Check Out The Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange! For ‘Oh-So-Orangy’ Lips

Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange!


Hello cupcakes,

How are you all doing? I picked these newly launched Baby Lips in “Electro Pop” range. I am loving these cuties currently and I think these are the best in the market. Also they have launched 2 new regular Baby Lips flavours; I got those 2 as well. We are always apprehensive about wearing bright orange shades, but this will give you orangey lips, which won’t look that bold and bright too. Let’s see how Oh! Orange! fared for me.


Price: INR 165 for 3.5 gms.

Product Description by Maybelline:

The next generation of lip balm is born, from Maybelline New York. Adult strength care for baby soft lips in vibrant neon colors
Sheer color and shine. Infused with electric color in our exclusive lip renew formula, for a sheer tint of color and shine
8H continuous moisture. Formula with shea butter and vitamin E gives lips a soft and natural finish and leaves a supple and smooth feeling.

Clinical strength lip balm. 88% Had Smoother Lips*. 82% Had Less Dry Lips*. 70% Had More Supple Lips*. 83% Had Better-Looking Lips*

Check Out The Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange! For ‘Oh-So-Orangy’ Lips 1


Check Out The Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange! For ‘Oh-So-Orangy’ Lips 2

My Experience With Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange! :

Their packaging is the best among all the lip balms that we get. I have always wanted the Baby Lips that were sold in the foreign countries and yes Maybelline brought them to me! Thank u Maybelline.

This Baby Lips come in a vibrant neon orange packaging to resemble he orange flavor that it has. The colors used are very poppy on the outer cover. The price is affordable and availability is through-out the world. The Baby Lips come in a cylindrical black stick with bright neon orange fonts on it. It is very easy to carry and fits in pockets for touch-ups too. The stick is orange in color and what I first noticed was the super awesome scent! The fragrance is fruity and smells like orange flavored fruitella or those creamy orange biscuits. The scent stays along till the time the lip balm stays.

The consistency is very thin I feel. You have to layer up quite a bit to get a good amount of lip balm on your lips. That is how due to its softness the lip balm gets used up very quickly. The color that it gives is totally incredible. Do not worry and run away from it, because it does not give a neon color! The color is bright but not that bold. It is a coral orange which looks sweet and bold at the same time. But is it actually bright and might not suit the darker skin tones. It looks like you have eaten an orange ice candy. It is accompanied with a glossy shine which I love.

Check Out The Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange! For ‘Oh-So-Orangy’ Lips 3

It glides smoothly like butter on your lips. But at times since the colour is bright, it gets stuck onto the chapped areas of the lips during application. Hence that uneven application comes into notice. But purse your lips 2-3 times and it gets evened up. It gives you that boost of hydration that your lips need during winters. It does heal chapped lips and you will notice that within a week of every-day application your chapped lips are well healed.

I wouldn’t prefer these for night time as we have berry anti-oxidant and mango pie which are colorless. These keep your lips hydrated through-out the day. Once the lip balm goes away you will still have hydrated supple and soft lips. There is no waxy texture to it so your lips won’t feel heavy. Although the 8H hydration is not correct, you may start feeling a bit stretchy after 5 hours or so. And then re-application might be needed. The color completely goes away in 2 hours or so because it is the lightest in the colors that I picked up. These are the best and I feel these are so far the best launch from Maybelline in terms of lip balms.

Check Out The Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange! For ‘Oh-So-Orangy’ Lips 4

Pros of Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange! :

  • Cheap and available every where
  • Super poppy and attractive girly packaging
  • It comes in shades that will cover all the colors; whether you like pink, purple, orange etc.
  • Easy to carry and convenient to use
  • Comes with moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E
  • It glides on like butter on the lips and the application is even all the time
  • It gives a bright pop of color along with glossiness to the lips
  • The shade is a nice bright orange but not pigmented so I think anyone can carry it; it gives a coral orange flush to the lips
  • The scent is very similar to orange fruitella or the cream inside those creamy orange biscuits; its delicious
  • The lip balm stays for around 2 hours along with color since this shade is lightest among the lot, and then slowly the color lightens and fades away
  • The lips are hydrated, soft and supple whether the lip balm is there on the lips or not
  • It does heal chapped and cracked lips within 1 week of application

Cons of Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange! :

  • It does not last for 8H; re-application might be required after 5 hours or so because the lips feel dry again
  • It might get stuck onto those chapped lips making them more visible but gradually it will cover them
  • It might not suit the darker skin tones


Check Out The Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange! For ‘Oh-So-Orangy’ Lips 5

IMBB Rating: 4.6/ 5.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange!?

Yes, totally recommended. I do not dare to apply those bold pigmented orange lipsticks and glosses. I think I got my alternative which gives me orange pop but in a subtle way, than those pigmented ones.

Conclusion: These are the ones that will satisfy you always. They give an equal proportion of hydration plus tint which is not very normal in all the lip balms. Super cute and a must try! I have got my all time orange balm; now time for you to get yours!

Check Out The Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange! For ‘Oh-So-Orangy’ Lips6
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16 thoughts on “Check Out The Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Oh! Orange! For ‘Oh-So-Orangy’ Lips

    1. yes actually.. i actually dont dare to wear those bold oranges.. i am happy that i found this one that i can carry easily 🙂 trust me i did not feel like opening them 🙁

    1. ohhh they did repair my chapped lips.. i think it wouldn’t support the lips oversea since it is too cold out there.. but as of the climate here.. it did an amazing job.. yes cant have imagined my life without these 🙂 thankoo neetu 🙂

  1. how cute are they -:D but I think it wont show up on my lips you have all of these right which shade is most pigmented of them all to suit pigmented lips ?

    1. Yes they are indeed 🙂 actually these are pretty transparent you now.. just to give a good sheen.. the yellow andd the orange variant for sure will not help pigmented lips.. you could try berry bomb or pink shock.., they are more pigmented than the rest two

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