Charlotte Tilbury The Golden Goddess Eyeshadow Makeup + Cheek to Chic Love Glow Blusher Review


Hi Everyone, 🙂

I created this coppery brown evening eye makeup look using Charlotte Tilbury The Golden Goddess Eyeshadow palette. Honestly, it became pain for me to create an eye makeup look just with this palette (because read review below) but I really wanted to. I wanted to create a lighter shimmery centre but the colors were not popping…then they were not differentiating. Then I thought i’d use other eyeshadows in the look but I wanted to stay true to the review. Then I re-did the whole look..then other things.:P…..So quite a rough day but that glow on my cheeks totally did it for me today. 😀 I hope you like it. 🙂 Hope you all had a great weekend. :-* 

golden-goddess-makeup-2 golden-goddess-makeup-4 golden-goddess-makeup-3 golden-goddess-makeup

Products Used
Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation
Cover FX Primer
NARS Creamy Concealer
Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic Love Glow Blush
Anastasia Beverly Hills Peach Nectar Highlighter
Tom Ford Bronzer
Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette Golden Goddess
Sugar Stroke of a Genius Eye Kohl
Charlotte Tilbury Eye Pencil Barbella Brown
MUFE Eyelashes
MAC Fludline Blacktrack
Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Dusty Rose
golden-goddess-makeup-golden-goddess-makeup-products Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blusher Love Glow Review : (Price £30.00 / Rs 2500 approx) I was very fascinated by these blushes from Charlotte Tilbury. And as a blush fanatic, I totally wanted to give these a try. The idea behind these two ringed blushes is that you that get shimmery youthful glow – by applying the color from outer ring on the plane of the cheeks and then using the pointy end of the bush to pick color from the smaller round and applying just on the apple of the cheek. And you’d get that perfect ‘love glow’. Honestly the whole idea is so romantic . 😀 I personally just swirl my blush all around and use in one go. It gives that gorgeous warm coral(y) pink glow to the cheeks. It looks very natural for both day and evening. It looks like a close cousin of NARS ‘O’ blush but this is less warmer and more softer. It is not overly shimmery. It has that little sheen (check swatch below) to it that prevents the blush from looking too flat. It goes on beautifully on the skin without accentuating the pores. The color is beautiful for those with light to medium skin tones. The power is very fine and very soft too. Be careful that it does not hit the floor or else it would bashed into pieces. Well, atleast mine has. 🙁 But I love it so much that I keep using it all the time. The color is very buildable. Also, it is a paraben formula. The staying power is incredible 6-7 hours on me. And since the weather is colder now, I think it would last even longer. It may not be the most unique shade out there but it is one of those shades that you cannot go wrong with. I loove using this one. It is definitley one of my go-to blushes these days. Except those little shattered pieces of blush break my heart now. 🙁 I wish it were more sturdy. Rating : 4.6/5 I have used this blush HERE, HERE and HERE. In all the pics, you’d notice how natural it looks. 🙂

charlotte-tilbury-blush-loveglow-reviewcharlotte-tilbury-blush-loveglow-1 img_1026 charlotte-tilbury-blush-loveglow Charlotte Tilbury the Golden Goddess Luxury Palette Color Coded Eyeshadows Review : (Price : USD 52/ Rs 3500 approx) The Golden Goddess Eyeshadow palette includes 4 shades – a golden champagne, a satin finish taupe shade, a rich metallic brown with copper shimmer, a sheer gold glitter with warm brown base(to be applied with finger tip just on the centre of the lid to get that glittery pop on the eye). Honestly, I wanted to be blown away by this palette after using the Charlotte Tilbury Rebel Eyeshadow Quad. This left me really underwhelmed. All the four eyeshadows are stunning in theory and very well co-ordinated as well. But I badly miss a matte finish in this eyeshadow palette. All stain finishes together really don’t create that dimension when you apply it. Unless you are going for all allover brown eyeshadow look all over the lid. Sometimes when I want to create a light lid with deep outer corners, the same textures of the eyeshadows really don’t cut out for me.The glitter eyeshadow had a good bit of fall out. The gorgeous metallic brown shadow in the palette is buttery smooth but that also has quite a bit of fall out. Also, I feel the colors don’t really pack a  punch pigmentation wise. I keep layering the eyeshadows so much to get the intensity. Infact I might hit pan in brown eyeshadow after 3-4 more applications only. The staying power is incredible I have worn it for good 8-9 hours and the eyeshadow shave neither faded..may be a bit of creasing but I have crazy oily eyelids and pretty much all eyeshadows crease on me after 6-7 hours.

