Charlotte Tilbury The Rebel Colour Coded Eyeshadows Review, Swatch, FOTD


Claims : The power to mesmerise is in your eyes, with this make-up hypnotise… I have de-coded the secrets to iconic, mesmerising eyes with my Colour-Coded Eye Shadow Palettes. Each one contains four harmonious colour ways that offer a complete “desk to disco” eye colour wardrobe and an easy to use application ritual that is fail-safe to follow. It’s my artistry made effortless!
Price : £38.00

Some fun info on eyeshadow application from Charlotte Tilbury
A colour-coded eyeshadow palette that blends seamlessly into 3 looks, taking you from DESK to DUSK to DISCO.


•DESK (day look)
STEP 1: Using my EYE BLENDER BRUSH, apply PRIME to the entire eye-lid, with a backwards and forwards ‘windscreen wiper’ motion. Then using my EYE SMUDGER BRUSH apply the PRIME shade to the inner corners of the eyes to open them up.
STEP 2: Nestle the ENHANCE shade in the outer corner of the eye socket using my EYE SMUDGER BRUSH and blend. Then using my EYE SMUDGER BRUSH apply the ENHANCE shade along the upper and lower lashline.

•DUSK (evening look)
Repeat STEPS 1 and 2.
STEP 3: Using my EYE SMUDGER BRUSH, blend the SMOKE shade from the outer corner of the eye, upwards and into the socket. Then using my EYE SMUDGER BRUSH apply the SMOKE shade along the upper lashline and into the socket in a half-moon shape. Also run it along the lower lashline.

•DISCO (night look)
Repeat STEPS 1, 2 and 3.
STEP 4: With your ring finger, apply the POP shade to the centre of your eyelid for amped up glamour.


My Experience with Charlotte Tilbury The Rebel Colour Coded Eyeshadows
I am not even surprised that the whole world goes gaga over Charlotte Tilbury makeup. Because it is one heck of a fantastic makeup line she has offered to the world. For me it is glam + utility + experience all combined in one and what a bloody good product we all are getting to experience. Let’s start with the packaging first. It’s an absolutely lightweight bronze and rose gold packaging. It’s very straight forward. I think she knows that pretty much no one uses those small little eyeshadow brushes in the palette. So she did not include them. There is a lovely square mirror attached on the inside. I like it. No fuss but looks gorgeous.

The four eyeshadows in the palette are combined in prime, enhance, smoke and pop category. So even if you are a newbee, you know which eyeshadow to place where. There is no limit to creativity but I think it’s a great direction to give to the customers. The colors in the palette are :

The Rebel Eyeshadow #1 (prime) : A beautiful warm champagne gold. This is enough pigmented so that you don’t end up getting that stark sheen on your highlight areas. But it can totally be built up in case you really want to pop of color either on the centre of the lid or on the inner corner. Chantecaille Shell eyeshadow is close to this one.

The Rebel Eyeshadow #2 (enhance) : A beautiful yellow based vibrant green with gold sheen. With this eyeshadow and prime eyeshadow you can create a beautiful halo eye makeup look. This eyeshadow is very similar to Makeup Geek Typhoon. Also check NYX Mermaid Green and L’oreal Emerald Green 

The Rebel Eyeshadow #3 (smoke) :One of the most pigmented of the four. It is a stunning teal green eyeshadow with soft sheen to it. It is smooth and blends like a dream. I noticed a bit of fall out with this one. But with the color, texture and pigmentation of this one, I really would forgive anything for this. Chanel Murano quad has a same color but the textures are very different. Inglot 414 is a close one as well. Bobbi Brown Balsam is a good one.

The Rebel Eyeshadow #4 (pop) : It is a semi sheer yellow based green with golden sparkles. The sparkles are so tightly packed that they not only show up well but stay well on the lid so beautifully. The glitters have a bit of fall out but it’s quite forgiving. I am in love with these glitter eyeshadows that have their own base color. Somehow I feel they show more beautifully than if you were to put just glitter on the lids. It is also very long lasting. I’d say a good 7 hours and still you can see the sparkles on the lids. Best applied with a finger tip for that ‘pop’.

It is an absolutely well co-ordinated green eyeshadow quad. I would not say that it is for everyone but I mean it’s so pretty you would want to use it. Infact I am going to do more makeup looks with this one in coming days. The colors are pigmented. They blend beautifully.They don’t go patchy. They are extremely long lasting. I have worn them for good 7-8 hours and they have barely budged.These eyeshadows are a real deal. I would definitely want to include more and more from CT’s makeup range in my kit. Love it! 🙂
Rating : 5/5




Swatches :

green eye makeup charolette tilbury

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14 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury The Rebel Colour Coded Eyeshadows Review, Swatch, FOTD

  1. wow….love this <3 i love Charlotte Tilbury products. the brand's packaging and amazing quality products are totally worth our money. Loving this shadow as well..Rati…u look stunning as always…m really in love with all of the colors, ur earrings, and that floral hair accessory <3 You are a gorgeous diva as always!!!! <3 <3

  2. I’m glad you were able to pick up CT from London! You really do seem overjoyed! <3

    The quad does look lovely and love the smokey look you have created – right down to that highlighter (on-fleek) and those gorgeous ear adornments!

    I had come across this gorgeous Green palette from Guerlain some time back and was really enamoured with it. The quality was excellent but i wasn't sure i'd get much use out of a "green" toned palette! Trust me – Im regretting it big time right now! 🙁

    1. I am ecstatic to say the least. 😛 i love her makeup line. it is done so well. 🙂 Pick it up now. you’d rock the greens :))

      thank you 🙂

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