ChapStick Flava-Craze Classic Lip Balm Review

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Hello Beauties,
Hope you all are doing great. I would like to share my happy news with you all, on March 3rd our bundle of joy came in our life all wrapped in blue. From that day itself my life has changed so much, with my baby’s birth I was also born like a mother. As a new mom my life is so busy yet so much more fun. Though I miss my makeup and dress as I am at home all the time but I keep checking IMBB whenever I get some time. Anyways coming to today’s review, this is one product which I took with me inside the labour room too 😀 I read through different sites about hospital bag packing and based on their recommendation I packed a lip balm too. I applied it when contractions were bearable and it lasted me throughout. ChapStick is a very famous lip balm brand in west. I used it first time in the USA and loved it a lot. I have used the original and some other flavours from them already and the Flava-craze was my recent buy from that brand. To know how it worked for me, read on.


Price: $5.20

What ChapStick Flava-Craze Classic Lip Balm Claims:
ChapStick Flava Craze keeps young lips looking good and feeling great. Using ChapStick protection, Flava Craze comes in three fresh and funky flavours that you and your friends will all rave about.
ChapStick Flava Craze also has SPF 15 to protect against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.



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My Experience With ChapStick Flava-Craze Classic Lip Balm:

The Flava-Craze range always comes in a pack of three, where three fruity/ sweet flavoured lip balms are sold together. The three flavours my pack has are: Cotton candy, fruit punch and grape. Now let me tell you about each flavour one by one.


Cotton Candy is a blue colour, sweet smelling and very sweet tasting lip balm. Thankfully, it leaves no blue tint on lips.


Next is the fruit punch which smells more like strawberry and is pink in color. It gives healthy pink flush to my lips on use.


Last one is the grape, I love to eat grapes but this lip balm smells like canned grape juice to me which I am not very fond of. It is a wine colour lip balm.


They all have twistable tube packaging with the different color covers. All the three are very moisturizing. And the effect lasts for 4-5 hours or until you eat a full meal. It easily survives drinks or light snacks. All the three lip balms are capable of healing dry cracked lips like the original ChapStick does.


In totality I like the flava-craze lip balm range and I recommend this to everyone who love ChapStick and want to try many different flavours of lip balms together. A must have for girls who have dry chapped lips. However it will be prefect if they sell different flavours separately and not in a pack of three, that way people can select the flavours of their choice.

Pros of ChapStick Flava-Craze Classic Lip Balm:

• Hydrating, and very moisturizing.
• Heals dry chapped lips.
• Nice fruity flavours.
• Long lasting effects.
• Inexpensive.

Cons of ChapStick Flava-Craze Classic Lip Balm:

• Not easily available in India.

IMBB Rating: 4.75/5

Will I be repurchasing ChapStick Flava-Craze Classic Lip Balm?
Yes, will love to try more flavors.

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