Chanel Resynchronising Skin Care Works!

Chanel Resynchronising Skin Care Works!


Price : Rs 5000/- each

Le Jour De Chanel Claim: 

The 1st skincare product of the ritual, Le Jour De Chanel helps skin face the day ahead and continuously adapt to its environment.Every day, stimulated skin reactivates itself from within.Immediately after application, pores are tightened and the complexion looks even. Smooth and luminous, skin glows all day long with natural radiance. The texture of Le Jour de Chanel: fresh, translucent, melt-away.

My Experience with Le Jour De Chanel Claim: It is a very light semi transparent serum. This has salicylic acid so can be used by those with oily skin as well. The idea behind salicylic acid is that it would exfoliate your skin and make your pores look smaller.l I have can’t claim for it to tighten my pores because I have dry skin. So no visible pores. For me it is best used as a layering skin care underneath my moisturiser. I would say that I haven’t had a dry patch with all kinds of weather change that is happening here in Delhi. It does help keep my skin hydrated and moisturised all day long. And it definitely gives a smoother look to the skin.

I don’t enjoy the smell of it. It smells a bit alocoholi-sih? to me.

La Nuit De Chanel:
The 2nd skincare product of the ritual, La Nuit de Chanel envelops the skin in a soothing cocoon to provide the best conditions to completely recharge it. Every night, cells excited by the stress of the day are soothed and hydrated in order to better recharge themselves. Skin appears supple and plump upon awakening, with no sign of dullness. The texture of La Nuit de Chanel: white, enveloping, comfortable.

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My Experience with La Nuit De Chanel: 

This has the heaviest texture of the three. It is pretty much a texture between a lotion and a cream. It smells heavenly of roses. It instantly hydrates your skin. It’s that perfect product that you need, especially if you sleep in air conditioned environment. My skin feels sooo good every morning. My skin looks fresh and smooth after I use it at night. It works, what else can I say.


Le Weekend De Chanel:

Renew each weekend. The 3rd skincare product of the ritual, Le Weekend de Chanel resurfaces the skin weekly. It enhances skin renewal while providing intense hydration. It is already effective after just one morning and evening of use. Every weekend, the skin replenishes and renews itself. In an instant, skin texture is refined. Skin is softer and more luminous for the week ahead. The texture of Le Weekend de Chanel: velvety, milky, silky.

My Experience with Le Weekend De Chanel: This is probably my most favourite product of the three. After the horrible breakout I had after using the Kama day cream, this was all i used to bring my skin back  to life. It calmed my skin instantly and on continuous usage it helped me get rid of the breakouts without leaving any scars behind. It is excellent to use during the travels. While travelling you skin needs that keep my skin extra boost to adapt to the constant changing weather conditions. This product single handedly worked like a miracle to keep my skin looking good throughout.  And apply it right before the party, people would ask you about your skin care secrets. 😀 You have to use it both day and night. You don’t need to use moisturiser with it but on days when I have, I have had no issues. Plus I have dry skin so anyway my skin soaks up all kinds of creams. 😀

It is a light milky white lotion. It gets absorbed instantly. Adds a bit of glow to the skin. And smells like a very expensive face cream.

Overall :

I have been using the Chanel skin care for over a month now and I think my skin has never looked this great. There is combination of Clarins and Forest Essential products I used along with these products and I think I have found my perfect skin care regimen. I also noticed a reduction in pigmentation around my chin area, which is always a concern for me. This a super expensive skin care but if you can really afford it, I’d say go for it. You can buy them separately as well. But if you have to pick just one product, go for Le Weekend De Chanel. You can keep it for your special occasions.. or let’s say weekends.;)

These come in easy to use pump bottles. And a little goes a long way with these. The whole skin care is good for all skin types. But do ask for samples at the store before you pick up the full products.

Overall rating : 4.5/5

You can read a whole lot about this skin care HERE


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  2. Sounds good Rati and agree with Vrinda ,but too expensive to me *shock* .Rati Please suggest me some budget and effective beauty regimen for normal to dry skin,i’ll be grateful *blush*

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  4. Great stuff Rati di *happy dance* *happy dance* chanel seems to be your favourite *hifive* *clap* all the 3 bottles looks luscious the way you have described it *clap* soo tempted to pick atleast one *happydance* i will wait for my birthday next month *hihi* *hihi*

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  6. You have tempted me to try this! I think I’ll try the nite one since I am no too happy with what I m using currently! Great review Rati! Sounds very promising !

  7. *thankyou* Rati for dis grt reviews….The product looks really promising….I wonder if i cud buy all of dem…But *waaa* Price….
    Anywayz lets see…Ders no gain widout pain….making ur wallet light will add on to ur face….sounds grt na *happy dance* *happy dance*

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