I bought this.

Chambor White Crystals

White Essence claims that it has double whitening action for a healthy and radiant skin with active whitening vitamin C derivatives. This has a skin refinement system that penetrates quickly to dramatically improve skin clarity and texture. A specially formulated essence delivers whitening agents to turn a dull complexion into a radiant, translucent one.

  • Whitens with Vitamin C derivatives.
  • Brightens with Vitamin E derivatives.
  • Fights Free radicals with Sakura Leaf.

The Result is: Flawless, radiant, luminous skin!

Chambor White Crystal Whitening Essence

Directions to Use:

Gently squeeze out few drops of Whitening Essence and spread evenly on face, particularly over spots.

Another reason to pick this product is its smell. It smells like my old shampoo that I used during my school days. I don’t remember the name of the shampoo but I can never forget the smell. I don’t know how many of you will like the smell of a shampoo in a face cream, even I would have not if at all it didn’t remind me of my school days  When I tried it, this was very light and I thought this would not leave my skin sticky. The availability in a small tube did impress me as always. 🙂


  • A very light lotion and hence it doesn’t make my face oily. At the same time my skin just “shines” according to what people say. I like that shine on my face. That is one reason I like this product but can’t assure that it will be the same for others as well.
  • Easy to apply as it is in the form of a liquid / lotion. It spreads very easily and covers all the areas.
  • It is a small tube and hence easy to carry around in our handbags.
  • Easily available and the brand is not new to any of us. You can find this one in any drug store or Lifestyle stores.
  • I like the smell as I said it reminds me of the shampoo I used long back. It is not very strong and does not bother me much through out the day.
  • This small tube lasts long. Since a small amount would suffice for the shine it gives, I used this tube for approximately 3 months.

Chambor White Crystal Whitening Essence


  • I feel this is very expensive at the price of Rs.750 for 30 ml. I really didn’t check the price until I went to the billing counter. Neither I saw any rate mentioned in the tube and this was a big shock for me and I was a bit confused whether to buy this or not.
  • It didn’t ruin my skin at the same time I didn’t notice any improvement [other than the daily shine] especially no whiteness as it claims. This was again a disappointment.
  • Sometime the content just oozes out without control, as it is very liquid. I have spilled it many times while I am rushing. So we have to be really patient and careful while opening the lid.
  • Due to the above point I am not sure whether it spills easily or leaks out. I have never tried carrying it with me as I use it just once every day in the morning.
  • Though it claims it suits all skin types, I am very skeptic whether it will suit oily skin. As it leaves my skin with that minimal shine I am not sure how well it will suit people with oily skin.

Will I repurchase? Not sure because of the price and nil-whitening effect. I think I won’t.

Rating: :-* :-* :-*

This one is another disappointing face cream that leaves me craving for my old magical Garnier Pure A Cream. Suggest me a good one please……


43 thoughts on “Chambor White Crystal Whitening Essence

  1. why do you want to turn “white”? i’m sure you’re fine just the way you are!
    i wouldn’t spend so much money for 30 ml. i have very dry skin and need lots of lotion love around me all the time. i would feel too bad using this up! now if the quantity was more, i would consider it. chambor’s products are otherwise quite good.

    1. Agreed Rima….
      I love my Cremes and lotions and I sleep well knowing I have got a good tub full of Nivea creme in my closet…. :silly: :silly:

      I like light lotions only in the rains… :-))

      From the above range I would love to try the Face wash… :inlove:

      I have no desire for whitening but I love the temporary glow these so called Fairness wash give… MAke me feel extra clean!!! :blush: :blush:

      I liked Garnier Light face wash and pond’s White beauty face wash for this precise reason… 😀 😀
      .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Jovees Gold Eye Contour gel- Review =-.

    2. Not ‘white’ Rima… but fair.. 🙂 I didnt see the price until I billed else I would have dropped this for sure 🙁

        1. I don’t think any fairness cream brings that obvious difference Sonal. Or atleast I haven’t tried anything of that sort.

  2. Anything with a “whitening” tag to it automatically gets more “zeros” added to the price I think!! Too bad this didn’t work for you after spending 750.

    I don’t know about whitening, but pimples leave behind marks that take ages to disappear and that’s what I would look for in a lightening/whitening range – to hasten the fade-off and kind of even the skin tone. I don’t think there is anything that’s going to whiten me up. I am aiming for clear skin and a dusky complexion. And then I would have John Abraham :-/

      1. I have a list…John Abraham is one of always essential to have other options available. See now Mrun is also joining in…abhi abhi engagement over..already she wants to join in competition. Mrun dear, I have been married 8 years get in the queue!!!

