Charlotte Tilbury Magic Complexion Brush and Eye Blender Brush Review

I am reviewing two brushes from Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup brushes range – Magic Complexion Brush and Eye Blender.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Complexion Brush and Eye Blender Brush Review

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Complexion Brush:


Use my new Magic Complexion Brush to apply Magic Foundation. The tailor-made flat brush head allows you to buff the foundation onto the skin. It distributes pigments evenly, as opposed to wiping or layering them across the skin, and creates a totally flawless, air-brushed finish. It also works so well for women with acne, open pores, scarring, rosacea, because it doesn’t force the foundation into the pores, (and therefore highlight, any imperfections), but instead gently brushes over them.
$55.00/INR 3600 approximately.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic complexion brush

To begin with, I am not a massive Charlotte Tilbury makeup brush fan. I feel they don’t really match up to the luxury makeup line that she offers. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Complexion Brush is a white domed-shaped brush. It is tapered at the bottom and fluffy at the top. It is a natural hair bristles brush.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic complexion brush full

It blends the foundation seamlessly and gives that air-brush finish. The fluffiness of the brush really helps to keep the foundation application very airy and smooth.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic complexion brush bristles

It is not the softest brush but not a scratchy one either. I would still put it in a “medium soft” brush category. Because of the natural bristles, the brush does not soak up any extra foundation. I am so disappointed in this brush for the sole reason that the bristles shed during application. It is so annoying to keep picking up loose bits of brush hair from the face every time you apply foundation.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic complexion brush head

After trying out this brush so many times, I have finally given up on this. I thought the brush would stop shedding the bristles after a few washes, well it did not! I am definitely not recommending it.

IMBB Rating:

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush:

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush full

I recommend my Eye Blender Brush if you want to apply a subtle wash of color to your eyes. For a perfect smoky eye, use my Eye Blender Brush to soften the final eye look, by working the brush back and forth along any areas you need to smoke up. This brush is perfect to apply the Prime shade in my Luxury Palette of Colour-Coded Eyeshadows, and to build drama with any of the other shades.
USD34/2300 approximately.

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush bristles

This is actually my most favourite brush from all the Charlotte Tilbury brushes that I own. It has the same rose wood and rose gold packaging. It is a very soft and fluffy “long-ish” blender brush. It reminds me a lot of MAC 224, but this is more tapered and gives more control.

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush handle

I like that it is not very broad so gives more control over blending. I use it for applying powder on the lid, for an overall wash of color, for smokey eyes, for diffusing the eyeshadows.

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush head

I have also used it for applying concealer under the eyes and it works great in giving that smooth and flawless look. The brush does not shed bristles and it has gone through many washes already. It is not the most unique brush in CT collection because it is the kind of brush that you would probably find in every single brand.

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush

I have posted a comparison picture with a brush from Tom Ford and I surely have a few more of similar brushes from other brands as well in my collection.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic brush and Eye Blender Brush with Tom Ford Brush

But it is a fabulous brush and something I love to have in my brush set. The brush is very lightweight and the size of the brush gives perfect control during application. It’s definitely a good one to add in your kit . 🙂

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