Cheryl’s Derma Cleanser Review

Hi everyone,

I have been using this cleanser from Cheryl’s for about a month now, so thought of sharing my views about it with you all. I spotted this brand “Cheryl’s” at a salon I visit often and thought of trying something. I bought this cleanser meant for oily/acne skin and their open pore serum.

Cheryl’s Derma Cleanser Review


An anti-bacterial face wash that destroys p-acne, clears zits and blemishes, controls excess sebum and discourages further breakouts.


Wash face and neck with water and then towel dry. Spread cleanser with finger tips on whole face and neck. After 10 minutes, wash off with water.


INR 280.


80 ml.



The cleanser comes in a small, simple, no-fuss plastic bottle packaging with a flip cap. The packaging reminds me more of medicinal products and nothing fancy like our usual brands.


Okay, now I kept using this cleanser for about a week. This is what I was using:


The package clearly mentions that we should “shake the bottle well before using”, but I guess, I overlooked that and kept using the cleanser as it is. All I would do was to apply this thick oil on my face and wait for 10 minutes and wash it off. The oil would get sticky and it had a weird chemical-like smell in it. I wondered for about 1 week that what sort of a cleanser this was , then I thought probably it is based on oil-cleansing method. On my next visit to the salon, I mentioned about all this and got to know where I was going wrong.
This is how the cleanser looks when the bottle is shaken well before use  😛 😛
The consistency of this cleanser is not runny and is slightly thick.



When I used the oil part of the cleanser for a week, I was not really impressed. The oil would get all sticky on my face, there was no lather and I never felt it cleaned my face well. So, I would first use this and then use another face wash. The whole process became very annoying and I gave up on using this cleanser. On my next visit to the salon, I complained about the cleanser and learned how to use it properly.

Now, this is my night-time cleanser and I have noticed that it removes all oil, dirt, makeup very well from my face. It does lather up a bit and leaves my face absolutely squeaky clean. I can feel that it makes my skin soft after each use and there is no stretchy feel. The face wash has a mix of chemical, soapy and floral smell, which is bearable, but very hard to describe 😛

I have not had any issues with this cleanser. I experience no flaking, itching, redness, which I otherwise get when I use dermatologist-prescribed face washes with salicylic acid. I can’t really comment if it works on treating acne or discourages further breakouts, but it does deep clean my face well and that’s what keeps me content as IMO, expecting your cleanser to cure your acne is a bit too much.

Overall, I like this cleanser and intend to buy another bottle.

Summarising its pros & cons below:


•    Removes oil, dirt and most of all “makeup” completely.
•    Makes skin soft after every use.
•    Apt for use by combination to oily skinned beauties.
•    No stretchy feel after washing, which most cleansers made for oily skin do.
•    Mild on the skin and I never noticed any skin reaction or irritation with this.
•    Easy-to-use packaging with a flip cap and the small hole on top which dispenses little/appropriate quantity.


•    No mention of ingredients list, just mentions cinnamon and bio sulphur  .
•    The brand has very less visibility and distribution in Delhi, (but if you are in Mumbai, you can easily come across this at stores since the brand is Mumbai based).
•    A little expensive @INR 280 for the 80 ml quantity we get. I use it once everyday and I am just left with 1/3rd of it after 1 month.
•    It is suggested that you keep it on for 10 minutes on your face to work well, which I feel is very tedious.


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19 thoughts on “Cheryl’s Derma Cleanser Review

  1. i 2 surely going to buy tis one :stars: :stars: :stars: …Nupur :waytogo: :waytogo: :yes: :thanks: :thanks: any idea in delhi whr cud we buy it :snicker: :snicker: :shying: :shying:

  2. searching how to get it online…… my bf might need this.. he have open pore problem…
    thanks for reviewing nupoor :victory2:

  3. nice one nupur…. :thumbsup: ..i have used the clenzima one from cheryl’s…will be reviewing it soon….btw…wen r u cming to mumbai???u wer supposed to come this weekend,rite??

  4. they have a chamomile face wash and a noxzema like cleanser .. both of which are total blessings for oily skinned girls like us. but yes they do make some superb cleansers. and the chemically smell remains a bit of an issue. but the result justify it.

  5. noofoorr i like oil based cleansers… I mean my skin toh would drink up anything that has oil in it. 😛 😛 I will keep this one in mind. 😀

  6. Hey Nupur….nice review….I m new here but full addicted now….
    Guess its a bit late to comment on this post but i just happen to come across this n wanted to share one tip which my salon female shared..
    Even i have oily n acne prone skin n i used this product..believe me this was like one magic product for me but magic lies in how to use it…though its a cleanser you can apply this as a cream all over ur face during night time (may be 20 mins before going to bed)….just spread a thin layer all over ur face n enjoy ur sleep….wash ur face off in the morning with just plain water…this way worked magic to get off my acne…Hope it helps… 🙂

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