Cheryl’s Hydramoist Skin Moisturiser Review


I don’t know how many of you have heard about this brand Cheryl’s ,well I hadn’t heard of it until a few weeks ago when my mom gave me this cream to try. My skin is normal to dry but due to my acne problem I had been using skin products to dry out my acne, they have no doubt worked wonderfully on my acne but they did make my skin more dry. Finally it seems like my acne has calmed down, my face has almost cleared up, so I thought why not start moving towards different other skin care products. This moisturiser is basically meant for normal to dry skin and I thought it would be a perfect start.

cheryl's hydra moist moisturiser

Since, it’s a new brand plus I hadn’t heard of it before I searched about it online, and this is what I could find

About Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals: It’s a salon product. It is available at some salons,I have noticed it at a few but I have serious doubts about its availability . It claims to have herbal products with ‘active’ ingrediants . I have checked their website as well,though they have mentioned what cities they are available in but there is no mention of the exact location 😐

cheryl's hydra moist moisturiser

Price : 400 INR for 50gm

Ingredient : No mention of any ingredients anywhere !
When I started using this product,I was a little skeptical about it, especially because there was no mention of ingredients at all. Also,I had a fear this product might break me out so,actually anything which is not oil free gives me a fear that it would break me out So,I decided to use it as my night cream .Thankfully it didn’t break me out at all. I did notice my skin getting smoother everyday I woke up,I could feel it was hydrating my skin. But that I think could be mainly because I switched from an oil free moisturiser . There were no other significant changes that I could notice. And same goes with my mom, yes she liked the way how this cream made her skin smooth but there was nothing drastic. Any other good moisturiser would have done the same actually. Mom got tricked by the parlour lady and bought this cream . 🙁
I used it as a day moisturiser once, it was nice, did not make my face oily at all but then I was not too sure about and till the time I got very sure about it, the cream got finished !

rati beauty ad

cheryl's moisturiser

Left- the swatch, Right- cream absorbed

PROS of Cheryl’s Hydra Moisturiser

• It’s a nice everyday moisturiser which can be easily used by people with dry skin
• Its completely non greasy and oil-free
• Makes the skin smooth and soft
• Did not break me out at all
• It says its herbal but with ‘active’ ingrediants (though I have serious doubts about it )

CONS of cheryl’s Hydramoist Moisturiser

• Does not do anything great for your skin
• Its expensive and its not at all worth the price
• No ingredients mentioned, neither on the tube nor on the website which is the biggest con for me
• After the moisturiser is finished half way through, it gets difficult to take out the product because of air pressure

Would I recommend it ? Well it’s a good everyday moisturiser but I don’t think its really worth the money,I would have bought it if it was a bit cheaper may be

IMBB RATING : :-* :-* (-1 for price)

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19 thoughts on “Cheryl’s Hydramoist Skin Moisturiser Review

  1. hey rati, dinno where to ask u… does noopur ve a website for her chocie business? want to order for a frd in delhi…

      1. hey rati goodmorning :)) :)) u have any idea whr i can get JOVEES in south delhi ?:) ?:) m hearing gr8 reviews abt der sun screen frm IMBB n my frndz…can u help me out plz :-*

  2. ive heard of this
    they do these facials and sell these products and the matrix salon in my twn
    their facial start at 1600 :shout: :shout: :shout: :shout: :shout:

  3. Goooooood Morningggggg Everyone 😀

    Its Mother’s Day today :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. hey rati goodmorning :yahoo: n happy mothers days to all of u.. :)) ..rati.need ur help .do u have any idea whr i can get JOVEES in south delhi m hearing gr8 reviews abt der sun screen frm IMBB n my frndz…can u help me out plz :-*

  4. Hey Ritika, I’ve been using hydramoist for a while now. Was reccomended by a beautician. Its been doing wonders for my sensitive skin as I’ve never been able to find the right type of moisturizer for my skin. I was adviced to just tke one drop and I use it for my whole face.
    Its been working well so far. So they get a 2 thumbs up frm my side 🙂 :yes:

  5. My mom uses Hydramoist and I saw the difference. It got me tempted to use it too. Since my skin is super sensitive m loving this moisturizer and would recommend it to all sensitive skin users!! 😉

  6. I have been using hydramoist for a month now and I can see considerable change on my face. it’s worked miraculously for my sensitive skin.

  7. Yes the Hydramoist is very good, m using it bt the problem is with the price, that is also too high. If somehting could be done with the price would hv been exact wht every one wanted

  8. Hi,

    I am a cosmetic chemist, and apparently I have worked with this company too long back. The main ingredient that gives moisturizing effect in this product is ‘trehalose’. As a research and development chemist, from formulation point of view, this product is no less than a wonder. But yes I agree, it is little expensive for Indian market. It is a miracle for dry skin. I can certainly vouch for this product(wish it could be little less expensive).

    Deepa Sinha

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