I am not saying that it is a bad palette at all by all means because it is not. But I’d say it is more of an everyday eyeshadow palette. If you don’t want that real intensity of color, you may totally pick it up. For me, I had high expectations from this one and it really does not live up to my expectations both in terms of pigmentation and finishes. In today’s makeup look, I may have gone over the brown eyeshadow 4-5 times to make it look this intense. If you want this palette just to smudge your kohl or something you could carry to office to take your day look to evening, it is a good one. I would also like to mention that the colors in the palette would pop more on those with light skin tones. Great colors for those with green eyes as well.  I personally get tired of building up the intensity. I definitley have better eyeshadows in my kit than this. I personally like to use this in combination with other eyeshadow palettes but on its own I feel it is just about okay.  Rating : 3/5 Have used this in this eye makeup look as well. charlotte-tilbury-eyeshadow-golden-goddess-eyeshadow-review charlotte-tilbury-eyeshadow-golden-goddess charlotte-tilbury-eyeshadow-golden-goddess-eyeshadow charlotte-tilbury-eyeshadow-golden-goddess-eyeshadow-review1 Swatches : eyeshadow : Below Blush – individual swatches of outer and inner ring and all swirled together. charlotte-tilbury-makeup

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36 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury The Golden Goddess Eyeshadow Makeup + Cheek to Chic Love Glow Blusher Review

  1. Oh my God, Rati! This look is so glam and so classy. It has turned out to be so sophisticated and beautiful that you’re truly looking like a goddess. This is definitely one of your best looks ever. Just so beautiful. Love your eyes so much :-*

  2. Perhaps my favourite look of yours! You look gorgeous, classy and stunning! It kind of reminds me of the crisp yet amazing makeup as often sported by Deepika Padukone! You look amazinggg

  3. That gloww on your cheek – it’s like you are illuminated!! Just this look and people would kill themselves to know what product you have used… are looking so beautiful and gorgeous Ms. Singh :* :*

  4. Hey Rati

    You look super classy.. like those celebrities who has got their own makeup artists but you.. OMG.!! You are such an inspiration lady..! My lady crush you be.!! You perfect in everything like fitness, makeup, fashion, blogging, business, travel and what not. I wish I could get half of your talent to be a super woman. If I were to create an inspiration wall like you did, then it definitely will be filled in with JUST your PICS..! Love you

  5. This is so gorgeous and elegant look. Also love the glow on your face. You are so beautiful. I think this is your one of the best makeup look. Can’t take my eyes off you 🙂

  6. This look is so stunning. You look so beautiful & classy. I really do not have words to explain how much I love this one..!! You really did an incredible job Rati Di.. 🙂 Love everything about this look. :-*

  7. That’s some JLo glow.
    Ma’m you look ethereal.
    Have blended everything so well. And that n*de lip shade is to die for.

  8. Hi Rati,

    I agree with the previous comment that this might be one of your best looks yet, great job! Do you plan on doing a review of the base products used here (from primer through bronzer)? Or a step by step tutorial would be excellent, if you’re up for it.

    Thanks and again, you look lovely!!

    1. Tuls, I’d be reviewing everything this week only. I have already reviewed the bronzer. You may click the name and it would open the review for you. 🙂

      Thank you 🙂

  9. Rati – this look is everything! Full on polished glam! Absolutely stunning! Loved it! Everything has come together so perfectly!

    And I want deets on those earrings Gurrl – they are stunning! Me want!!!!!!! Ive been eyeing Tassles since a few days…

    I’ve heard CT quads can be a bit hit or miss…i do know that another writer here disagrees with me on that! 😉 Love you, “Other writer”!! 😉 irrespective, the EOTD looks stunning! Wow!!

    1. Haha I see some shade here ??… well I’ll say sometimes love has a way of finding u .. sometimes it comes in the form of CT quads for some people ?

      Btw Rati this might b one of the most gorgeous looks uve created till date?? loving the glow Girl !!

    you look fabulous in these pics
    one of the best pics…
    your makeup..your hair..
    your golden ear rings…
    and offcourse the white top.
    i loved it all…
    lovely you look yr.
    i also want this look.
    definetely gonna try.

  11. Wow, you look Fabulous and Charming! Absolutely Gorgeous! Flawless, full Glam on, Classy Makeup. Indeed a very Classy & Sophisticated look.

  12. OMG Rati Di you are looking stunning….!!!!!!!!!! This is one of your best looks…beautiful & classy…….I am dying to try this look……….

  13. Gorgeous, that illuminating from within glow total love <3 I am getting serious motivation to try out this look as my skin getting dull these days 😛 blame my hormones 😀 I am in love with this make over wow! Needless to say you can pull any look with equal grace and sensuality must say 🙂

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