        1. I am pati -vrata Hindustani Naari. Only and only hubby. :rotfl: (I’ll make sure he reads this. rads I’ll talk to you secretly. :meeting: )

          This M is getting out of control. She has just got engaged and look at her. :X-P:

      1. ya obviously they mean fair :-)) not white

        and i just steer clear of whitening products
        rather anti tan products work great for me
        and some how i believe fairness products work MIRACLES for people with dry skin
        i have seen my college friends transform with fair and lovely kinda products
        she used it with moisturizer
        ….but if they skip it they started looking dull again…dont know what to say…..

        chambor does charge uselessly for its products

        1. Ya Neha, I have decided this would be my first and last product from Chambor. [Atleast until sumone raves about any of their products in particular 😉 ]

  3. Oh I didn’t know they work for dry skin people…never noticed I guess because most of my friends are also the oily-skinned kind.

    1. this was my own conclusion as i have seen my friends use it in college…
      now cant say what has become of them…. :rotfl: after years of usage

  4. hello to all u beautifull ladies n gals here i wanna share one really nice n funny thing m new here so want to mingle around
    my hubby n her sister use this fair n lovelly ( hoping to be fair someday although they r lovelly no doubt) …
    so with hubby for sure nothing changed he is still tall dark n handsome i mean wheatish complexion …
    but with sister pls mere sasural mein phone maat karna …
    okay so with sister it is like her face is quite fair but other parts are ???? u know i dont have to tell …
    so the conclusion is fair n lovelly should come in this big fat tub to be applied to whole body …
    i really dont like the concept of being fair by cream (although i dream some cream would make me fair some day hahahaahah)

    i love garnier light but for the fact that it suits my oily skin and i love me my ponds TM

    love u all

    1. Hey Rashmi… my mum uses fair and lovely too. [Guess all lovely people use it ;)] Since she is already fair I have no clue whether this helped her or not but I dont use really thick creams on my face so I didnt try it. Welcome to IMBB. Hope you enjoy your time here. 🙂

      1. i know aarthi … and u know what the sis m talking abt is in USA for past 8 yrs… yaar koi uss ko akal do pls… missing all the lovelly brands there n still hooked to F&L … u know whenever anybody going from india or she coming here
        this is on top of her list…
        and how come i forget my own sister dumbooo uses sunscream with fair n lovelly … n m talking abt the gal who is uber duber fair… silly punjabi kudi my sis is

    2. :rotfl:
      okay so u mean garnier light does not break you out? i never tried it
      i have oily skin but very scared to use it….

        1. oily skin woes 😥
          m jus using an oil free moisturiser
          i am sure it will really do good to my skin in the long run

      1. no neha it never broke me out …
        i only apply that after my bath … n yes i dont wipe my face with towel this is the best tip i could give anybody …
        then just concealer only if i want and garnier light …
        it looks n feels good … and if m too happy i just pinch my cheeks hard for that grandma’s old secret …

  5. I have used Garnier light but i guess that’s for oily skin. It felt like nothing on my skin and later I realized that I have picked up a wrong product. 🙁

    Regarding Chambor, I have had a sad experiences with its eye liner and lippy so i never bother to go near their counter now. I never pick up fairness products but i am going to tell about this to my friend he eh. She is obsessed with fairness and uses every single fairness cream in the market and then even cribs about it. 😛

    1. I usually never go for these fairness creams Rati. This was my first and this will be my last one. I prefer my skin the way it is without any pimples or marks.

    2. rati sweetie
      i too bought 3 of chambours gloss ,one blush palette one e/s palette
      n u know the gloss turned out so horrible smelling that i kept them for 3 years just to smell and hate them even more
      they were yukksss….
      blush was awefull n e/s were hell i still have them n open them sometimes to hate evn more…
      sorry for being silly
      n how come i forget their matte lipstick hell on earth
      but now my boss gifted me its lipstick she purchase the same for her n me also …which i love a lot and its a good dupe for UD’s naked lipstick (its one of the best )

  6. Hey Mrun… should love the letter “P” but you are after “Js” ……Radhika…I am in the fourth year of my marriage, will I qualify…..????

    1. Ok…4 years..hmm…yes..but after me in the line…goodness gracious the line is getting longer and longer!

  7. Well, whitening products are the “in” thing these days. That’s why they are so expensive. 🙁 While I believe everyone is beautiful just the way they are, there is nothing wrong with trying to improve your appearance. I don’t understand the hate over whitening products. Anyway, personally I use them to even out my skin tone. I have problematic acne that keeps coming back and leaving awful scars 🙁

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