Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Kiss ‘n’ Tell, Savage Rose Review, Swatch, FOTD


Claims : LIP CHEAT is a rich, velvety lip liner that glides effortlessly over the lips and has the power to completely re-shape, re-size and balance your lips. Always match your lip liner to your lipstick shade to perfect your lip shape and make your lipstick stay in place from desk ‘til dusk to disco!
• Smoothes over texture for a seamless line
• Waterproof – no feathering or transfer
• Lasts up to 6 hours so your lips keep their shape and don’t smudge
• Paraben free
• Ideal for perfectly defined, colour-rich lips
Price : £16.00 / INR 1300 approx

Application Tips : Outline your lips starting with the corner of the top lip. For the perfect supermodel pout, I like to cheat and balance the lip shape and size by drawing over the outer edge of your natural lip line.
•For the day, trace your lip shape with LIP CHEAT. Then fill in your lips with the matching K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick shade in LOVE BITE.
•For the evening, outline your lips and fill them in with my LIP CHEAT pencil, it creates the perfect base for your lipstick and makes it last longer. Then apply the matching K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick shade over the top.

My Experience with Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Kiss ‘n’ Tell, Savage Rose
I always wanted to try Lip Cheats from Charlotte Tilbury. Especially her Pillow Talk has become so insanely famous, I definitley wanted to try some colors from the range. I picked up two shades
Savage Rose : One of the prettiest earthy toned reds I have come across. It has that gorgeous warmth to it that makes it different from any red lipsticks  lip pencils / lip colors I own. It’s like a terracotta red. It reminds me a little of MAC Viva Glam 1 Lipstick.  I cannot stop wearing this one underneath every lipstick I own, even n*de ones. 😀 In left pic, I used Savage Rose underneath a orange lipstick and topped with a gloss. In pic on the right, I used savage rose underneath, applied n*De lipstick and a clear gloss on the top. Basically, Savage Rose under every lip color these days. 😛

Kiss N Tell : It is a warm red color. It is a gorgeous shade to be worn on its own or underneath various red lip shades. I am wearing this lip pencil on its own HERE.

I adores these lip pencils. They are sharpenable pencils with gorgeous rose gold outer packaging. The tips of the pencils are coloured so it’s easier to store and locate them. These are extremely pigmented matte lip pencils. Even if you have a bit of discolouration on your lips, these would give a full opaque coverage. I am not much of a lip liner person but I cannot stop wearing these lip pencils. The texture is neither drying nor moisturising. It makes for a very comfortable wear. I have worn them both underneath a lipstick and on their own, they have worked absolutely great. On their own, these lip pencils last good 6-7 hours on me before smudging a bit on my bottom lip especially if I have eaten a full meal midway. Still after that the stain has lasted for good 8-9 hours and after that I pretty much have removed them using a makeup remover. These quite a long lasting lip pencils and I am super impressed by them. I like that these are sharpenable pencils so I get to work with fresh tip every time. Also, these pencils have just the right amount of softness that makes for an easier application and prevent the lip pencil from breaking when you sharpen them. They glide on easily on lips without tugging. They don’t have any weird taste or scent to them. These are paraben free lip pencils. They don’t transfer, or bleed. They only smudge a little if you have extremely long wear with these and you are wearing them on their own. They make for an very good base for a lipstick. They can be a bit drying but all lip pencils are and that totally makes up for their extremely long staying power. It makes for a solid base for a lipstick.

The three cons that I could think of are
One : They are not available in India. It’s a shame because Charlotte Tilbury is an exceptional makeup line and I’d definitley love to have it available at home easily.
Two : The tip near the pencil is creamy white in color. So if you have used the lip pencil twice or thrice without sharpening, the lip color smudges around the white part of pencil and it starts to look every dirty
Three : There is no sharpener available with these pencils. At this price point, I rarely come across pencils that don’t provide the sharpener.
Despite the cons, these lip pencils rank high up on my favourites and I would keep repurchasing them whenever I get a chance. 🙂

Rating : 4.8/5



Swatches : left : savage rose, right kiss ‘n’ tellcharlotte-tilbury-kiss-n-tell-swatches

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