Chandra Dry Skin Moisturizing Lotion Review

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chandra face moisturizer

Today’s review is going to be about a moisturizer from the brand CHANDRA, (yes you hear it right… it is called Chandra), and I am pretty sure most of you haven’t heard of the brand, I hadn’t either when I got the gift pack ?:) . The beautiful gift pack contained moisturizer, body butter and night cream. Now I use the gift box to store my stoles.

I have looked for this brand, high and low but just like me stores had never even heard of this brand ?:) . But just a month back I saw a shelf full of their products at NEW U in DLF Promenade.


Name: Chandra Face Care (For dry skin)

Made in India

Distributed by: Natural wellness, USA, Inc

Arlington, TX, 76015


What CHANDRA FACE CARE claims: – Chamomile with Vitamin E. Moisturizing lotion for dry skin

Keeps your skin looking smooth and fresh with the goodness of chamomile and vitamin E.

Directions for use: After cleansing, gently apply to face and neck. Use daily for soft, supple skin.

Ingredients: Purified water, vegetable glycerin, almond oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, cetylalchohol, cetearyl olivate/ sorbitan olivate, glycerin monostearate, grape seed oil, 2-4 dichlorobenzyl alcohol, 2-phenoxyethanol , wheat germ oil, chamomile oil, carrot seed oil.


chandra face moisturizer

For external use only. Keep away from eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue if rash or skin irritation occurs. Use only as directed. (Hmm… is there any other way of using it?)

PRICE: Not sure something around Rs 500 for a 200ml bottle. I have a 100ml bottle.

They have mentioned a website on the bottle which is , but the strange thing is that I could not find even one Chandra product on the website. But while searching I found Chandra products on Amazon- a Chandra Ayurvedic Apricot Almond Face Mask, Chandra Ayurvedic Face Cleanser with Margosa and also Macadamia with Lotus Moisturizer: Anti-aging Blend.

chandra face moisturizer

Everyone is aware of the benefits of Vitamin E let me talk about chamomile. It softens the skin, has healing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Works as an antioxidant and is an excellent cure for rashes and skin complaints. In addition to these, as it promotes granulation and cell regeneration, is great as an active ingredient in anti-aging/ night creams. :cute:

Pros Chandra Face Care Chamomile with Vitamin E: :heart:

• The greatest turn off for most of you out here is PARABEN as an ingredient in the skin care product. This is one of those moisturizers which are paraben free.

• Chandra claims to be cruelty free and writes NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS in bold on its bottle.

• They claim of not using any artificial fragrance or color.

• The moisturizer is a white liquid and is definitely lighter in consistency, in comparison with other moisturizers.

• It has a fine herb like aroma which is mild and reminded me of chamomile tea and it’s obvious because this has chamomile.

• Usually lotions for dry skin are sticky, thick and create a layer of oil on the skin and yet are unable to provide moisturization to the dehydrated skin. This lotion provides hydration and makes the skin minus the oiliness.

• I used it as a hand lotion as well and I can say it did a great job as a hand lotion as well.

• It did not irritate my skin in anyway and neither did it break me out.

chandra face moisturizer

• I feel it will work for people with extremely dry skin in summers as well.

My skin type swings from dry – (normal) – combination and I used it in winters, and it worked well. I can’t say whether this will be as effective for extremely dry skin people.

Cons Chandra Face Care Chamomile with Vitamin E: :brokenheart:

• It has absolutely no sun protection, no SPF at all.

• Chandra lacks good marketing strategy as no one has heard about them.

• The products aren’t available easily, haven’t seen anywhere except at NEW U DLF promenade and that was a month back.

• The entire counter at NEW U looked washed out as the packaging lacks color. If it was kept among other products would have noticed that it was there.

• I feel it’s expensive considering it really hasn’t got hold of the market yet.

About whether I would repurchase or recommend: This is a great product, however when I come to think about it, somehow this moisturizer lacks that oomph if I may call it, which makes you want to buy the product again. :-/ .In short I won’t really recommend or spend money on it.

My overall rating: :star: :star: :star: ( -2 stars for being boring)

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42 thoughts on “Chandra Dry Skin Moisturizing Lotion Review

  1. Rashmi……i have also never heard of this brand……but thanks for introducing us to it……….but its costly for something which is unheard of na……but the gift box is so 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  2. Its a new Launch by the Essar group, the one who owns Zee TV. I know of a shop which stores all the products in my neighborhood and the shopkeeper everyday pushes me to try something. I dont know why I haven’t but I’ll certainly give their eye/night cream a try, the description in their brochure about everything being herbal and close to nature is too lucrative 🙂
    Thanks for the review!

  3. I knw guys I had never heard of the brand… but same them at promenade…
    @SHRUTI… yes u r absolutely right… I got to knw… last night coz was talking to the person who gave me the gift… he works with ZEE.. and he told me that ESSAR launched it.. 🙂

    1. O:) and the descriptions are very alluring too and the range bypasses any Indian brand. Wonder why they didnt do enough publicity, its such a big group… ?:) ?:)

  4. Ive used the eye contour gel from Chandra…and its quite good…i got to know about this brand in jan when i went to a health n beauty store in Colaba(Mumbai)…

    here is the webiste and it also gives a list of where all you can get the products from

    hope this helps…

    and im planning to try more products from this brand 🙂

  5. i even mentioned about it in one of my comments in Jan this year…

    shanaiia January 12, 2011 at 2:08 pm
    nice review but a bit late
    i just bought myself a chandra eye contour gel (an Indian brand made for the Us market specially …tahts what the SA told me) few days has rose,aloe vera,cucumber,brahmi&lily extracts in far its working fine for me…but its much more pricey (50g for rs425)

  6. rashmi I have also seen this brand at promenade or may be select city. I am not too sure. 😛 😛 Bt I think I’ll take a lok at the products now.. 😀 😀 How ahve you been? Long time.. meooowww :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo:

    1. I totally remember seeing the prdct at promenade…… I have been good but a little lazy hahaha… but energy is back again.. heheheh……..I knw long time and I forgt my signature meow tooo ahahahah

      MEOW!! :cat2:

      1. bt no one else forgets your signature Rashmi.. lolll!!! Infact i was a little surprised that you didnt keep your rating as the regular cats :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  7. Hi rashmi.. nice review :yes: :yes: .. i was too just chking the site given by shanaiia :thanks: .. this brand not available in AP anywhere bt yes,its available in my hometown in Punjab so i can chk the products there easily as i’m planning to visit it sooon.. :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. was gud, ratii.. just went to a b’day party in the evening..njoyed :yahoo: :yahoo: .. actually my son gets invited now n v go along wid him.. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  8. Wao rashhh you never told me about this!!! :bully: …haan maybe because its :poop:
    hehehe…but very nice review as always daaaaarrrlingggg!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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