Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet – 36 La Caline

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet – 36 La Caline

Hello Beauty lovers!

Today I’m going to review my recent favorite lipstick “Rouge Allure Velvet 36 La Caline by Chanel” I hope my review will be useful for you girls.


Cosmetics from Chanel are like every girl’s dream ! I can’t deny Chanel, I guess you can’t either.My first love with Chanel happened when I got my first lipstick from Chanel, it was Rouge Coco 79 Plumetis, and my sister was the one who bought it for me. I was so in love with the soft smell of rose every time I applied it on my lips and the shade and the pigment was the combination which you couldn’t find in any lipsticks! That was my love for to my first Chanel lipstick and it was the brilliant start of a good relationship between me and Chanel!


Product description
ROUGE ALLURE invents ROUGE ALLURE VELVET: luminous matte lip color.
ROUGE ALLURE VELVET creates another way to wear lipstick. An alternative to shine.
Velvety soft and more comfortable than any matte lipstick before, it adorns lips with deep colors and an intensely luminous matte finish.
As moisturizing as a satiny lipstick, it feels as weightless as a second skin.
Available Shades:
Net weight: 3.5 g.
Price: 40 USD



My Experience with Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet – 36 La Caline

Rouge Allure Velvet shade 36 La Caline is like a reddish pink shade with a bit of a combination of chocolate color. The well-pigmented color makes you obviously see an opaque color in only a swipe. You can get a deeper shade by applying it one more time, that is really enough.

The packaging is the same as the regular Rouge Allure line. The cap is made of plastic, but still very sturdy. You can access the lipstick by simply press at the bottom side of the lipstick, and the lipstick body will pop out. I came across this 36 La Caline shade because it’s attractive, soft and humble looking in the same time. With this shade, you can wear it in various occasions both in day time and night time. I go for this 36 La Caline whenever I need some color on my lips to brighten my face and give me a sweet and fair look. It is just so easy to use!

Even Rouge Allure Velvet is a matte lipstick but you won’t feel uncomfortable when you apply this lipstick on your lips.The texture of this lipstick is matte; with a slight shine to keep lips from looking flat. With this shade, it can be like a real color of your lips in a double pigment. Its texture is quite light, satiny and gives you a moisturized look on your lips. Normally, I always use lip moisturizer before applying lipstick, but it’s still look fine when you apply only this lipstick independently.If you would like to have a good quality of a matte lipstick, I would recommend this one. It will not let you down!


Pros of Rouge Allure Velvet 36 La Caline Lipstick

• Even Rouge Allure Velvet is a matte lipstick but you won’t feel uncomfortable when you apply this lipstick on your lips.
• Products of Chanel are worth your money!
• Suited for daily use.
• Even though its texture is matte but it will not look fake color on your lips.This looks like an MLBB shade.
• The soft scent of the lipstick is so attractive.
• It blends easily, unlike most matte lipsticks.


Cons of Rouge Allure Velvet 36 La Caline Lipstick

• It’s costly, but still worth it, it is a Chanel lipstick.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
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18 thoughts on “Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet – 36 La Caline

    1. Thank you Jotsna 🙂 The shade of the color when you apply on your lips depends on the natural color of your lips. I would recommend any girls who have a different natural lips color to use lip concealer so you will have a shade on your lips exactly like the shade of lipstick 😀

  1. Omg. For a second I thought it’s Rati’s post *woot* it’s photographed just like that *jai ho* Lovely pictures and it’s a lovely color!! *drool*

  2. I have been lusting after these for SO long, when I spotted them at an airport, but they didn’t have my preferred color 🙁 🙁

    Beautiful photos! Lovely review!

    1. Thank you Triya ! If you don’t like matte texture you can go for rouge coco line. It won’t look too opaque on your lips 😀

  3. absolutely beautiful color jiyaparna and stunning pictures. Loved the color on you. rouge allure velvets are one of my favs form Chanel. :)) Very good review 🙂

  4. Wow the way you clicked pics *clap* *clap* *clap*
    I’m in love with the range totally agreed with your every point
    Lovely lip swatch and nicely reviewed *pompom*

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