Mini Lipstick Review : Chanel Aventure, Chanel Superstition, MAC Myth, MAC Japanense Maple

Chanel Aventure, Chanel Superstition, MAC Myth, MAC Japanense Maple


Hi Everyone, 🙂

This Mini review edition is for neutral lipsticks. Hope you enjoy going through it. 🙂 

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick Aventure


  • Price : Rs 2000
  • Finish : Semi glossy
  • Color : warm pink with specks of gold.
  • Texture : midway between a lip balm and a creamy lipstick
  • Longevity : 2 hours
  • Pigmentation : sheer but buildable.
  • Goes Best With :  smokey eye. It is an everyday easy to wear kind of color. It is especially great for those who don’t like to wear too much on their lips but still want to give that polished look to their lips. Because of the texture, it also makes your lips look fuller. This lipstick looks best with pink and mauve toned blushes.
  • Skin Tones : light to medium
  • Fragrance : rose
  • Do I like It? Love it! It gives that lovely plum look to the lips without any heaviness or stickiness on lips.
  • Rating : 4/5

chanel rouge coco shine aventure

Chanel Superstition Lipstick

chanel rouge coco superstition lipstick

  • Price : Rs 2000
  • Finish : creamy and slightly frosty but not the tacky frosty kinds. It rather makes your lips look nicer with that goldeny sheen.
  • Color : n*dish beige with golden sheen. For my skin tone it is my lips but better kind of a shade.
  • Texture : creamy. Neither moisturising nor drying.
  • Longevity : 2 hours.
  • Pigmentation : semi opaque and does not build up well.
  • Goes Best With : dark eye makeup.
  • Skin Tones : light to medium.
  • Fragrance : rose.
  • Do I like It? it’s okay. It does not do much for me. Unlike other rouge coco shines, it does not even stay long because of it’s semi opaque texture. It’s nothing unique, I’d say.
  • Rating : 3/5

chanel superstition lipstick

MAC Myth

mac myth lipstick review

  • Price : Rs 990
  • Finish : Satin. Not drying but not moisturising at all.
  • Color : light flesh toned
  • Texture : creamy matte
  • Longevity : 4 + hours
  • Pigmentation : very opaque. May look cakey when applied heavily.
  • Goes Best With : very dark eye makeup to balance out the lightness of the color. Also, a gloss on top is definitely required.
  • Skin Tones : light. Not a great shade for most Indian skin tones.
  • Fragrance : Vanilla but no taste
  • Do I like It?  I’d never wear this in public. 😛 It is best used either with a combination of a lip gloss or a lip pencil to balance out the shade. Or else it would give that ‘erased lips’ kind of a look. On its own it is a very difficult to pull off shade.
  • Rating : 2/5

mac myth lipstick

MAC Japanese Maple

mac japanese maple

  • Price : Rs 990
  • Finish : Creemsheen. Feels light on lips.
  • Color : pale peachy n*de
  • Texture : creamy with a slight glossy finish.
  • Longetivity : 3 hours
  • Pigmentation : semi opaque
  • Goes Best With : Dark eye makeup
  • Skin Tones : light to medium. It could make a nice MLBB shade for a lot of people.
  • Fragrance : vanilla but no taste
  • Do I like It? it’s nice but I like MAC freckletone more for myself. When applied, the color looks pretty close to Chanel Superstition sans the goldeny sheen. If you are looking for a perfect N*de shade for yourself, Japanese Maple is worth giving a try. However it may not give a full opaque coverage if you have very pigmented lips.
  • Rating : 4/5

mac japanese maple lipstick

When photographed side by side, both the lipsticks look super similar.

myth vs japanese maple


Swatches: l-r MAC Myth, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Aventure, Chanel Rouge Coco Superstition, MAC Japanese Maple


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35 thoughts on “Mini Lipstick Review : Chanel Aventure, Chanel Superstition, MAC Myth, MAC Japanense Maple

  1. Chanel aventure looks so good on u rati bt the mac myth seriously washes u out.. it wud make anyone look like a zombie *ghost* *hunterwali*

  2. Woah.. MAC Myth is one unforgiveing color..ur right Rati.. this shade will not suit indian skintones.. But i like all other colors..

  3. My gosh mac myth.. *scared* it will best fit our cricket team.. *spank*
    Other shades are so lovely and pulled out so gracefully.. *jai ho* I won’t be able to pull a single shade know.. *cry* N u look really an elegant japaneses doll may be by ur hair style or the pic in last japanese maple mac one know.. *shy* *preen* *pompom* *jai ho* beautiful..

    1. That comment made my day rofl rofl rofl rofl But I couldnt agree more. 😛 Thank you and I do think you’d be able to pull off a lot of neutral shades. :))

  4. Chanel superstition is the best out of the lot. I loveeee peachy shades but they have to be slightly darker than these unless its a peach lipgloss in which case its still ok. I liked Chanel Aventure best on you Rati.

  5. I seriously love Chanel Aventure on you. Frankly liking MAC Myth too…very bold and has a good lip plumping effect. If paired with a black outfit and beige colour booties, it would really suit you. xxx

    1. riti, myth has to be worn with a gloss or a darker base. It looks quite weird on its own. And before the dress, it has to look good on face. Thanks! 🙂

      1. Yep… That I definitely agree… We don’t wanna look like Nicky Minaj *hifive* I’m glad, though, that they’re introducing versatile lippy colours in India too, that can be worn in different ways to suit our skin tone, like u said in this case — pairing with darker base or gloss. I remember the painful time jab lipstick ke naam pe sirf browns and maroon milte the *hihi*

  6. *happydance* but u look so cute ahahahha love ur hair in this and particularly gorgeous in the chanel adventure shade,myth will have to mixed with something na *happy dance*

  7. super cute smile with MAC Myth.
    Happy teachers Day Rati as we are taking silent Doses of Make, Fashion, Travel and many more….
    *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi*

  8. Aventure looks super prretty on you… *powder*
    and Mac myth… I mentioned the same comment a few days back on a similar lippie.. that its like the white paint that australian cricketors put on their lips.. *hihi* *hihi*

  9. loved chanel av. *woot* *drool* love it on your lips but myth is a disaster *scared* i doubt if anyone would be a able to wear even white skinned people *waiting*

  10. Its chanel aventure for me *jalwa* *jalwa* other shades will look washed out on most indian skin tones *nababana* *nababana* I love your cutie pie hairstyle and the elephant pendant *whistle* *whistle* *duh*

  11. Loved chanel aventure *happy dance* *happy dance* that looks the best on you *woot* *woot* such a cute rosy shade *pompom* and what’s with mac myth *scared* i think they should have tried this themselves before selling in the market *hihi* *hihi*

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