Chanel 170 Rose Glacier Powder Blush and I have a Love Affair!

Chanel 170 Rose Glacier Powder Blush and I have a Love Affair!

chanel 170 rose glacier powder blush

Claims : The touch of colour and radiance.

Offers effects from very natural to very sophisticated. Used as a simple touch of colour, it gives your complexion a healthy glow. As a professional tool, it shapes and models your face (cheekbones, browbones, forehead, chin, along the nose).

Manufactured by a process exclusive to CHANEL, the compact and silky texture of JOUES CONTRASTE gives easy application and subtle blending. The brush is made of natural hair.

Highlighting your cheekbones enhances the youthful appearance of your face. For the eye zone, choose a satiny tone to soften and rejuvenate this area.

Price : Rs 2850/ USD 45

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My Experience with Chanel 170 Rose Glacier Joues Contraste Powder Blush :

170 Rose Glacier is a gorgeous warm pink with gold shimmer powder blush. The gold shimmer is more like a sheen and highlighter when applied on skin. It is super well blended.

  • It is a baked powder blush. I don’t know if it just me or they have really changed the texture of their blushes. This one is much smoother and softer than the previous Joues Contraste blushes I own from Chanel.
  • The blush is very pigmented for the color it is.
  • It gives such a beauuuutiful natural glow and color to the skin. You can wear it heavy handed for the evening. If you don’t mind a bit of sheen in your blushes you can wear it during day time as well.
  • It works as a highlighter cum blush.
  • The staying power is just amazing. I have worn it for as long as 7 hours, the flush of color with soft glow was still there on my cheeks.
  • The golden sheen is so fine that it does not accentuate the pores. It just goes on as a natural glow.
  • The color is universally flattering.
  • Comes in a Classic Chanel blush packaging with a velvet pouch, an inbuilt mirror and a useful touch-ups brush.
  • The blush blends in easily and it is totally buildable.
  • It does not get patchy or dry.
  • You can even apply a bit of it on the centre of your nose to achieve that natural flushed look.

Overall, I am obsessed with this blush. I have been wearing it non stop since the time I got it. Get your hands on it whenever you can. 🙂

Rating : 5/5

For dupes, it does remind me of Nars O blush in a lot of ways.

chanel joues contraste 170 rose glacier review

chanel joues contraste 170 rose glacier

chanel joues contraste 170 rose glacier review, swatch

chanel joues contraste 170 rose glacier




chanel blush brush

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  2. The color is looking fab on u… I lean a bit more towards less pigmented shades …. That way… I can slowly build up on the color as per my liking and occassion….. I so want this much

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