Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour – Splendeur

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Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour – Splendeur

Hello Ladies!

Did you have a fun weekend? I had a lovely weekend! Also my parents returned from an Italian Getaway and I received some makeup goodies from my dear mother. So yay to her!

The sun was lovely over the weekend in dear old London, after so very long. And to honour the vibrant sun, I painted my nails a pretty pink, the shade I wore is called Splendeur by Chanel. And this will also be the nail varnish I shall be reviewing for you all today.

I dearly love all Chanel nail varnishes I own and always end up splurging my money on so many new shades whenever there is a Chanel near by (guilty as charged).Their nail lacquer has this unique richness to it, which just cannot to be compared to other brands, or maybe its just my fixation on its brand, who knows! All I know is that, you can never get enough of Chanel nail polishes.


Price– £17.50

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Product Claims- LE VERNIS has an original formula, exclusive to CHANEL, composed of special resins. The formula contains bioceramides of natural origin for their hardening action. A precise concentration of solvents gives a hard, resistant, gloss film. Toluene-free formula. Dermatologically tested.
The practical design incorporates an ergonomic top with wide, easy-grip sides, a neck with reducer for flow control, and a non-spill bottle.
Apply a very thin coat of nail enamel over the base coat when dry. Apply a second coat, working from the base of the nail towards the tip, centre first and then sides.



My Experience with Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour – Splendeur

It comes in Chanel’s signature classy Nail colour packaging, it is transparent and has the shade written in the front in a white font and the Chanel Logo on top. I absolutely love the brush, it fits perfectly in the hands and is so easy to apply on the nails without the fears of the colour spilling on to your cuticles (if you are clumsy like me). I absolutely love how, classic, luxurious and trendy the packaging it is.

The shade itself is a a gorgeous bright raspberry pink colour on your nails and shows hues of red under bright artificial light. Like all Chanel nail polishes, this colour to appears extremely rich upon application as well as in the bottle. This has always been one of my go to nail varnishes due to its classic nature and is perfect for days when you don’t feel like experimenting and just want a vibrant colour to your nails. The formula of this nail polish is absolutely brilliant and glides onto your nails with complete ease, due to its not to thick, not too thin consistency. Also, I take particular delight in the fact that the polish is not streaky or runny upon application, cause of its perfect consistency and does not apply on too clumpy on the nails and is very even upon application. It is of a creamy finish, and as you all know I am a big fan of such formulas as they apply well and look rich on the nails.
It is fully opaque on application of just one coat, but looks absolutely intense, rich and vibrant with two coats. A single coat would result in a hot fuchsia pink, but with two coats you will have a more deeper raspberry pink colour which I absolute adore and admire on my hands. This colour also makes your hands look relatively fair, due to its slightly blue undertones. Moreover its quality is so durable, and has great staying power. It does not chip very easily and still looks pretty fresh and glossy even on the sixth day!

Pros of Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour – Splendeur

• A vibrant and rich Raspberry pink colour.
• Attains a great formula and glides easily on to the nails.
• Is not streaky or runny upon application.
• Opaque on one coat.
• Classy and luxurious packaging.
• Creamy and glossy finish.
• Toluene free.
• Goes a really long way.

Cons of Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour – Splendeur

Honestly cant find any! I love it completely.

Will I repurchase Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour – Splendeur?

Yes, whenever I am through with this bottle, this shall be repurchased again.

IMBB rating- 5/5

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