Chanel Nail Polish Garconne, Blue Boy, Sunrise Trip Review, NOTD


I picked up 3 nail paints from Chanel recently. I adore Chanel nail paints. They are quite expensive (Rs 2,250) but you can find some of the really unique shades in the brand. Honestly, I do feel they are really expensive for a nail paint even for a luxury brand. The quality of these nail paints is impeccable. They don’t chip even after 7 days of wear. They go on for long . They dry fast. The brush is of fab quality. They come packed in these lovely rectangle bottles with a black cap. There is Chanel’s logo embossed on it. The brush is of good quality. It is neither thick nor thin. Although all the 3 nail paints I have have a slight variation in terms of formulation. Chanel keeps adding, subtracting and bringing back nail paint shades in its collection so if you don’t find any of these shades at some point of time, you could always keep a look out for them at another store or some other time. Let me share the shades I picked up. 🙂


Garconne 520 : It is my favourite shade of the 3. It is a stunning grey shade with a hint of khaki in it. I find it a tad bit different than a regular grey shade. I wear this shade so often it is not funny. It is very flattering on my skin tone. It is also a creamy nail paint and two coats of it gives a super opaque finish. Loveeee it! I have worn it for as long as 6 days and it has never chipped.
Rating : 5/5
chanel garconne 5

chanel garconne

chanel garconne 4

chanel garconne 1

chanel garconne 2

chanel garconne 3

Blue Boy 555 : I have been wanting this nail paint for a while now. This one is always a high in demand kind of a nail paint at Chanel. This was a part of the collection some time back then they relaunched the shade again. So this time around I picked it up. It is a greyish toned blue. It needs atleast 3 coats to have a full on opaque finish. This is a full neutral shade but it gets even more dull after 3-4 days of wear. It’s a unique shade but not my most favourite.
Rating : 3.5/5
chanel blue boy

chanel blue boy 3

chanel blue boy 2

chanel blue boy 4

chanel blue boy 5

chanel blue boy 1

Sunrise Trip 683 : I bought this nail color solely for the gorgeous inky purple color. But the formula left em rather disappointed. It is very thin and goes on sheer. Even after 3 coats it still has that sheerness to it. I always find that this starts looking better after a day of its application. It is a very high shine nail paint and the shine pretty much stays for 4-5 days. this does not chip. But I really wish this has a creamy opaque formula. I am always left wanting for more from this one.
Rating : 3/5
sunrise trip

chanel nail paint sunrise trip2

sunrise trip 1

chanel nail paint sunrise trip1

chanel nail paint sunrise trip
Which one is your favourite out of the 3? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Chanel Nail Polish Garconne, Blue Boy, Sunrise Trip Review, NOTD

  1. Lovely shades. I liked the grey one most. You can probably make the Inky blue work by applying a white nail colour underneath or black, to make it look dark.

  2. I have not used many Chanel nail paints but I think that Sunsrise trip shade is a gloss shade which has a mirror effect. So I think it is geared more as a top coat? BTW the Grey shade with Khaki undertones is gorgeous!

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