How Chewing Food Slowly Can Help you Lose Weight?

People who eat quickly and at a fast pace are usually putting their health at risk and also tend to gain weight compared to those who take their sweet time chewing slowly. Akshay Kumar, who is one of the most fittest actors in Bollywood, is 52 years old! Can you believe that! One of the most interesting tips that he shared in an interview is about chewing his food at least 40 times in the mouth before swallowing it down! Now, you guys know his mantra for being fit, right! Studies have shown that people who eat quickly without chewing food properly tend to put on weight more rather than the ones who eat slowly.  It is essential to chew the food thoroughly and avoid gulping it down your throat. When you eat quickly, you are unknowingly eating more food whereas those who take a good amount of time to chew their food, will always eat less quantity because they reach satiation point during the eating process. When you eat fast, you take in a lot of air too while chewing, and this is not good for your overall system and would lead to bloating. In this post, we will discuss how taking your own sweet time to chewing food is beneficial.

How Chewing Food Slowly Can Help you Lose Weight

1. Did you know that eating slowly can increase fullness hormone? When you eat too fast, your brain doesn’t get the signal to stop once you are full. This means that you often eat more than you actually require. Another interesting fact is that the brain takes about 20 minutes to register that you have eaten food and by slowing down, you can actually reach satiation point during the eating process itself and stop yourself from piling on extra pounds.

2. When you eat slowly, you are reducing the intake of calories: A slow-paced meal will make you think that you have eaten a good amount of food. When you eat too quickly, you lose count of the food intake.

3. Eating slowly can reduce stomach ailments: When you swallow your food, you are going to have several stomach problems such as constipation, bloating, indigestion, ache in your belly and more. But with slow chewing, you are tackling these problems. One of the reasons for indigestion is eating too fast and not chewing your food thoroughly.

4. Other than health benefits, you tend to savour every bite when you chew slowly: If you are in a hurry, start eating earlier than your usual time. If you are working, then try to eat small portions in several breaks. Enjoy your food in every bite by chewing slowly.

5. Chewing thoroughly also avoids extreme hunger: When you are a slow eater, you take a good 20 to 25 minutes to finish your meal, this keeps you full for a longer time and it helps in putting away unhealthy snacks from your day-to-day schedule. When we are extremely hungry, we tend to eat unhealthy snacks, but by chewing slowly, you will keep this problem at bay.

6. Chewing slowly will make your jaw work more which means, you are giving your muscles some good exercise. You are not only keeping weight away from the tummy and indigestion but also making those facial muscles move a lot. Keep fine lines and wrinkles away with slow chewing! This will only benefit you in the long run.

It is difficult to chew slowly but by doing it every day, you will get used to it in no time. I used to gulp down food when I was in college but I realized that it was giving me extreme stomach aches. Once I started taking my time to eat and chewed my food well, all my indigestion problems had gone.  It is a task to keep telling yourself to stop gulping food but it definitely works wonders for your weight and you can actually drop quite a few pounds by the slow chewing process. So, stop eating too quickly and savor every bite of your delicious food.


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